Wake Up Call - Recap

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Eight Months Later

At the Roosevelt State Psychiatric Holding Center, Rosen meets with his psychiatrist, Natalie, who comments that he is psychologically unstable. He reminds her that the government locked him up for exposing the Alpha phenomena, but Natalie dismisses it as delusions of paranoia. Rosen points out that he’s handcuffed and admits that he’s prosecuted, and Natalie suggests that he agree to therapy. He doesn’t believe her and goes to the window, looking out over the prison grounds as his hour is up.

A guard, William, takes Rosen back to his cell and thanks him for his advice about his son. Rosen is ushered into his cell and hesitates, and tells William that he’s wasted eight months there and has people who need his help

Cameron is at a grocery store shopping and meets Bill, who is reading a tabloid magazine about the Alpha phenomena. Bill reminds his teammate that they’re waiting based on the tip they got, but he’s bored. The lights suddenly explode and an FBI team breaks in. Cameron and Bill spot a female Alpha, tapping into the power cables, while her boyfriend opens fire and yells that it’s a robbery. Bill amps up and tackles the shooter, who reveals that he can amp up as well. As they fight it out, Cameron draws a gun and tells the robber to drop it. The robber puts in ear plugs as a third alpha unleashes a sonic wave over the loudspeakers, deafening everyone and causing them to collapse in pain. Once they get what they came for, the two men head out. Bill manages to grab the girl, Megan Bates, and Cameron goes after the other two. Nathan Cley tosses a gun to Cameron, who tries to aim. He hesitates briefly, shoots, and misses.

The next day, Bill is at his office at the FBI and is taking pills for his heart. Cameron calls Bill over to his desk and apologizes for screwing up. They check on Cley, who is interrogating Megan, and Cameron says that he’s been going into chat rooms trying to help people in there that claim that they’re Alphas. Bill is skeptical, but takes an interest when Cameron mentions that Gary goes to the chat rooms sometimes. He notes that Gary has stopped calling his mother and Cameron admits that he hasn’t heard from Gary in two weeks. They are both unhappy that Cley assigned Gary to the NSA and Bill promises to see what he can do. Cameron mentions that they’re a team, but Bill says that without Rosen, they don’t have a team.

Rachel is at home reading and trying to deal with the noises in the neighborhood. Her father comes in and suggests that she might go out. He reminds her that she quit her job, came home, and hasn’t gone out in months, and has found a new therapist for her. Rachel says that there’s only been one therapist that she trusted and asks him to leave so that she can rest.

Nina is walking down the street and runs into a man ranting about how Alphas control the world. She finally tells him to stop talking and the man’s throat seizes up. Nina then continues on her way and spots an attractive man hailing a taxi. She uses her power on him and convinces him to share a cab with her.

Bill and Cameron deliver Megan to Building Seven at Binghamton. She accuses them of being traitors and insists that she isn’t scared, and then delivers Megan to the warden. As they wait, Bill reminds Cameron that it’s part of the job. Cameron complains that they’re putting pacifier disks on the inmates, but Bill says that they’re the violent prisoners and have lethal abilities. He reminds Cameron that Megan and her crew committed fifteen violent robberies and deserves to be there. As they talk, Bill spots Gary on the prison floor, a pacifier disk inserted in his neck.

Cameron meets with Cley, who explains that Gary went berserk at the NSA. Cley admits that he told the NSA that Gary was autistic and had special needs, but they ignored him and Gary put two of their agents in the hospital, so they sent him to Binghamton.

Rosen’s daughter Danielle comes to see him as he sits outside. He admits that they’re keeping him sedated and Danielle uses her power on him to change his emotional state and bring things back into focus for him. Rosen asks how things are going for her and she warns him that the government is making him look bad and digging up everything in his past to make it look like he has a history of mental illnesses. Danielle warns him that they might never let him out, but Rosen insists that they will eventually because they can’t cover up the existence of Alphas forever. He also believes that Stanton Parish will eventually trigger a series of events that they can’t control without Rosen.

At Building Seven at Binghamton, the prison doctor puts the pacifier disk into her neck. Meanwhile, Bill meets with the warden and tries to convince him to shut down Gary’s chip so they can talk to him. When the doctor activates Megan’s pacifier chip, she sends a power surge back up the cable and into the building. When the doctor tries to shut it down, he’s electrocuted. Cameron realizes that Megan has accessed the system and can shut down all of the pacifier chips. The Alpha prisoners all turn active, including Gary, and Bill tries to get through to him. The other prisoners riot and Bill amps up and carries Gary to the door. The prison goes into shutdown and Bill shoves Gary ahead. However, one of the prisoners, Ted Asher, recognizes Bill and uses his Alpha ability to hit Bill in his weakest spot, his chest, stunning him.

When Bill wakes up, he finds himself locked in a cell with Gary. Gary is monitoring the signals again and Bill asks him if he sees a way out. He tries to get through to Gary, who ignores him.

Megan finds her boyfriend Cornell and tells him what she did. Meanwhile, Cameron and Cley are in the booth arguing over whether Cameron should help or not given how his powers are malfunctioning. Cornell calls them but Cley refuses to negotiate. They bring the warden out and Cornell has one of the Alphas, Kimi Milard, whispers in the warden’s ear. She then gives him a gun and he shoots himself, only to discover that the gun is empty. Cornell takes the gun and puts a loaded clip, and warns Cley that the next time it will be for free. Cley asks for his demands but Cornell refuses to negotiate with anyone except Rosen.

Cley goes to the psychiatric center to pick up Rosen and promises to fill him in on the way there. However, Rosen insists on Cley telling him immediately. Once he knows what is going on, Rosen will then decide if he wants to help.

Later, Rosen comes to see Rachel at her apartment. She’s surprised to see him and Rosen admits that he’s there because he needs her, and he needs her to leave her room. Rachel refuses and Rosen tells her that she has to focus on the things that comfort her and tune everything else out.

Nina continues to reinforce her will on the man she picked up and tells him to kiss her. He does and Nina then makes him tell her that she’s beautiful. Rosen and Rachel come up and Nina tells the man to go home. She then asks Rosen what he wants and he explains that Gary is in trouble and needs their help.

In the cell, Bill apologizes to Gary for letting Cley loan him out to the NSA. He explains that he tried to show the government that they were valuable without Rosen and overstepped. Gary ignores him and Bill briefly loses his temper, and then apologizes again. After a moment, Gary says that he’s here.

Outside Binghamton, Cameron greets Rachel, Rosen, and Nina. Nina tells Cameron that she’s there for Gary, not him, and Cameron reminds her that she tried to push him. Rosen breaks it up and tells them that there are things he needs them to do while he goes inside. Cameron reminds him that he put a lot of the Alphas in there but Rosen says that he’ll do what he can and relay what he learns to Rachel. If not, then he wants Cameron to come in but only if absolutely necessary.

Cley escorts Rosen in and seals the fail-safe door behind him. Rosen describes what he’s seeing to Rachel, who hears him through the air vents. One of the Alphas, Ted Asher, comes up and reminds Rosen of how he asked about how Ted could perceive weak spots. He hits Rosen in the shoulder and explains that he hit his radial nerve. As he goes for another strike, Cornell stops him and apologizes to Rosen. He introduces himself and offers his hand, and Rosen reluctantly takes it and shakes. They then take him to the main room and surround him.

Rachel listens in and tells Cameron and Nina that Rosen is asking to see Bill and Gary, but Cornell isn’t allowing it. She also hears a faint banging noise. Meanwhile, Cornell complains that they are still being locked in Building Seven, and Rosen says that he wants to help. Cornell asks why they’re so screwed up and Rosen insists that they are gifted, not screwed up. The Alphas don’t believe it, and don’t believe that the government will ever let them out.

In the control room, Nina predicts that Rosen will give the usual line about how they are all just people. However, Rosen refuses to give Cornell any sympathy and insists that their mistake is how they use it. Cornell wants to talk about how they can shut off his powers.

Gary starts talking, reciting his schedule for the day. However, he ignores Bill’s attempts to talk to him.

Rosen explains to Cornell how his power to generate heat works when he loses his temper. However, the doctor realizes that Cornell is taking things calmly and figures that Cornell is stalling for time. However, Cornell insists that his questions matter and that he doesn’t get to choose whose side he’s on. Rosen realize that he’s reciting Stanton Parish’s credo, but Cornell claims he’s never heard of the man. Megan says that they’re ready and Rosen realizes that the whole thing has been a ruse. He insists that Cornell isn’t a mistake and suggests that he prove his humanity by letting the hostages go. Instead, Cornell leads Rosen away and shuts down the cameras, and sends Alphas to bring out Bill and Gary.

When the cameras come back on, Cameron and the others see that Cornell has brought out Rosen, Bill, Gary, and the remaining guards. As Cameron moves out with the FBI agents, Cornell shoots one of the guards in the head. Nina and Rachel warn Cameron and then watch as Cornell prepares to shoot Rosen. Cameron takes his people in just as Cornell heats up his hands and sets Rosen on fire in full view of the cameras. As Nina starts to panic, Rachel hears something through the vents and realizes that it’s all wrong. She tells Nina that she doesn’t smell the burning and that the screaming is only on the monitors.

Cameron and his men burst in and discovers that the prisoners are gone. Rachel tells him that it’s all fake and that she’s hearing something upstairs. They go upstairs and discover that Megan is hacked into the security feed and generated a false electronic image. When Cley asks where the others have gone, Megan says that he’s lost. Rachel tells Cameron about the banging noise and Cameron realizes that Ted is using his ability to find weak spots to punch his way out.

The prisoners burst through the wall, taking Rosen with them, and kill the guards. Rachel and Nina run out and spot Rosen. Cornell shoves him away, saying he’s not one of them, while Rachel begins to panic as the noises overwhelm her. Nina uses her abilities to help her focus, while Cornell takes Bill and Gary with him. When Rosen says that he doesn’t have to take hostages because he’s proven his humanity, Cornell says that he’s an Alpha, not a human. As he drives off, Cameron arrives and Rosen tells him to stop Cornell. Cameron grabs a rifle, aims, and fires at the SUV that Rachel indicates Gary and Bill are in. As Cameron aims, his powers start to flicker and Rosen reminds him that it’s just like throwing a quarter. After a moment, Cameron fires and hits the dashboard, causing the SUV to crash despite his intentions. The team runs over and as Bill gets Gary out of the SUV. The driver, Ted, is unconscious but Cornell managed to get away.

Later, Rosen and Cley walk down the street and Rosen warns the FBI agent that they can’t cover things up forever. Cley admits that what happened in Building Seven was bad but Rosen and his team saved lives. He wants Rosen to pull his team together and deal with the Building Seven escapees. He admits that the government is divided and Rosen has both friends and enemies. Rosen’s friends will offer him a consulting fee, a pardon, and a cause. When Rosen hesitates, Cley warns him that otherwise he’ll be locked up again. Rosen agrees but says that he’ll run the program and decides what happens to the Alphas that they recapture. If there’s any interference, he’s out.

Rosen’s team meet at headquarters but Gary is still nonresponsive. Bill admits that he stopped talking since the crash, and thought he would respond in familiar surroundings. Everyone gathers and Bill asks him what he does, reminding him to greet his co-workers appropriately. Rosen says that Bill is on the right track but offers to help. He talks to Gary and says that he understands that he usually greets people at 9:00. Since it’s 3:14, he asks Gary what he does at 3:14. Gary starts to respond and Rosen walks him through his daily routine. He hands Gary his phone and asks what he does at 3:14, and Gary picks up the phone and calls his mother. He gets her voicemail and leaves a message, saying that he’s fine, and then starts complaining about how they sent him to the NSA and left him in Building Seven. Rosen admits that he messed up but says that now they’re going to make it right... together. Nina continues to ignore Cameron and he goes to move some things out of Rachel’s office, while Nina gives Gary a welcome-back kiss.

Rosen goes to his office and unloads his files... including photos of Stanton Parish, reported as deceased.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Danielle meets with Stanton. He explains that he marched through there during the war and is glad to hear that Rosen is free after the escape that he engineered. As a train passes underneath, Stanton turns to Cornell and the other escaped prisoners and says it’s time to go to work. They concentrate and the train blows up, and then they walk away.