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Season 9

153 :09x01 - Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure

After asking every girl to the prom & getting turned down by every girl, Steve & Snot decide to sneak into the CIA and clone their dates.
Guest Stars: Taryn Southern as Various | Larisa Oleynik as Various | Chloe Moretz as Various | Judah Miller as Vince's Friend | Susie Essman as Miss Lane | Daisuke Suzuki as Toshi Hirano | Eddie Kaye Thomas as Barry Robinson | Mae Whitman as Glitter | John Cho as Vince Chung | Kevin Michael Richardson as Principal Brian Lewis | Curtis Armstrong as Schmuley “Snot” Lonstein
Director: Joe Daniello
Songs: Missy Elliott -- Get Ur Freak On, The Temptations -- My Girl, Maurice Chevalier -- Thank Heaven for Little Girls

154 :09x02 - Poltergasm

Francine’s “Poltergasm” starts to haunt the Smith household when she is unsatisfied by Stan in the sack, and Roger must conjure a medium named Zelda Rubinstein to help eliminate the ghost.

Meanwhile, Hayley introduces her new boy-toy, Mauricio to the family.
Guest Stars: T. J. Miller as Audience Member | Eddie Kaye Thomas as Benji | Matt McKenna as TV Announcer | Jill Bartlett as Rita Rudner | Diego Luna as Mauricio
Writer: Matt McKenna
Songs: John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band -- Hearts on Fire

155 :09x03 - Buck, Wild

Steve is eager to prove that he’s no longer a little boy, so he sets off to prove his manhood by joining Stan, Bullock and the rest of the CIA on their annual hunting trip.

Meanwhile, Roger and Klaus set off on a cross-country road trip
Guest Stars: Amir Talai as Various | Tom Hollander as Various | Mike Henry as Jackson | Kevin Durand as Various | Alex Cuthbertson as Kid | David Koechner as Dick Reynolds | Mike Barker (1) as Sanders | Patrick Stewart as Avery Bullock
Director: Josue Cervantes
Songs: Trio -- Da Da Da

156 :09x04 - Crotchwalkers

In a desperate attempt to show Steve that she’s still a “cool” mom, Francine teaches him a vast array of shoplifting techniques to try out at the local mall. B when their attempt to pull off the ultimate heist at “The Gash” goes awry, Steve is captured and sent to a Venezuelan sweatshop.

Meanwhile, Roger, Hayley and Klaus form Langley Falls’ first Russian Balalaika trio
Guest Stars: Nic Wegener as Various | Melanie Deanne Moore as Harper | Ian Howell as Various | Chris Diamantopoulos as Various | Brian Boyle as Various | Rachael MacFarlane as Matilda | Daisuke Suzuki as Toshi Hirano | Eddie Kaye Thomas as Barry Robinson | Curtis Armstrong as Schmuley “Snot” Lonstein
Writer: Dan Vebber
Songs: Robbie Dupree -- Steal Away

157 :09x05 - Kung Pao Turkey

Stan’s plans for a perfect Thanksgiving watching football in his underwear are thwarted when Francine invites her adoptive parents to join them for the holiday.

Meanwhile, Francine’s mom encourages Hayley to get back on the dating scene and invites an eligible bachelor over, but her true intentions are revealed at Thanksgiving dinner
Guest Stars: David Hill (1) as Big Wang Bai | Matt McKenna as Detective | Chris Diamantopoulos as Marvin | Mike Barker (1) as Ticket Taker | Mariah Carey as Laura | Tzi Ma as Bah Bah Ling | Amy Hill as Mah Mah Ling
Director: Rodney Clouden
Writer: Erik Richter

158 :09x06 - Independent Movie

Despite Snot's reluctance, Steve takes Snot to attend his father's funeral but winds up blowing him off to spend time with a mystery girl he meets at a roadside motel.

Meanwhile, Roger & Stan partner w/ Hideki on a inspired cake cutting invention after listening to their guts.
Guest Stars: Judah Miller as Hitchhiker | Rachael MacFarlane as HSC Host #1 | Marissa Jaret Winokur as HSC Host #2 | Eddie Kaye Thomas as Barry Robinson | Daisuke Suzuki as Toshi Hirano | Angela Pupello as Cleaning Lady | Reggie Lee as Hideki Hirano | Curtis Armstrong as Schmuley “Snot” Lonstein | Zooey Deschanel as Pixie Dream Girl
Director: Shawn Murray
Writer: Judah Miller
Songs: Dawes -- Just Beneath the Surface

159 :09x07 - Faking Bad

Hayley tries to fit in with a popular group of her former high school friends and, in the process, discovers Steve has an amazing ability to create incredibly realistic fake IDs.
Sensing a business opportunity, Hayley builds out Steve’s operation, but they don’t count on having to deal with the other kingpin of the Langley Falls fake ID game: Kevin Ramage
Guest Stars: Mae Whitman as Denuda | Nic Wegener as Various | Azura Skye as Kristen | Haley Joel Osment as Guy (Stan's Date) | Matt McKenna as Dimitri | Anne Elizabeth Gregory as Zoe | Kevin Durand as Bouncer | Mike Barker (1) as Zoe's Dad | Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson | Patrick Stewart as Avery Bullock
Director: Jansen Yee
Writer: John Unholz
Songs: The B-52s -- Legal Tender, Fun -- We Are Young

160 :09x08 - Minstrel Krampus

When Steve starts acting like a spoiled brat during the holidays, Stan takes him to see his incarcerated Grandpa Jack, who tells him the story of how he caught Minstrel Krampus (guest voice Glover), a legendary demon who punishes naughty children on Christmas.
Stan decides that releasing Krampus is the only way to straighten out Steve’s attitude. But when Krampus kidnaps Steve, it’s up to Stan and Roger to get him back.

Meanwhile, Hayley gets a job at the airport, but quickly realizes that she might not be cut out for customer service

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Charles Bradley as Himself (Singing) | Marissa Jaret Winokur as MaryAnn | Asa Taccone as Plunger | Kevin Michael Richardson as Jamaicans (at the airport) | Murray Miller as Toilet Paper | Toilet Brush | Judah Miller as Toilet | Matt McKenna as Santa | Greyson Chance as Various | Daran Norris as Jack Smith | Ziggy Marley as Himself (Singing) | Danny Glover as Krampus
Director: Josue Cervantes

161 :09x09 - Vision: Impossible

Roger suffers a horrific car crash as he tries to take a picture of his crotch on a traffic speed cam. After waking up from a coma, he starts to have eerie visions of the future, and saves the Smiths from a terrible fire. But, Roger’s abuse of his newfound powers soon draws the ire of his fellow family members and the Smiths must learn to cope with the uncertainty of the future.
Guest Stars: John Viener as Kobe Bryant | Male Nurse | Randy Spears as John Q | André Sogliuzzo as Doctor Stack | Danielle Schneider as Nurse
Writer: Ali Waller

162 :09x10 - Familyland

Francine wants to rekindle family fun time by taking everyone to Familyland.
Once everyone goes their separate ways, her sad lamenting awakens the cyrogenically frozen founder Roy Family who decided it's time for families to enjoy themselves or else.
Guest Stars: Nic Wegener as Various | Danielle Schneider as Fairytale Land Princess | Jonathan Kite as Various | Joey King as Fairytale Land Girl | Eric Edwards as Mikey Muskrat Mascot | Patrick Stewart as Avery Bullock | John Viener as Roy Family
Director: Joe Daniello

163 :09x11 - Cock of the Sleepwalk

Stan begins to sleepwalk when he alters his nighttime routine after his 100th kill, however the sleepwalking 'Good Stan', refuses to let him kill again.
Guest Stars: Kevin Michael Richardson as Bum #2 | Mike Henry as Igor "The Wolf" Ruskinov | Valerie Harper as IHOP Diner | Julian Grant as Belgian Terrorist | Sawyer Ever as Boy in IHOP | David Koechner as Dick Reynolds | Patrick Stewart as Avery Bullock | Maria Thayer as Nun |
Featuring: Scott Grimes as Jeff Watley (Bum #1) | Rachael MacFarlane as Cafe Woman (Adopted Girl)
Director: Shawn Murray
Writer: Brian Boyle

164 :09x12 - Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses

Roger offers to help Steve land his dream girl by surgically switch faces & if that wasn't bad enough, Roger decides he wants her for himself.

Meanwhile, Stan & Francine become stewardesses and become embroiled in scheme to prevent Marc Cuban from blowing up the sun.
Guest Stars: Randy Crenshaw as Various | Echo Kellum as Various | Daisuke Suzuki as Toshi Hirano | Eddie Kaye Thomas as Barry Robinson | John Viener as Various | Gary Anthony Williams as Cuban's Bodyguard | Corinne Reilly-Elfant as Various | Chad Brannon as Various | Curtis Armstrong as Schmuley “Snot” Lonstein | Mark Cuban as Himself | Becki Newton as Margie | Gillian Jacobs as Christy | Olivia Wilde as Denise | Megalyn Echikunwoke as Angie | Ellie Kemper as Jenna | Kyle Chandler as Coach Brian Sanders
Director: Josue Cervantes
Writer: Judah Miller
Songs: Carly Rae Jepsen -- Call Me Maybe

165 :09x13 - I Ain’t No Holodeck Boy

Francine wants Stan to let up when he demands Steve & his friends play outside, however he finds a way around Francine's wishes by using the CIA new holodeck.

Meanwhile, Hayley wants Roger to admit he cares about something by purchasing his home star and declaring herself his queen.
Guest Stars: Eric Schermerhorn as Various | Mike Henry as Various | Thomas Sangster as Various (as Thomas Brodie-Sangster) | Daran Norris as Jack Smith | David Koechner as Dick Reynolds | Mike Barker (1) as Sanders | Patrick Stewart as Avery Bullock | Daisuke Suzuki as Toshi Hirano | Eddie Kaye Thomas as Barry Robinson | Curtis Armstrong as Schmuley “Snot” Lonstein
Director: Jansen Yee
Writer: Matt McKenna

166 :09x14 - Stan Goes on the Pill

In order to become better connected to Francine, Stan takes an experimental CIA drug that turns him into a woman.

Meanwhile, Roger & Klaus decide to open a business selling Stan's old suits.
Guest Stars: Allison Smith as Trish | Steve Schirripa as Bartender | Mike Henry as Jackson | Patrick Stewart as Avery Bullock | David Koechner as Dick Reynolds
Director: Chris Bennett
Songs: Sade -- Ordinary Love

167 :09x15 - Honey, I'm Homeland

Stan attempts to infiltrate the "Occupy" movement, based on CIA intelligence that a leftist cell is planning a terrorist attack.
But when he's captured and returned home by a group of radicals, Hayley suspects her father may have been "turned".
Guest Stars: Phill Lewis as Duper | Patricia Lentz as Various (as Pat Lentz) | Phil LaMarr as Various | Adam DeVine as Various | Mike Barker (1) as Terry Bates | Patrick Stewart as Avery Bullock | Kathryn Hahn as Luli | Ira Glass as Himself
Writer: Dan Vebber

168 :09x16 - She Swill Survive

Stan fears that Hayley has no life skills so he forces her to take a job as a bartender in Roger’s attic bar but, when Bullock becomes Hayley’s best customer, Stan realizes that he can use his daughter’s knowledge to get ahead at work
Guest Stars: John Viener as Various | Wayne Federman as Various | Kevin Durand as Various | Chris Diamantopoulos as Various | Gary Busey as Himself | Curtis Armstrong as Schmuley “Snot” Lonstein | Patrick Stewart as Avery Bullock
Director: Chris Bennett
Writer: Rick Singer

169 :09x17 - Rubberneckers

Stan discovers a way he can slyly check out other women. When the new couch ends up with a stain on it, Roger and Klaus try to cover it up.

170 :09x18 - Permanent Record Wrecker

Stan is fired from the CIA in a round of budget cuts, but since his 20 years of work experience are classified and hidden from his “permanent record”, the only job he’s able to land is at the local grocery store where Steve is the manager.

Meanwhile, Roger bets an annoying coffee shop musician that he can outplay him in one week. To accomplish his goal, he enters into a Faustian bargain with Lorenzo, a guitar-instructing infomercial host.
Guest Stars: Robin Thicke as Himself | Stanley Tucci as Lorenzo
Classification: Animation
Genre: Adult Cartoons | Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: February 06, 2005
Episode Order: 20
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