Keeping Shop - Recap

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After Trixie and spud screw up on a recent mission, they begin to feel that they are useless as sidekicks. Jake tries to cheer them up by reminding them the limit of their abilities.

Jake and Lao Shi go away on a dragon retreat leaving Trixie, Spud and Fu Dog in charge of the shop while they are gone.

Trixie and spud get the chance to prove themselves as useful when a group of trolls begin terrorising Magus Bazzar. Fu tells them that they only need to dress up as dragons and the Trolls will be scared off because they fear dragons. So Trixie and Spud put on a dragon costume and go to Magus Bazzar.

Their plan starts to work, the trolls get scared but then Trixie insults their Mama, which gets trolls really angry. They surround the two in the dragon costume and are about to attack them when the sunlight comes out and turns them to stone.

This gives them a day to figure out what to do. Fu dog mixes them a potion which will give Trixie and Spud the powers of a dragon, thens sets about to training them in the use of these powers. Each time Fu dog gets hurt. When night comes again Fu, Trixie and Spud go back to Margus Bazzar and engage in a battle with the Trolls.

THey are still outnumbered so they retreat to the shop and try to wait till morning, but the Trolls come and begin trashing the shop. Luckily they waited long enough and the trolls Mama turned to stone in the sunlight when the morning came and the trolls lose their will to fight.

Trixie, Spud and Fu clean up the shop before Jake and Lao Shi Come back.