Rosetta - Recap

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In the kitchen, Sandra Bell prepares the water at the exact temperature that her son Gary prefers. She brings it to him as he brushes his teeth and monitors cell phone signals. Gary complains that the water is too cold and refuses to get it for himself. As Sandra goes to get the water at the right temperature, Gary finds the signal that he’s looking for.

At a suburban home, Milos Kosar comes in and works on his computer laptop while his partner Purlec makes supper. Milos plugs in his laptop to charge and sits down to eat his overcooked eggs. Outside, government agents close in and monitor the house with hyperbolic microphones. Down the street, Rachel, Nina, Rosen, and Gary are in a surveillance van. While Rosen and Agent Sullivan go over Kosar’s file on his activities as a Red Flag leader, Rachel listens to the house with her enhanced hearing. She confirms there are three heartbeats inside the house.

Bill and Cameron prepare to take their teams of agents in. Sullivan asks Rosen if he feels they’re ready to go in and considers. Bill relaxes with his team while Cameron figures that his team’s approach to the house is too exposed. He draws a pair of guns and tells his team that he’ll get them in. Rosen gives the order and the two teams move in. Bill adrenaline-floods his body, unaware that Purlec has an Alpha ability that lets him sense approaching Alphas.

Cameron shoots the hinges off the door on his side, allowing his team egress. Bill uses his enhanced strength to slam through the other door. Kosar tries to get to his tablet but Purlec grabs him and hauls him outside as the government teams close in. As they go, Kosar clenches his fist and concentrates… and all the power goes out in the neighborhood. It comes back a minute later and Rachel tells the teams that she’s still picking up one heartbeat in the back room. Bill and Cameron break in and find a woman rocking in a chair, seemingly oblivious to their presence.

The next morning, Rosen examines the woman, Anna, and suspects that she’s a low-functioning autistic. The home is in her name and she has no family. Bill goes over the plans that Kosar left behind and Rosen picks up the encrypted tablet. Rachel examines the floor and finds singe marks, meaning it wasn’t an ordinary blackout. Cameron complains that they were sent in by the government without knowing what Alphas they were up against. Rosen informs Nina that she’ll be staying there with Gary and Anna. She’s less than thrilled to be babysitting Gary.

Inside the house, Anna runs water, slaps it, and then strokes the slats on a closet door. Gary watches as she strokes the bristles on a hairbrush.

Back at the office, the team watches a Red Flag propaganda video from the house where the group rejects the label of “deficient.” Cameron wants to finish watching to learn more about the enemy but Rosen insists on shutting it down and moving on. Bill discovers that the plans are for a remote explosive triggering device. There is also information on Northwell Petroleum, a regional fuel company. Rosen figures that Red Flag is going after the company.

Gary watches Anna and realizes that she’s “speaking” using her own language. He calls Nina on her cell phone and tells her to mute it. Now that he has a signal, he looks at her sounds and translates them, realizing that she is offering to help the team find Red Flag.

When Rosen arrives, Gary explains that he translated Anna’s language, which she invented herself. Red Flag used her to encrypt all of their transmissions. Rosen tests her ability and is quickly convinced, and Gary translates her responses. The doctor realizes that Anna has a severe condition that inhibits her ability to speak, but she has created a language of sounds. Rosen wants Anna to translate the encrypted files on the tablet but insists that Anna stay there in familiar conditions. Sandra calls to complain that Gary is out late and Rosen drives the teenager home. Gary insists on staying up all night since he missed his bedtime. Sandra complains to Rosen, who explains that Gary has met a girl like himself. Impressed, Sandra agrees to let Gary continue with the team.

The next day, Anna begins translating the tablet files. Before she begins, she accesses the tablet and talks to him using the voice synthesizer. Anna says that they’re friends and what Gary can do is amazing. Nina checks on them and puts Gary back on task.

Once Bill has the initial batch of decrypted files, he starts going through them. Meanwhile, Rachel analyzes carpet samples and informs Rosen that there was static interference. Bill informs them that the Red Flag files contain the US DOT ID for a Northwell fuel truck.

The Northwell truck driver stops at a gas station to use the restroom. Kosar shocks him unconscious and then goes to the truck. While he waits to bleed off his electrical charge, Kosar makes sure Purlec has put the explosives in place. He gives Purlec the trigger device and they drive off in the truck.

Cameron, Bill, and Sullivan take teams to intercept the truck. They divert it onto a side road and surround it, but quickly discover that it’s the wrong truck and it has no fuel. Bill checks the DOT ID and discovers that it’s one number off. Meanwhile, the Red Flag terrorists pull onto the New Jersey turnpike.

Back at the office, Rosen nervously makes sure that Bill has checked everything. Sullivan wonders if Kosar would have called off his plan but Rosen insists that the Red Flag leader wouldn’t give up. He calls Nina and tells her to bring Gary back to the office to help them.

At Anna’s house, she explains that she’s in charge of her own life. Gary admits that there are things his mother won’t let him do and Anna tells him that he doesn’t need anyone to take care of him. They check a file and Gary realizes that Anna has miscalculated a number. She admits that she might have made a mistake and refuses to discuss it. Nina comes in and tells Gary they need to leave, but he insists on staying and finding his way home. Angry, Nina leaves him on his own.

In his office, Rosen goes over all of the information on Red Flag. Cameron tells him not to take it personally, but Rosen notes out that Red Flag tried to kill him. The ex-soldier warns him not to get emotional and let the enemy make the mistakes.

Anna compliments Gary on standing up for himself and staying, and he asks her why she lied and gave them the wrong number. He’s sure that she didn’t make a mistake and gave him the wrong number on purpose. When Gary accuses her of working for Red Flag, Anna tells him that Red Flag works for her.

At the office, Cameron and Bill go over what happened and figure that they’ve been misdirected. Bill goes to get a list of all the Northwell trucks on the road that do have fuel. There’s no way to cover all of the trucks.

Anna explains that she writes the messages and asks Gary to join her with Red Flag. Gary refuses and tries to work out her plan from the files, but says it would be better if she told him. Anna says that he is her friend and will tell him, but shows him files on a drug to prevent birth-control defects, Renestrin, which will also eliminate new Alphas from being born. She insists that her kind are not defects and that society fears them, so Red Flag plans to send a message. As Gary looks at the template, Anna tells him that all he has to do is say nothing. He takes out his cell phone and explains that he never made a friend on his own. Anna insists that she really is his friend and he explains that he did something sneaky that she’s not going to like.

As Bill tries to convince Sullivan to stop the trucks, Rachel gets a text message from Gary. Meanwhile, Rosen complains that Nina didn’t bring Gary back as instructed. Bill interrupts them to say that Gary found Kosar. The Red Flag leader is heading to Northwell’s plant in Montclair to destroy the new drug. They realize that Anna gave them the wrong information and Rosen takes Rachel and Nina to get Gary while Bill and Cameron go after Kosar.

Gary apologizes but insists that he has to do it to help Rosen. Anna says that Rosen isn’t an Alpha and that she doesn’t need her help. She then sends a signal to the tablet, releasing a burst of emails that overloads Gary’s brain.

Kosar and Purlec drive through the security gate at the Northwell plant and head for the drug-manufacturing plant. Bill and Cameron pursue them and Kosar jumps out to delay them. He touches a water puddle and shorts out the pursuing vehicle before Cameron can get a clear shot. Bill goes after Kosar while Cameron aims and shoots the detonator out of Purlec’s hand. Kosar sees the detonator fall to the ground and runs for it, but Bill shoves a SUV, smashing it to pieces. When Bill uses the SUV for cover, Kosar sends an electrical charge through it, stunning the FBI agent. Before Cameron can shoot, Kosar gets beneath the truck and electrically triggers the explosives. They go off, killing Purlec and Kosar.

The others arrive at Anna’s house and discover that she’s escaped. Gary says that he’s fine and wonders where Anna is. They drive Gary home and Rosen tries to get through to him. Gary says that Rosen isn’t one of them and the doctor reminds him that Red Flag has extreme ideas. In response, Gary says that he sent Rosen an email and he should read it. As he prepares for bed, Gary tells his mother that he’ll check the water and that he can care for himself. Once Sandra leaves, Gary gets a scrambled message from Anna saying that she hopes he’s still his friend. He cuts off the signal and smiles in satisfaction.

At the office, Rosen and Sullivan watch a broadcast from Red Flag taking credit for the explosion. Rosen admits that he got emotionally involved and underestimated Anna. When he wonders if Anna’s argument is valid, Sullivan asks if he’s switching sides. Rosen says that the drug could eliminate Alphas just as Anna said. The doctor admits that he’s conflicted but Sullivan assures him that Red Flag are simply criminals. In response, Rosen shows her the email burst that Anna used against Gary. They came from hundreds of places all across the U.S., and Rosen warns that it’s not just a criminal enterprise... it’s a movement.