Bill And Gary's Excellent Adventure - Recap

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Security Chief Sara Nelson escorts her charge, Lisa Collier, home from class. Two men attack them with tear gas, subdue Sara, and abduct Lisa.

Bill is at home watching security camera footage of him attacking Lou Persky and slamming him into a wall. Jeannie comes downstairs and Bill apologizes for not coming to bed. She suggests that Rosen is keeping him busy and Bill admits that DCIS might not be such a bad idea. Jeannie wonders if he still wants to go back to the FBI and Bill admits that the cases are interesting and the money is better. She figures that he’s just making excuses and assures him that he can deal with Persky if he’s reinstated.

Later that day, Bill is chasing a backpacker down the street. The others are in the van trying to get through traffic, but Cameron and Nina finally proceed on foot. Rachel takes the wheel while Gary tracks the backpacker and his package. The backpacker ducks into a park without cameras and Rachel pulls over so she can catch up to the others. Gary refuses to leave the van and run so Rachel tells him to stay in the car. Once she leaves, Gary gets in the front seat.

Cameron chases the backpacker into the park and manages to catch up to him. Nina catches up and tells him to calm down. Meanwhile, a traffic cop approaches Gary and tells him that he’s illegally parked. Gary refuses to cooperate and the officer arrests him.

Bill and the others take a tablet from the backpacker, copy the contents and give it back to him. Nina then makes him forget they caught him. As he walks away, Rachel arrives and they realize that she had to leave Gary alone. They go back and discover that Gary is gone and left his cell phone in the car.

At the precinct house, Gary scans transmissions and sees a broadcast of Lisa, gagged and crying.

At the office, Bill makes some calls and learns where Gary is. He finds the whole thing very amusing, but Rosen and Rachel object to his attitude. Bill tells them that he’ll take care of it and argues with Rachel about who is to blame. As he stalks off, Rachel notes that Bill is grumpier than usual.

At the station, Bill gets Gary released and notices that the detectives are preoccupied. The detective in charge tells him about the Collier kidnapping and that a drug cartel, Los Fundadores, is responsible. The kidnappers sent video showing that Lisa is alive but the authorities couldn’t trace it. When Gary identifies Lisa as the girl he saw, Bill tells him to keep quiet and confirms that Gary knows where the phone is. They go to Broadway and 4th where the phone was abandoned and Bill floods his adrenaline to lift the grille off. As he prepares to search the muck, he explains to Gary that the FBI reviewed his case and won’t be taking him back. Bill figures that Lisa’s father, a millionaire, can get him back in if he cracks the case. He asks Gary to help him, and Gary agrees as long as they’re equal partners.

Nina returns to the office and finds a police detective Kellerman waiting for her. He wants to ask her about a Timothy Darren and Nina starts to push him. Cameron comes in as Nina tells the detective to go home. Once he leaves, Nina tells Cameron that it’s nothing but he warns that pushing a cop can be dangerous. She finally tells Cameron that Kellerman thinks that she killed someone.

Back at the precinct station, Bill gives the cell phone to Persky and his partner, Derasmo. James Collier arrives with Sara and is impressed that Bill came up with the only clue, while Bill wonders why Los Fundadores is so far north out of their standard territory. He informs Persky that the DCIS is looking into the kidnapping and informs Collier that the cell phone is untrackable. When Persky says all they can do is wait, Collier refuses to accept that and Bill offers to recover Lisa. Sara backs her boss and Persky has no choice but to accept Bill’s help. However, the agent warns Bill not to screw up.

The head kidnapper, Luke, asks his partner Reg if he got rid of the cell phone as ordered. He knows that Reg threw it away instead of destroying it, but Reg insists that it doesn’t make a difference. Luke assures him that the payoff is coming and demands that Reg apologizes. Once he does, Reg stalks off to get some air. Luke apologizes to a sedated Lisa, saying that Reg has been through a lot.

After talking to Sandra, Rosen checks with Rachel who hasn’t had luck finding anything from the precinct station. They go there to get some answers.

Bill and Gary go to see an ex-con, Alonso, who Bill knows from his days as an agent. Alonso insists that he doesn’t know anything about Los Fundadores, Gary checks his text messages and finds out that Alonso is meeting with someone later. Bill finally has enough and hoists Alonso into the air, and Alonso says that he might have heard something.

Cameron comes to see Nina at her apartment and apologizes for interfering earlier. She gives him a tour of the apartment.

Bill and Gary eat at Alonso’s restaurant and Gary insists that they need to tell Persky that Alonso has confirmed that the cartel didn’t kidnap Lisa. Bill insists that they need more evidence and Gary picks up a call from the kidnappers to Persky and Sara. They want $10 million in nine hours, and they’ll call again in an hour to give directions for the drop. Persky was unable to trace the phone and Bill wants Gary to do it in an hour. Gary agrees, but says that they have to go back to the precinct so he can use the cell tower on the roof to get the proper frequency. Bill agrees and they go to the roof. As Gary scans for the cell phone, Bill worries that he may have lost the signal. He offers to let Gary drive if he finds the kidnapper’s cell phone and Gary eagerly agrees. The kidnappers finally call but Bill tells Gary that he can’t drive until he takes lessons.

Nina shows off the movie hat she pushed Bill Murray into giving her as a gift. She admits that she was on a tear and pushed a lot of people. Cameron suggests that she let them help her and refuses to drop it until she gives him an explanation. Nina finally admits that she dated a crook, Tim Darren, and she tried to break it off. She inadvertently told him to kill himself and he did. Cameron suggests that she tell the truth to Kellerman but Nina points out that the detective won’t believe she mind-controlled her ex-boyfriend. She thanks Cameron for the advice and kisses him.

Bill and Gary follow the cell phone to a bar and Gary loudly points out Reg. Reg runs out into the alley and shoots back, and Bill shoves Gary out of the way, bruising him. The FBI and the police arrive and Persky tells Bill that he made an amateur move by going after the kidnappers on his own. Bill insists that the cartel isn’t involved and Persky’s theory is wrong. The kidnappers have called to raise the ransom to $15 million. When Sara wonders why Bill didn’t call the FBI, Persky figures he tried to weasel his way back in and tells him that he’s off the case. When Bill persists, Persky has Bill and Gary arrested for obstruction of justice. As they’re taken away, Collier plans to hold Bill personally responsible if anything happens to Lisa.

Cameron and Nina are making out on the couch when Rachel comes in. They assure her that it’s fine and Cameron says that he has to go. He says that he’ll see Nina at work and tells her to consider what he said about Kellerman.

After they’re locked up, Bill admits that he screwed up and they’re off the case. Gary refuses to drop it and insists that they’re partners and they both screwed up. Bill admits that he keeps losing his cool and his wife has no idea what he can do. Rosen arrives and uses Sullivan’s influence to get them out, and then condemns Bill for endangering Gary. Bill asks for his help getting back into the case before Lisa is killed, while Gary picks up the kidnapper’s next call and confirms when the drop will occur. When Rosen refuses, Bill insists that the kidnappers are amateurs that want revenge on Collier for something, and it isn’t about the money.

Luke talks to the person who planned the kidnapping and says that they’re moving Lisa. He admits that Reg screwed up, hangs up, and then shoots Reg for messing up.

The next morning, Bill meets with the team and shows them everything that he and Gary have. He thanks them for their help and Gary taps into the call with the exchange instructions. Sara and Persky will make the drop.

At the precinct house, Collier tells Sara that things will be different once she brings Lisa back, and Sara promises that she’ll get his daughter back safely.

Gary taps into Sara’s GPS and confirms that she’s heading for the Bronx Zoo. Bill points out that the zoo is a tourist trap with no advantage for the kidnappers, and Cameron figures that the kidnappers are using it as a distraction.

As Luke puts out a sheet of plastic, he tells Lisa that it’s nothing personal and he has to kill her to cover his tracks. He offers to make it quick if she promises to come back from the other side and tell him if there’s something beyond death. Lisa has no choice but to agree.

When Gary echoes his mother’s comment a comment about it being the destination, not the journey, Bill realizes that the route will take them near the bar and calls all lease arrangements within ten blocks of the address. He and Rachel find an apartment and Rachel detects thermite and blood on the other side of the door. Cameron comes up the fire escape and gets inside, defusing the bomb. They find Reg’s body and figure that the other kidnapper left because someone on the inside tipped him off. Gary is tracking Persky and Sara, who are in a SVU with the money.

As they drive, Sara asks if Persky is ever tempted by the money, but he isn’t interested. Bill calls Persky and warns him that there’s an inside man. He hangs up and Sara tasers him unconscious, realizing he’s on to her. She shorts out her GPS and drives away from the others. She sends a signal to Luke, who tells Lisa that it’s almost over.

When Gary can’t find any street cams, Bill gives him Persky’s cell phone. Gary pings it and directs Cameron to intercept it. They catch up to Sara and easily capture her, and Nina pushes her into saying where they can find Lisa.

Sara goes to the apartment where Luke has Lisa and tells him that they have to move the girl. She keeps repeating that they have to move Lisa again and he demands his money. Sara finally snaps out of Nina’s influence but has no idea what happened. Bill breaks through the wall and takes down Luke, and Sara shoots at Cameron. He dodges her bullets and captures her, while Gary and Bill free Lisa.

As the EMTs take Lisa away, Collier thanks Bill and Gary. The millionaire talks to Bill privately and offers to help get him back into the FBI. Bill walks over to Persky and apologizes, and then tells the FBI agent to take the collar. He walks off with Rosen and figures the doctor already knows he’s decided. At home, Bill tells Jeannie that the FBI let him go. He admits that he didn’t tell her he knew so she wouldn’t be disappointed. Jeannie says that she doesn’t care as long as he’s happy with his work. Bill says that he’s happy now and she asks if there’s anything else she should know, and he says that’s enough for one night.

Later, Nina tells Cameron that she contacted Kellerman and it turned out that he was looking into some of Tim’s shady financial dealings. They look at each for a minute and then Nina says that she was in a weird place the other night. Cameron says that it was an impulse thing but then suggests they go out for dinner. Nina tells him that they can... sometime.

Bill takes Gary for his first driving lesson and congratulates him on being a good agent. Gary tells him to stop stalling and the ex-FBI agent gets out and lets Gary take the wheel. The first lesson begins as Gary hits the accelerator…