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American Dad!: Rough Trade

Roger believes Stan's life is a breeze so they agree to switch responsibilities.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x17
Production Number: 1AJN17
Airdate: Sunday January 08th, 2006
Network: FOX

Director: Pam Cooke
Writer: David Zuckerman

Guest Stars
Andy RichterAndy Richter
voiced Philip
Fred TatascioreFred Tatasciore
voiced Lieutenant Goldberg
Jason LeeJason Lee
voiced Officer Bays
Jill TalleyJill Talley
voiced Senator Feinstein | Maria
Megyn PriceMegyn Price
voiced Linda Memari
Mike Barker (1)Mike Barker (1)
voiced Terry Bates | Contestant
Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
voiced Avery Bullock
Robert TinklerRobert Tinkler
voiced Doyle
Ron LivingstonRon Livingston
voiced Bob Memari
David FaustinoDavid Faustino
voiced Himself
Keith CarradineKeith Carradine
voiced Fusfeld Motors Boss
Main Cast
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
voiced Stan Smith | Roger
Wendy SchaalWendy Schaal
voiced Francine Smith
Scott GrimesScott Grimes
voiced Steve Smith
Rachael MacFarlaneRachael MacFarlane
voiced Hayley Smith
Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley Baker
voiced Klaus Heissler
Episode Notes
Langley Falls Post Newspaper Headline

Roger apparently knows some Japanese.

Fusfeld Motors and Mr. Fusfeld himself are named after Matt Fusfeld, American Dad's Writer and Story Editor.

The two cops that arrive at the Smith's home are modeled after American Dad writers of Stan of Arabia: Part 2, Carter Bays (left) & Craig Thomas (right)

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Sonny and CherI Got You BabeStart of Episode

Episode Quotes
Stan: Are you drunk?
Roger: Working on it.

Philip: Whoever sells the most cars by Friday wins a week in Hawaii.
Roger: Hawaii?! Thats where Japan goes to play golf!

Linda: I don't know why he's so mean to Francine, she's so nice....and pretty....
Bob: Oh, great. I know where this is going. Can I at least watch this time?

Roger: Don't you die on me, you bastard! You've never given up on anything before. Fight, damn you, fight!

Klaus: Speaking of killing, do you know what the French call an orgasm? "The little death." It harks back to the Middle Ages when only midgets were allowed to have orgasms. It's true. Read the Bible.

Roger: Cops already? What, are we next door to a freakin' Krispy Kreme?
Stan: You're thinking about donuts now?
Roger: No, I'm just saying the cops got here fast.
Stan: What the hell do fast cops have to do with a Krispy Kreme?
Roger: Because cops love donuts!
Stan: You're not making any sense!

Francine: Hey, Stan, now that you're stuck at home, I could really use your input on redecorating the living room.
Stan: Francine, the court order says I'm not allowed to leave the house. It doesn't say I have to give a crap about what it looks like.

Klaus: If that were a real Wish Bowl, it would be in the Ferrari of a 600-year-old Incan on the way to his job as Jessica Alba's G-string.

Stan: Oh, I... I don't know what to say.
Roger: Uh, you could say you have a whole new appreciation for how tough it is to be me.
Stan: There's something you should know about me by now, Roger. I don't learn lessons.

(Monkey's tearing up Roger's manual)
Roger: Hayley!
Hayley: Hey! I'm not the one who forgot to exercise the monkey's last night! Have you been to the basement lately?
Roger: Some of us work for a living!
Hayley: They've been huffing paint thinner, and having sex all night. It's like an eight grade house party down there!

Stan: Oh my God!... These Chocodiles, these Chocodiles Francine, oh my God, these Chocodiles, oh my God!

Episode Goofs
Linda's shirt changes through her scene.
It starts out with a lone button to a deep v-neck with a collar to a regular tank top.

Francine hits her eye on the door (the second black eye) and it is black for a moment, but is fine for the rest of the episode.

Roger's attic window is missing in an exterior shot early in this episode.

During a quick shot of Francine there is a shopping list on the refrigerator, but moments later when we see Stan & the monkey sitting together, there is no list.

The papers on Roger's books change from 2 to 1 between shots.

Cultural References
ES Suit

The ES Suit is somewhat like the one from the movie Aliens.

Episode References
Stan: {inhales} Pretty sure I asked for Pecan Sandies.

Stan: Oh ow! Francine, Ow!

Stan: By the way, Hayley, oh my God, these Chocodiles, these Chocodiles Hayley, oh my God, these Chocodiles, oh my God!

These 2 lines are the same ones Roger spoke in the Pilot episode.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSeth MacFarlane  |  Mike Barker (1)  |  Matt Weitzman
Executive ProducerMatt Weitzman  |  Mike Barker (1)  |  Seth MacFarlane
Co-Executive ProducerKenny Schwartz  |  David Zuckerman  |  Rick Wiener
ProducerDan Vebber  |  Kara Vallow
Co-ProducerBrian Boyle
Consulting ProducerRobert Cohen (1)
Associate ProducerMark Douglas (1)
EditorBobby Gibis
CastingLinda Lamontagne
Staff WriterMatt McKenna  |  Chris McKenna (1)  |  Alison McDonald  |  Steve Hely
MusicRon Jones (1)
Production AssistantRay Valenzuela
Production CoordinatorChristopher Collins (2)  |  Sheikh 'ubi' Ubaid Mahmood  |  Amy Reynolds
Assistant EditorPaul Mahotz
Post Production SupervisorLaura Stupsker
Production SupervisorCharles Song
Storyboard ArtistZeke Johnson  |  Ron Brewer  |  Aldin Baroza
Supervising DirectorAnthony Lioi  |  Ron Hughart
Production ManagerTanya Calderon
Executive Story EditorSam O'Neal  |  Nahnatchka Khan  |  Neal Boushell
Main Title ThemeWalter Murphy
Assistant DirectorJoe Daniello
Animation ProducerDiana Ritchey
AudioMichael Wittenberg
Storyboard RevisionistPaul Scarlata  |  John Drake O'Day  |  Erik Kuska  |  Steve Wong
Writing AssistantKeith Heisler  |  Erik Durbin
Production ControllerLiddane Sanders
AssistantLaura Hilker  |  Matt Fusfeld  |  Andy Goldberg
Retake DirectorRobin Brigstocke
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