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Message Posted On Monday, December 12th 2011 at 12:51 am
It's too soon to tell if it'll grow on me,
but the comedic timing is there. There are
hundreds of Allen Gregorys out there in the
real world (not a lot), almost none of which
will ever see a real school. It's an interesting twist and it remains to be seen
if all the required tangible and intangible
elements will come together to make for an
engaging and funny satire. Of course I don't
feel for this kid -- if I did, it would have
fallen off the balancing wire into sap. And
if he remains completely despicable for the
sake of tired jokes, it falls the other way
and he remains a one-dimensional character.
The tightrope of true satire is hard, and
it only looks easy when it's done with
talent, hard work, and a clear personal
vision. I just hope they don't pull the plug
too soon, before it has a chance to come together (or fall apart). Jonah Hill is a
wild card for me (just not familiar with him),
but I hope he has a strong vision and a
talented writing staff he can manage. Until
we know, at least it's making me laugh for
a while...