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American Dad!: It's Good to be Queen

Stan looks forward to Francine's reunion because she was the homecoming queen. However, when it's discovered Francine didn't actually win, Stan dumps her to spend the reunion with the true queen.

Meanwhile, a pizza delivery man teaches Steve and Roger about love and forgiveness.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x19
Production Number: 1AJN19
Airdate: Sunday February 26th, 2006
Network: FOX

Guest Stars
Ioan GruffuddIoan Gruffudd
voiced Gabriel Byrne | Medic
Jeff FischerJeff Fischer
voiced Jeff Fischer | Donnie Patterson
Jeremy SistoJeremy Sisto
voiced Mitch
Jon CryerJon Cryer
voiced Quacky
Matt McKennaMatt McKenna
voiced Coach Patterson
Mike Barker (1)Mike Barker (1)
voiced Jock #2 | Pig
Mike Henry (1)Mike Henry (1)
voiced Jackson | Maitre D'
Stephen RootStephen Root
voiced Dick Reynolds
David ZuckermanDavid Zuckerman
voiced Betty Sue
Dayna DevonDayna Devon
voiced Girl In Line
Leigh-Allyn BakerLeigh-Allyn Baker
voiced Margie
Main Cast
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
voiced Stan Smith | Roger
Wendy SchaalWendy Schaal
voiced Francine Smith
Scott GrimesScott Grimes
voiced Steve Smith
Rachael MacFarlaneRachael MacFarlane
voiced Hayley Smith
Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley Baker
voiced Klaus Heissler
Episode Notes
Langley Falls Post Newspaper Headline

We find out that Stan went to John DeLorean High School sometime in the early 80's.

The other names on Stan's death pool included: Mary-Kate Olsen, Markie Post, Hugh Hefner, Frank Langella, Andy Rooney, Danny Bonaduce, Charlton Heston, Tara Reid, and Stockard Channing.

We learn that the song "Little Red Corvette" is Francines favorite song.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
INXSNever Tear Us ApartEnd of Episode
The Look of LoveABCDuring Opening Credits

Episode Quotes
Stan: Shawna, looking rad tonight. Want to dance?
Shawna: Like, gag me.
Girl #1: Grody.
Stan: Sheesh. Uptown girls.

Stan: Aw, come on, guys, no wet willies! I just Clearasiled my ears!

Guy #1: It's all set, right?
Guy #2: It's gonna be just like in Carrie. (Pulls rope making a bunch squealing pigs fall on Stan)
Guy #1: Pigs? It was supposed to be pig's blood.
Guy #2: I didn't finish the book.
Guy #1: You stopped reading after the word "pigs"? That wasn't even the end of the sentence.

Stan: (Driving) Are we there yet?
Francine: No.
Stan: Are we there yet?
Francine: No.
Stan: Are we there yet?
Francine: Stan, you're driving!

Stan: (Daydreaming; shooting his gun) And you, and you, and you!
Dick: Stan! Stan wake up!
Stan: Huh? Oh, sorry, must have zoned out.
Dick: You just shot Jackson eight times!
(Jackson groans and falls to the ground)
Stan: Oh my God, Jackson! Hang on, buddy, you're gonna make it!
(Jackson coughs up his heart)

Francine: Boy, whoever adopted this part of the highway is really keeping it clean. Thanks... (Reads a sign) "Ku Klux Klan."

Stan: That's okay, Francine. You don't have to remember her name. You were the homecoming queen. (Puts the tiara on her)
Francine: Don't, Stan. I'll look silly.
Stan: If by "silly" you mean beautiful, then, yes, you do look silly. Hell, you look downright retarded.

Roger: Hey, if we got your dad's missile launcher, I bet we could hit the house of the bully who went all Tom Sizemore on your eye.
Steve: Oh, I wish I could get that guy back. I'd like to dress up as a girl and make him have sex with me, then say, "Ha! I'm not a girl! You just had sex with a boy who hates you!" (Laughs)
Roger: Yeah, let's keep that plan between you, me, and the string of therapists who won't be able to help you.

Quacky: Apparently, Betty Sue was so devastated by losing homecoming queen, she went into a Dunkin' Donuts and never came out. And speaking of coming out: ta-da!
Stan: So that's why you're so pale. This is the first time you've come out of your house. This is a necktie, and this is a table.
Quacky: No, I'm gay.
Stan: What?! My gay-dar is totally off!

Stan: That's a great story about being old and alone. It's like you've been walking around dead for 20 years and no one's had the decency to cremate you and sprinkle your ashes over Old Maid Mountain.
Betty Sue: Wow, that's quite a line.
Stan: Well, it's actually more of an assessment of your life.
Betty Sue: No, I mean the line to get in. What you just said was emotionally devastating.

Betty Sue: I hope this isn't awkward.
Stan: Awkward? Don't be silly, it was Francine's idea.
Francine: I was being sarcastic! Or don't you get sarcasm, genius?
Stan: Oh, I think I get sarcasm, and I'm hardly a genius, but still, thank you; that's awfully sweet of you.

(Before delivering the pizzas)
Roger: (Sarcastically) Oh, this is gonna be life-changing.
(After delivering the pizzas)
Roger: That was totally life-changing!

Stan: Hey, I have a life! I have an important job, a house with a giant flagpole, a great kid, another kid, and a beautiful wife who loves me and thinks I'm a winner. I have a great life. Oh my God! I have a great life. (About Betty Sue) So, what am I doing with this train wreck?

Betty Sue: (Drunk) That's it! I'm driving home!
Everyone: Okay, bye. See ya.
Betty Sue: No one's even gonna try to stop me? Well, you can all go to hell! I hate you all!

Episode Goofs
In this episode, it's revealed that Francine's favorite song is "Little Red Corvette" by Prince, but in the season one episode, "Francine's Flashback", Francine's favorite song is "The Greatest Love of All", by Whitney Houston. It's possible that Francine likes both "Little Red Corvette" and "The Greatest Love of All", but for the purposes of continuity, the writers should have stuck with "The Greatest Love of All" as Francine's favorite song since that was revealed first.

There are three water balloons left after they hit Mitch in the face, but when the scene cuts back to Roger after Mitch's car explodes, there's suddenly only one.

When Stan uncovers the strawberries and sees his pig vision, there is nothing else on the table, but when he knocks the tray to the floor, there's suddenly a red phone and wine glass on the table.

The red flower Stan pins to Betty Sue's bow inexplicable vanishes.

Roger's military jacket has a red badge on the right shoulder and nothing on the left ...

... but when he and Mitch finally find Steve on the porch, the red patch has moved to the left shoulder.

Cultural References
It's Good to be Queen

The episode title is a spoof the phrase "It's Good to be King".

John DeLorean High School

The "Delorean" part is a very obvious reference to the Back to the Future triology. The entrance to the high school is also similar to the one in the movie.

Francine: Boy, whoever adopted this part of the highway is really keeping it clean. Thanks... (Reads a sign) "Ku Klux Klan."

This is a funny joke referencing the big debate on whether or not the group known as "The Ku Klux Klan" (anti-african americans) should be able to own a highway under that name.

Stan: “Uptown girls”

Stan's insult is a reference to Billy Joel's (1949-) 1983 song “Uptown Girl” from his album “An Innocent Man”

The blond kid that says “Smith relax, you look choice” is modeled after the character “Johnny Lawrence” played by William Zabka (1964-) from 1984's “The Karate Kid”

Teen: “It's gonna be just like in Carrie”

The movie being referred to is, of course as mentioned, 1976's “Carrie” starring John Travolta (1954-) & Sissy Spacek (1949-) who played “Carrie”.

Visual: “Stan's Death Pool Chart”

The celebrities listed in the Death Pool are (from left to right. top to bottom) former child star of the ABC sitcom “Full House” (1987-1995) Mary-Kate Olsen, star of the NBC sitcom “Night Court” (1984-1992) Markie Post (1950-), Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner (1926-), actor Frank Langella (1938-), “60 Minutes” (1968-Present) commentator Andy Rooney (1919-2011), former child star of “The Partridge Family” (1970-1974) Danny Bonaduce (1959-), Oscar© winning actor Charlton Heston (1923-2008), Tara Reid (1975-) & actress Stockard Channing (1944-).

Whoever guessed Heston won.

Roger: “I bet we could hit the house of the bully who went Tom Sizemore on your eye”

This is a reference to actor Tom Sizemore's (1961-) trouble with drugs and violence.

Francine: “Quacky!”

Jon Cryer (1964-) voices the character of “Quacky” which is an allusion to the character “Duckie” he played in the 1986 comedy “Pretty in Pink”

Stan: “Come on! You got to have one of these”

The person Stan goes to to get a “She's so fat” joke is modeled after the character “Roger “Raj” Thomas” played by Ernest Thomas (1950-) from “What's Happening!” (1976-1979)

Roger: “Yeah look Kung Fu, I prefer my crazy in my bread”

This is a reference to the tv show “Kung Fu” (1972-1975) that starred David Carradine (1936-2009).
David's character “Kwai Chang Caine” would dispense advice and wisdom similar to Mitch's.

Hayley: “So wait, Luke would be on drums?”
Klaus: “Nein, nein, nein, nein. Luke would be on lead guitar, Chewie on drums and Darth Vader on bass.”
Hayley: “That would be the greatest concert of all time.”
Klaus: “Ja, ja, ja, ja.”
Haley: “Wait, what would Yoda play?”
Klaus: “OH! I forgot about Yoda!”

This scene is based on THIS real poster that features the characters from Star Wars in concert.

Visual: “Quacky's Warhol”

In Quacky's home, he has a print of himself in the same pop art style as Andy Warhol's Marilyn Prints

Stan forces actor Gabriel Byrne (1950-), who he mistakenly believes is singer/songwriter Peter Gabriel (1950-), to sing Gabriel's 1986 song “In Your Eyes” from his album “So” while holding him above his head via the character from the 1989 romantic comedy “Say Anything...”, “Lloyd Dobler”, in an attempt to get Francine to forgive him.

Stan: “Have the violinist play 'Little Red Corvette'”

Stan asks the waiter to play the 1982 song “Little Red Corvette” by Prince (1958-) from his album “1999”

Visual: “The Maitre D'”

The Maitre D' at the restaurant is modeled after the “Chez Quis Maitre D'” character played by Jonathan Schmock from the 1986 comedy “Ferris Bueller's Day Off”

The episode closes with the 1988 INXS song “Never Tear Us Apart” from their album “KICK”

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSeth MacFarlane  |  Mike Barker (1)  |  Matt Weitzman
Executive ProducerMatt Weitzman  |  Mike Barker (1)  |  Seth MacFarlane
Co-Executive ProducerKenny Schwartz  |  David Zuckerman  |  Rick Wiener
ProducerDan Vebber  |  Kara Vallow
Co-ProducerBrian Boyle
Consulting ProducerRobert Cohen (1)
Associate ProducerMark Douglas (1)
EditorBobby Gibis
CastingLinda Lamontagne
Staff WriterMatt McKenna  |  Chris McKenna (1)  |  Alison McDonald  |  Steve Hely
MusicRon Jones (1)
Production AssistantErin Sirpenski  |  Ray Valenzuela
Production CoordinatorSheikh 'ubi' Ubaid Mahmood  |  Amy Reynolds  |  Christopher Collins (2)
Assistant EditorPaul Mahotz
Post Production SupervisorLaura Stupsker
Production SupervisorCharles Song
Storyboard ArtistShawn Murray  |  Scott Wood
Supervising DirectorRon Hughart  |  Anthony Lioi
Executive Story EditorNeal Boushell  |  Sam O'Neal  |  Nahnatchka Khan
Main Title ThemeWalter Murphy
Assistant DirectorJennifer Graves
Animation ProducerDiana Ritchey
AudioMichael Wittenberg
Storyboard RevisionistJohn Drake O'Day  |  Steve Wong  |  Erik Kuska  |  Paul Scarlata
Writing AssistantKeith Heisler  |  Erik Durbin
Production ControllerLiddane Sanders
AssistantLaura Hilker  |  Matt Fusfeld  |  Andy Goldberg
Retake DirectorRobin Brigstocke  |  Jeff Stewart (2)
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