Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

A grocery store clerk receives a mysterious call that puts him into a trance and sends him to a rooftop to shoot a Federal witness... through an air vent a block away. The government calls in Dr. Leigh Rosen and his team of "Alphas," people with special neurological abilities, to locate the killer.
Guest Stars: Jeff Seymour as The Ghost | Joe Pingue as Quinn | Callum Keith Rennie as Don Wilson |
Co-Guest Stars: Jane Moffat as Sandra Bell | Daniel Kash as Rachel's Dad | Rachael Crawford as Jeannie Harken | Carlos Gonzalez-Vio as Operative | Miranda Edwards as Female FBI Agent | Scott Edgecombe as Corner Store Clerk | Matt Bois as Hotel Manager | Saad Siddiqui as Government Agent | Louise Nicol as Elderly Woman | Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Manager | Glen Cross as Prisoner (Keeler) | Jimi Shlag as Detective | Bobby Manning as Rasta | Sam Moses as Tailor (Sam) | Lee Oliveira as Hotel Security Guard | Linlyn Lue as Mom With Stroller | Cassia Xuan Avy Cook as Infant Girl in Stroller | Adam Parker as Tyler Hicks | Amanda Lewis as Patti Hicks | Lee Jay Gladman as Agent Persky | May Charters as Woman at Store |
Uncredited: Patti Cook as Pedestrian | Seuran Franks as Pedestrian
Director: Jack Bender
Songs: T. Rex -- 20th Century Boy, Pop Levi -- Police $ign, David Bowie -- The Jean Genie

2 :01x02 - Cause & Effect

An Alpha escapes the Compound en route to special treatment, and goes after Rosen, the man he believes had him locked up. Meanwhile, Rosen copes with his new DoD liaison and has second thoughts about his team's involvement with the government.
Guest Stars: Valerie Cruz as Kathy Sullivan | Will McCormack as Marcus Ayers | Mahershalalhashbaz Ali as Nathan Cley |
Co-Guest Stars: Raoul Bhaneja as Dr. Vijal Singh | Deborah Odell as Bonita | Caden Douglas as Waiter | Scott Yamamura as DOD Agent | Kathleen Gati as Zahra Pirzad | Ricky Sethi as DOD Guard #2
Writer: Julie Siege

3 :01x03 - Anger Management

When an Alpha causes riots and deaths, the government calls in Rosen and his team to find the culprit and stop her before it's too late.
Guest Stars: Devon Graye as Matthew Hurley | Tatiana Maslany as Tracy Beaumont | Mahershalalhashbaz Ali as Nathan Cley | Callum Keith Rennie as Don Wilson |
Co-Guest Stars: Kathleen Gati as Zahra Pirzad | Bill Lake as Transit Sergeant | Tyler Kyte as Busker | James Byron (2) as DOD Agent #1 | Scott Yamamura as DOD Agent #2 | James Binkley as Transit Cop | Cheryl Quiacos as Pregnant Woman
Director: Nick Copus

4 :01x04 - Rosetta

The Alpha team closes in on Red Flag and rescues an autistic woman, Anna, with the ability to translate any language. The team tries to figure out Red Flag's plan while Gary bonds with Anna.
Guest Stars: Valerie Cruz as Kathy Sullivan | Liane Balaban as Anna |
Co-Guest Stars: Jane Moffat as Sandra Bell | Dean Armstrong as Milos Kosar | Greg Myers as Comm Tech | Jason Jazrawy as Ops #1 | Sean Baek as Ops #2 | Phil Morrison as Trucker #1 | Robbie Rox as Trucker #2 | Michael Wacholtz as Guard | Mike Tyrell as Perlich
Director: Karen Gaviola
Writer: Zak Penn
Songs: The Doors -- People Are Strange, TV On The Radio -- Wolf Like Me

5 :01x05 - Never Let Me Go

The team is called in to investigate a series of deaths in a Pennsylvania town where the victims suffered from massive organ shutdown.
Guest Stars: Isabella Hofmann as Jessica Elkhart | Lindsay Wagner as Dr. Vanessa Calder |
Co-Guest Stars: Kathleen Gati as Zahra Pirzad | Shane Daly (1) as Coach Zelanski (Kent Zelanski) | David Sparrow as Chief Handell (Martin Handell) | Steve Lund as David Burton | John White (2) as Sam Girardi | Vanessa Dunn as Waitress (Gina) | Ali Kazmi as Internist | Sidney Leeder as High School Girl | Marshall Williams as High School Guy | Penny Eizenga as Pedestrian #1 | Bonnie Black as Pedestrian #2
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

6 :01x06 - Bill And Gary's Excellent Adventure

When a millionaire's daughter is kidnapped by a drug cartel, Bill sees a chance to get involved and guarantee his reinstatement with the FBI. But to crack the case he'll need Gary's help. Meanwhile, Cameron gives Nina some personal advice.
Guest Stars: Alaina Huffman as Sara Nelson (as Alaina Huffman) | Peter Wingfield as James Collier |
Co-Guest Stars: Rachael Crawford as Jeannie Harken | Melissa Hood as Lisa Collier | Conrad Pla as Luke | Brandon McGibbon as Reg | Richard Quesnel as Detective Kellerman | Paulino Nunes as Agent Lou Persky | John Cleland (2) as Agent Derasmo | Michael Reventar as Alonso | Patrick Stevenson as Detective | Darryl Flatman as Traffic Cop (Officer Oldsmith) | Yan Lecomte as Backpacker
Director: Leslie Libman
Songs: Ozomatli -- Cumbia de los Muertos

7 :01x07 - Catch and Release

The team comes to the aid of a young Alpha wanted by the government due to her ability to create high-tech gadgets from common electronics. Meanwhile, Bill considers fatherhood and Gary fights with his mother over his job.
Guest Stars: Valerie Cruz as Kathy Sullivan | Mahershalalhashbaz Ali as Nathan Cley | Summer Glau as Skylar Adams |
Co-Guest Stars: Rachael Crawford as Jeannie Harken | Jane Moffat as Sandra Bell | Marqus Bobesich as Klaus Kripke | Skyler Wexler as Zoe | Joe Parro as Cabbie (as Joey Parro) | Ray Paisley as Wesley | Jorge Molina as Playboy | Christopher Dyson as Blackwater Leader | Jerry Getty as Sentry | Roland Rothchild as Hippie Dad
Director: Kevin Hooks

8 :01x08 - A Short Time In Paradise

An Alpha uses his abilities to form a cult and takes control of Nina and Cameron. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to get her father to seek treatment for his incipient cancer.
Guest Stars: Daniel Kash as Rachel's Dad | Garret Dillahunt as Jonas Englin |
Co-Guest Stars: Kathleen Gati as Zahra Pirzad | Neil Girvan as Pastor | Ethan Hektor as Young Jonas | Dmitry Chepovetsky as Gil | Maria Nahri as Sari PIrzad | Peter Dacunha as Teddy | Shiva Negar as Guest #1 | Monika Mora as Guest #2 | Shaun Shetty as Follower #1 | Andrew McLean as Follower #2 | Christina Evanoff as Congregation Member #1 | Patrick Rodney Barnes as Congregation Member #2 (as P. Rodney Barnes)
Director: John Showalter
Songs: Kasbah Rockers -- Bedaoui Door Bell (Tronix Mix), Fanfarlo -- Comets, (Unknown artist) -- Rock of Ages

9 :01x09 - Blind Spot

After capturing an Alpha working as an obstetrician to cause an increase in Alpha births, the team returns to their office only to discover that they are under siege by an Alpha capable of avoiding any form of detection.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Mader as Griffin | Brent Spiner as Dr. Kern

10 :01x10 - The Unusual Suspects

Nathan Cley captures the entire team and takes them to Binghamton, and informs them that one of their members is a traitor. Now the team must determine which one of them is a mole once they find a way to escape.
Guest Stars: Mahershalalhashbaz Ali as Nathan Cley | Tom Barnett as Eric Latreaux |
Co-Guest Stars: Evan Sabba as Isaac Hale | Peter Messaline as Harold Freeman | Tre Smith as Agent Kubek | Matthew Lyons (2) as Doctor | Rafal Mickiewicz as Fake Rosen
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Songs: Barbra Streisand -- Don't Rain on My Parade, Luciano Pavarotti --

11 :01x11 - Original Sin

After a major confrontation between Red Flag and the DoD that ends in bloodshed for both sides, Rosen makes a drastic decision that will affect the fate of Alphas everywhere.
Guest Stars: Valerie Cruz as Kathy Sullivan | John Pyper-Ferguson as Stanton Parish | Kathleen Munroe as Danielle Sophia Rosen | Liane Balaban as Anna |
Co-Guest Stars: Evan Sabba as Isaac Hale | Jonathan Collard as Will | Greg Ellwand as Committee Chair | Mary Nguyen as Gabby |
Uncredited: James Preston Rogers as Big Alpha
Director: Nick Copus
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 11, 2011
Ended: October 22, 2012
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