Pilot - Recap

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Cameron Hicks is working at a grocery store when he gets a text message with an address. A high-pitched tone plays in the background. A woman asks him for directions and then casually says that it’s time to kill. Cameron goes into the back and his boss makes casual conversation, and then says that it’s time to kill and Cameron should pull the trigger.

As Cameron goes to the address, he hears everyone on the street saying that it’s time to kill and that he should pull the trigger. Signs and newspapers say the same thing. Cameron goes to the roof of the building at the address and finds a sniper rifle. He loads it, checks his watch, and then aims at a building across the street. At the right moment, Cameron pulls the trigger.

Dr. Lee Rosen is swimming at home when a man shows up and says that “he” is inside. Rosen goes inside to greet his visitor, Department of Defense representative Don Wilson. Wilson shows Rosen a file and says that he needs help from Rosen and his team.

In Jersey City, Nina Theroux is driving when a traffic cop pulls her over for speeding. As he writes the ticket, she asks him to remove his glasses. Once he does, she tells him to eat the ticket and he mindlessly does so.

FBI agent Bill Harken is at home preparing to leave and talking to his wife, Jeannie. She tells him to concentrate and check his other jacket for his car keys. Once he finds them, Bill leaves to meet with Rosen. He discovers that his car is hemmed in and concentrates. As he starts to sweat, he picks up his SUV and shoves it out into the street with his bare hands.

Rachel Pirzad says goodbye to her father at the drycleaners where he works. She says that she’ll be back later. As she goes, she hears her father saying that she won’t be able to find a husband with her condition... even though he’s over 30’ feet away.

At home, an autistic teenager, Gary Bell, is concentrating and watching TV signals that he can project with his mind. When his mother Sandra serves him breakfast, Gary carefully measures out the cereal and continues seeing the electromagnetic wavelengths directly. Rosen and Rachel pull up outside and Gary runs to get in the van with them. Rosen assures Sandra that human interaction is good for Gary.

Rosen drives to his office where they meet with Nina and Bill. Once everyone has gathered, he shows them footage from an interrogation room in New York. They watch as a prisoner, Keeler, is questioned. The TVs go out and Gary works on the monitor while Rosen explains that Don Wilson brought Keeler in for extortion and blackmail. However, Keeler was shot before he could say anything, even though he was in a sealed room with no windows. Wilson wants them to investigate it quietly and keep the FBI out of it.

The Alpha team goes to the police station and Nina convinces the FBI agent guarding the room that she has to use the restroom. They check the interrogation room and Rachel enhances her sight. Bill catches up to them and Nina notes that Rachel can’t hear them because she has augmented her vision. He explains that the bullet came from a rifle. Meanwhile, Rachel notices an air vent and asks where it goes.

Later, the team calls Rosen to the roof and explains that the shooter lined up his shot at a vent on the western face of police headquarters. The sniper fired a single bullet and managed to ricochet it inside the vent to kill Keeler. When Rosen wonders if they have evidence, Rachel shows them the discarded shell casing, which matches the bullet. On a rooftop nearby, a man takes photos of them.

Back at their headquarters, Rosen explains that the killer must have hyperkinesis, absolute mastery of his physical reactions. The hyperkinetic could take medication to treat his ability, and Bill figures they can put together a profile. He leaves to run the background check while Rachel examines the casing, Gary checks files, and Nina does her fingernails.

Don meets Rosen at a record shop, and Rosen wants to know what Don has gotten them into. The doctor refuses to put his people into danger without answers and Don finally explains that Red Flag, an extremist Alpha group are involved. Keeler was a witness and Red Flag eliminated him.

Bill meets with his former partner, Quinn, who has a list of vets that meet the profile on the sniper. As Bill goes over them, his friend notes that their fellow agent Persky is the one who wants Bill out. As Bill leaves with the file, an unseen observer takes photos of him. Bill goes back to HQ and gives Rachel the files. When Rosen arrives, she explains that she found traces of nicotine, pharmaceuticals, and citrus rind on the casing. Rosen notes that she’s upset and asks what the matter is, and she complains that Bill is rude and messy. The doctor suggests that Rachel should confront Bill and air her grievances, and Rachel reluctantly agrees.

Gary uses the information to narrow down their list of suspects and comes up with a video of Cameron Hicks playing a perfect game of minor league baseball and made a perfect ricochet throw to the first baseman. Nina, Bill, and Gary go to the grocery store where Cameron works, and Nina notes that it doesn’t make sense for an assassin to work as a blue-collar worker. Bill has checked Cameron’s record and discovered that he was a top-tested sniper in the Army but never fired a shot in combat. In the store, the manager asks why Cameron is there when he walked out the previous night. Cameron thinks that he only stepped out for a minute, but his boss fires him.

The team watches Cameron leave for his apartment, where Rachel is searching the place. Bill tries to call her, but she doesn’t hear them because she has augmented her vision and shut down her hearing. They drive to the apartment and Bill goes inside. Rachel resets her senses to normal just in time to hear Nina warn her to get out. Cameron finds Rachel, but Bill comes in and tries to capture him. Cameron fights back using his hyperkinesis versus Bill’s augmented strength. The sniper manages to get out and runs off down the street. Bill writhes in pain as his adrenaline spikes after five minutes. Rachel augments her hearing to track him and Gary pinpoints Cameron on the security cameras. Nina drives to the location and cuts off Cameron, and she uses her ability to convince him to go to sleep.

Back at the office, Rosen straps Cameron into a MRI and checks the readings. They find a recent lesion in his brain and Rosen has Rachel administer 50 ccs of a drug, topirimate. Meanwhile, Bill complains to Nina and insists that Cameron should be arrested. Nina disagrees, saying that Cameron appeared confused and didn’t know what he was doing. Rosen comes in and sides with Nina, saying that the size of the lesion indicates a long-term control alteration.

Rosen goes outside and meets with Don, who wants information on the shooter. Rosen explains that Cameron was brainwashed and worries that his team is at risk. Don mentions the Ghost Files and then tells Rosen to forget what he said. Finally he admits that a “Ghost” is using innocent people to target his agents, and in each case the murderer had a lesion in the brain. Rosen is angry that Don lied to him, and Don tells him to find the Ghost.

The Ghost enters the Thompson Hotel, making sure not to touch anything. He goes to his room and puts on one of several identical suits. As he washes up, he studies himself in the mirror and finds a loose thread. Once he cuts it off, he scrubs up. His right hand is scarred and twisted. The operative who took the photos arrives four minutes late and shows the Ghost photos of the Alpha team, and says that they’ve all been scrubbed. The operative says that their superiors are worried and want to accelerate the schedule. The Ghost refuses, saying he has a very precise plan. He then touches the operative’s head and tells him to follow his instructions precisely.

Rosen examines a restrained Cameron, who demands to know who they are. The doctor gives him an injection of topirimate, which will counter the effects of forced induction. Rosen then asks Cameron the last thing that he remembers before he blacked out. Cameron explains what happened and that he heard a tone on his cell phone and then suffered from aphasia, hearing and seeing wrong words. Cameron asks what the matter is with him and Rosen explains that he killed a man.

The operative goes to a convenience store, buys a bottle of bleach, and drinks it. Once he finishes it, he collapses in convulsions.

Rosen explains that Cameron was brainwashed and the aphasia was an incidental effect of the lesion. He tells Cameron that he’s an Alpha, with a neurological difference that gives him exceptional abilities... and he’s not alone. Cameron insists that he isn’t an Alpha and his abilities aren’t a gift. Rosen admits that when his abilities fall out of tune, he can crash. He asks Cameron to buy him a soda... by throwing the coins in from 10’ away. Cameron concentrates and misses the first few shots. Rosen tells him to concentrate and Cameron throws in the two quarters. He asks what Rosen he wants with in, and the doctor says that Cameron is capable of much more.

The team gathers and tries to figure out what the Ghost plans next. Rosen figures that Cameron is still alive because the Ghost plans to use him again. They’ll have Gary trace the next phone call back to its source. Cameron realizes that he’s the bait to lure the Ghost out, and Rosen admits that they don’t have much choice.

Cameron goes back to his apartment and the team watches over him. Meanwhile, Bill calls Rosen and complains that he’s dealing with amateurs. Rosen is more interested in psychoanalyzing him and Bill hangs up. Nina waits with Cameron in his apartment and notices a photo of his ex-wife, Patti. As Cameron puts on a gun, he asks Nina what the downside of her ability is. She claims that she doesn’t have any downside, but Cameron persists and wonders why she works with Rosen when she can get anyone to do anything. Cameron’s phone rings and the same tone goes off again. Rosen tells Nina to give him a dose of topirimate to bring him out of the trance, but notes that a strong emotional reaction could also break the induction.

Once Cameron snaps out of the trance, the team gets into their car and drive as Gary traces the phone call. The trail leads to the sixth floor of the Thompson Hotel. Rosen goes to meet them while Bill and Nina go inside. When Cameron offers to help, Bill handcuffs him inside and tells him to stay put. Bill goes to the sixth floor while Nina uses her ability to have the front desk clerk get a list of guests on the sixth floor that have been there more than a week. They finally come up with room 613, and Bill watches as a bellboy goes in. He boosts his strength and prepares to enter.

Cameron begs Rachel to release him but she refuses.

Bill kicks in the door and goes in, gun drawn. The bellboy stabs him with a knife to the chest and Bill knocks him out. The Ghost runs out past him and Bill shoots at him without success. He tells Rachel that the Ghost is heading down the west stairwell, and she reluctantly releases Cameron.

Nina tries to coordinate all the guards using her ability but her success is limited. She sees Cameron as he runs by and heads up the stairwell after the Ghost.

Bill goes back and tells the bellboy to get up.

Cameron chases the Ghost out onto the terrace. As Nina catches up to him, they both watch as the Ghost leaps off the terrace to his death.

In room 613, the real Ghost grabs Bill.

As the police gather outside the hotel and unwittingly take away the fake Ghost, Cameron and Nina wonder why the Ghost would have jumped. Rosen and Rachel go over the Ghost’s plans for the killing and discover that he had every single element of the murders planned. They realize that the Ghost is compulsive, and Rosen wonders why he would have deviated and used Cameron a second time. They figure that the Ghost must be after someone important.

Cameron and Nina check on Bill, who admits that he failed to stop the Ghost. He congratulates Cameron on doing a good job. As Rosen comes out, Bill tells him that he tried to make sure no one got hurt. Rosen then meets with Don, who is arranging for the disposal of the body. He warns Rosen that he and his people will soon be coming for Cameron, ignoring the doctor’s objections. Meanwhile, Bill sees the Ghost in the crowd.

Back at the office, Rosen insists that something is wrong. The Ghost always chose normal people until now when he picked Cameron. Rosen figures that the Ghost knew that using Cameron would garner attention. Nina wonders what Don will do with Cameron, and Rosen points out that Cameron did shoot a Federal witness. She notes that her situation was also complicated even after Rosen says it was a long time ago.

Gary reads Cameron’s text messages and asks about his son, a Little League pitcher. Nina comes out and offers to take Gary home and drop Cameron off on the way. As they go to the parking lot, Gary says that the signal from the Ghost is back again and he’s nearby.

Rosen gets a call from Don, who says that they have the wrong body. He’s confirmed that the dead man is the bellhop, and wonders where the Ghost is now. Rosen realizes that the whole thing has been a setup. The Ghost wanted them to realize that Cameron was involved.

The Ghost watches from the parking lot as Cameron approaches his location. The Red Flag killer catches his coat on a wire fence and panics.

Rosen tells Don that he and his team have been the greatest threat to Red Flag, and the Ghost planned to draw them out. Don asks about Bill, who shows up with a gun and shoots at Rosen.

The Ghost grabs Rachel and uses her as a hostage to order Cameron to surrender.

Rosen goes to the medicine cabinet and tries to prepare a dose of topirimate.

The Ghost tells Cameron that he can’t make the perfect shot to stop him without his guidance, and that Cameron has always folded under pressure.

Nina comes back and tries to get through to Bill with her power. When that doesn’t work, she grabs him and kisses him, remembering what Rosen said earlier about a strong emotional reaction breaking the induction. Rosen takes advantage of the distraction to inject Bill and knock him out.

The Ghost tells Cameron that he’ll release Rachel if he surrenders. Cameron shoots and ricochets the bullet off a sign, hitting the Ghost in the back. As the Ghost lies dying, he tells Cameron that he’s on the wrong side of the situation.

The next day, Rosen runs a MRI scan on Bill and confirms that the lesion is dissolving. Rachel assures him that she’s okay. The doctor then tells Bill that he may feel unexpected emotions and fatigue, and promises that he’ll be there for him. Nina comes in and Bill tells her that he knows she kissed him.

Cameron goes to watch his son play baseball and Rosen joins him. The doctor notes that Cameron’s ex-wife doesn’t understand, and says that there’s a lot Cameron can do to help them. Cameron explains that he worked for the government before and it didn’t work out, and he prefers to be on his own. Rosen accepts his decision... but then notes that he murdered a Federal prisoner. To stay out of prison, Cameron needs to be with them so Rosen can protect him.