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American Dad!: Star Trek

Steve's story about a drunken Roger becomes a bestselling children's book, but the fame goes to his head after Stan and Francine exploit him and Steve's new agent convinces him to divorce his parents.

Meanwhile, Francine wants Beauregard LaFontaine to do her hair.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x15
Production Number: 1AJN15
Airdate: Sunday November 27th, 2005
Network: FOX

Guest Stars
Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston
voiced Bill Publisherman
Curtis ArmstrongCurtis Armstrong
voiced Schmuley “Snot” Lonstein
Daisuke SuzukiDaisuke Suzuki
voiced Toshi Hirano
Eddie Kaye ThomasEddie Kaye Thomas
voiced Barry Robinson | Spike Baltar
Jill TalleyJill Talley
voiced Janet Gustafson
Leslie JordanLeslie Jordan
voiced Mr. Beauregard
Matt McKennaMatt McKenna
voiced Cap'n Monty | Kevin Broham
Jim WiseJim Wise
voiced Mr. Durbin
Paul AdelsteinPaul Adelstein
voiced Unknown
Main Cast
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
voiced Stan Smith | Roger
Wendy SchaalWendy Schaal
voiced Francine Smith
Scott GrimesScott Grimes
voiced Steve Smith
Rachael MacFarlaneRachael MacFarlane
voiced Hayley Smith
Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley Baker
voiced Klaus Heissler
Episode Notes
Langley Falls Post Newspaper Headline

We find out that Stan has written over 3,012 childrens books that follow the adventures of his own character "Patriot Pidgeon", his dream has been to get them published, however that dream has yet to come true.

"Curl Up & Dye." is the name of Mr. Beauregard's hair salon.

Steve's English teacher, Mr. Durbin and his son Erik, are named after American Dad's producer, writer & occasional voice actor, Erik Durbin

This episode introduces the characters

Beauregard LaFontaine

Captain Monty

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Glenn MillerIn the Mood 
R. KellyI Believe I Can Fly7m | 16s

Episode Quotes
Stan: Stop this nonsense, Steve.
Kevin: Dude, his name is "S" now. And S does what S wants.
Steve: And S wants to C.L.T.D.F.H.C.
Snot: "Cut loose the dead weight from his coattails."
Barry: There should be a "W" in there.
Steve: Get in the trunk, Barry.

Steve: Now do I get to meet that centerfold?
Stan: No, I just said that to motivate you so you'd carry me to the top.
Steve: Dad, I can't believe you lied to me.
Stan: Really? Huh. That's... that's kinda my whole bit.

Bill Publisherman: Well, then, what you need is to get Steve on Cap'n Monty's Book Cavalcade, the hottest children's book show in Langley Falls.
Stan: Great, put him on.
Bill Publisherman: I'd love to, but to get on, he needs to have the number one children's book in town. And to get that, he'll need a hook.
Stan: Right. We'll cut off one of his hands. People love the disfigured... and fear them.
Bill Publisherman: No, a hook, an angle, a gimmick. Hmm. Is the boy gay?
Stan: Why? Could that be a hook?
Bill Publisherman: Hook?

Stan: Ugh, Francine, when I look at your hair, I doubt I could eat the amount I want to vomit.

Francine: Mr. Beauregard, I would love for you to put expelled uterine matter in my hair.
Mr. Beauregard: Hmm. If I were you, I'd take your hair behind a shed and shoot it.

Stan: Steve, meet Patriot Pigeon.
Steve: You wrote a children's book?
Stan: No, Steve, I wrote 3,012 children's books, each chronicling the adventures of Patriot Pigeon, who battles America's enemies by dropping red, white, and blue turds of justice.

Stan: I look around me and I see it isn't so!
Steve: What?
Stan: I mean, why'd you cheat?
Steve: I'm sorry. It's just, creative writing is hard. I can't do it.
Stan: "Can't"? We don't live in "Ameri-can't," Steve. We live in America. No, no, no, no, wait. We live in "Ameri-can." No, wait, that's not right, wait. We are "Ameri-can." Where was I going with this?
Steve: Um, I said, "Creative writing is hard."
Stan: Oh, yeah, yeah. Perseverance, Steve, it's all about perseverance. And if I Ameri-can't teach you about it, I have a friend who Ameri-will. Well, that sounded good. Had a bumpy start there, but I think I pulled it together.

Steve: Anyway, Dad, my English teacher, Mr. Durbin, is your biggest fan. Can I get your autograph for him?
Stan: Sure. "To Mr. Durbin, keep on rockin'. Yours in Christ."
Hayley: Dad, that's Steve's report card.

Steve: That's not me in the pool, that's Spike Baltar... wait you were trying to kill me? So this is all your fault!
Roger: Oh yeah, blame the alien the cops'll eat that up. Sorry pal you're going to jail where they're going to take your cherry.
In the lunch line.
After you're raped.
In the shower.

Episode Goofs
In this episode, Steve is disgusted when Stan reveals that Jenna Gustavsen (the centerfold from 1957) is an old woman, but in Con Heir, Steve didn't mind having a romantic relationship with the old lady who was "Grandpa Smith"'s best friend.

Francine tells Steve that she "tore from [her] V to [her] A" when she gave birth to him after her Cesarian with Hayley. While it is possible for a woman to have a natural childbirth after a Cesarian, it's not recommended since there's a grave danger of the uterus rupturing and the mother dying of sepsis.

Roger throws the copy of 'Roger the Alien' on the floor and it remains there until Steve asks Francine if he has to go on Capt'n Monty when it suddenly vanishes.

Cultural References
Han Solo

Steve stares at a plaque in his mansion, the plaque is of Han Solo, a character from the Star Wars movies.

Star Trek

The episode title is also the name of a hit Sci-Fi show/movie(s).

Cap'n Monty's Book Cavalcade

Cap'n Monty's Book Cavalcade show is similar to the show "Inside the Actor's Studio".


The publishers ringtone is the tune known as the theme for te Halloween movies.

Pool Full of Jello

The concept of a Pool Full of Jello is taken from the Disney Cannel Original Movie: "Don't Look Under the Bed".

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSeth MacFarlane  |  Mike Barker (1)  |  Matt Weitzman
Executive ProducerMatt Weitzman  |  Mike Barker (1)  |  Seth MacFarlane
Co-Executive ProducerDavid Zuckerman  |  Rick Wiener  |  Kenny Schwartz
ProducerKara Vallow  |  Dan Vebber
Co-ProducerBrian Boyle
Consulting ProducerRobert Cohen (1)
Associate ProducerMark Douglas (1)
EditorBobby Gibis
CastingLinda Lamontagne
Staff WriterAlison McDonald  |  Matt McKenna  |  Chris McKenna (1)  |  Steve Hely
MusicRon Jones (1)
Production AssistantRay Valenzuela  |  Erin Sirpenski
Production CoordinatorAmy Reynolds  |  Sheikh 'ubi' Ubaid Mahmood  |  Christopher Collins (2)
Assistant EditorPaul Mahotz
Post Production SupervisorLaura Stupsker
Production SupervisorCharles Song
Storyboard ArtistScott Wood  |  Shawn Murray
Supervising DirectorRon Hughart  |  Anthony Lioi
Executive Story EditorSam O'Neal  |  Neal Boushell  |  Nahnatchka Khan
Main Title ThemeWalter Murphy
Assistant DirectorJim Shellhorn
Animation ProducerDiana Ritchey
AudioMichael Wittenberg
Storyboard RevisionistPaul Scarlata  |  Erik Kuska  |  Steve Wong  |  John Drake O'Day  |  Zeke Johnson
Writing AssistantErik Durbin  |  Keith Heisler
Production ControllerLiddane Sanders
AssistantLaura Hilker  |  Matt Fusfeld  |  Andy Goldberg
Retake DirectorRobin Brigstocke
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