Rubber Man - Recap

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Six Months Ago

While Marcy removes the “For Sale” sign from the Murder House and the movers bring in the Harmons’ furniture, the ghost of Nora Montgomery wanders the house and insists that everything is wrong and someone has done something terrible with her house. A man comes up behind her and asks how he can comfort her, and Nora asks for her baby.

After the Harmons have moved in, the man goes to the trash can where Ben has thrown away the rubber fetish suit. He dons it, goes to Vivien’s bedroom while Ben is sleepwalking, and makes love to her. Ben returns a short time later, still entranced and walking past the Rubber Man without noticing him. Vivien tells her husband that she loves him and he mumbles that he does too. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, the man removes the rubber mask, revealing the face of... Tate Langdon.

The Present

Vivien shows Marcy and Moira the photo that Violet found of the Montgomerys, and says that Nora was in the house. Marcy figures that the woman who came to see the house was Nora’s granddaughter, but Vivien reminds her that Nora only had one child and it died as a baby. Moira suggests that everyone has a doppelganger, while Marcy figures that Vivien is going insane due to hormones. She leaves to contact Escandarian and make sure that he’s buying the house. Once Marcy leaves, Moira tells Vivien that she believes in the unseen and that they are all lost souls.


Chad meets with his lesbian friend, Peggy, and confesses his concerns about Patrick and how weird he’s been acting. Peggy tells him that none of his suspicions are evidence of infidelity, and Chad tells her that Patrick left his computer up by mistake and that Chad found online sex messages between his partner and someone called JungleJim4342. She suggests that Chad try to share some of Patrick’s S&M interests rather than loses him, and Chad goes to an S&M shop. The owner, Gary, confirms that Patrick is typically submissive and might want to be dominant for a change. He shows Chad a rubber suit and harness and convinces him to buy it.

Chad goes home and dons the suit, and tries to come on to Patrick. Patrick tells him to stop and Chad finally demands to know who his on-line lover is. His boyfriend insists that it’s not cheating if it’s online and starts to go on. Patrick tells Chad that he hates all of the decorating and isn’t interested in sex with him, and Chad tells him to find his online lover. However, his lover asks how far he’s going to go, and that he’s seen their bills and knows that they’re going to lose the house if things don’t change. Once Patrick goes, Chad sits down, sobbing.

The Present

Nora is sobbing in the bedroom when Hayden comes in and tells her that she needs to get it under control. She reminds Nora that they’re all trapped in the house since they died there, but Nora has blocked everything out. Hayden tells her that there are other souls trapped in the house, some innocent like Beau, some bitchy like Moira. She insists that there’s a power in the house that they can use to make themselves known, and she acts out. Hayden remembers making love to Constance’s dead husband, Hugo, and “killing” him over and over again, just for him to shrug it off because nothing sticks. Nora doesn’t believe it even when Hayden points out that Nora has an exit wound in the back of her skull. When Nora calls for her baby, Hayden says that she lost her unborn child and that it’s not fair that Vivien has two and they don’t have any. She suggests that they take Vivien’s twins once she’s committed.

Vivien emerge from the bedroom and a ball rolls down the hall to her. She calls to Violet and turns on the light, but the light bulb flickers and then explodes as Hayden breaks it. The spirit laughs and shoves a wardrobe at Vivien, who retreats to the bathroom and locks the door behind her. When Vivien turns around, she sees the rubber suit mask on the sink.


Tate puts on Chad’s rubber suit and mask, goes downstairs, and first drowns Chad in the apple basin and then breaks his neck. Patrick comes in and Tate beats him to death with a poker. He then throws Patrick’s corpse down the stairs into the cellar, where Nora finds it and says that everything is all wrong. Tate comes downstairs and says that the couple was fighting and weren’t going to have a baby, and now a new family will move in and provide a baby for Nora.

The Present

Ben finds Violet in the basement, calling to Beau and inviting her out. When he asks who she was talking to, Violet says that it was nothing. Ben takes her upstairs and tells her that they’ve confirmed she hasn’t been to school for two weeks. Violet says that it’s boring and she’s bullied, and that she hasn’t told Vivien because her mother is eating raw brains and generally losing it. When Ben tries to analyze it, Violet says that Vivien is crazy and Ben drove her to it by cheating, and then walks out.

Vivien is out in the kitchen, crying, and Moira asks if she’s all right. In response, Vivien says that she checked her prescription for nausea and discovered that it causes vision changes. She figures that accounts for the all the crazy things that she’s been seeing. Moira tells her that she needs a good cry, and then tells her about a novel, The Yellow Wallpaper, where a husband makes her wife crazy. After talking about men treating women for hysterical paroxysm, Moira assures Vivien that she’s not insane and that it’s the spirits of the house trying to drive her crazy. The housekeeper tells Vivien to get out while she can.

Vivien wakes up Violet and says that they’re going to stay with Violet’s aunt. As they get into the car, Tate comes out of the door and looks at Violet, who sees him. She hesitates and then gets into the car, but the ghosts of the two intruders, Fiona and Dallas, appears in the back seat. Vivien grabs Violet and runs with her back into the house while Hayden watches and smiles.

The next day, Ben hears about the incident after Vivien calls the police. She insists that the two intruders that tried to kill her and Violet earlier were there, but Ben points out that there’s no evidence of their presence and the police think the intruders have left the state. He suggests she’s suffering from brain heating after eating raw cow organs, and Vivien tells him to confirm what she’s saying with Violet.

Violet is in her room after sex with Tate, and she realizes that he’s really there. Tate tells her that he’ll always be there for her if that’s what she wants, and that the other spirits can’t hurt her if she ignores them. When Violet suggests that she tell her mother that, Tate warns that if she tells the truth, they’ll think she’s insane and lock her up.

Ben calls Violet downstairs and threatens to take Violet away from Vivien and keep her from leaving California. Vivien accuses him of conspiring with Hayden to get rid of her. She shows him the rubber mask but Ben insists that he threw it out months ago. Violet comes in and Vivien tells her to tell her father what she saw. Her daughter claims she only told the police what she thought Vivien wanted her to say, and denies seeing anything. Ben dismisses her and tells Vivien that he’s staying the night, sleeping in his office, so that he can protect Violet.

Tate is in the cellar when Hayden comes in and tells him that he’s like a girl, sulking instead of doing something about what bothers him. She warns Tate that Vivien has booked tickets for her and her daughter, and Tate says that he’s preparing himself for what he has to do. Hayden sits on his lap and suggests they have sex while he works out what to do. Tate shoves her away and says that he’s in love, and Hayden warns him that Vivien is tough.

Vivien calls Marcy to the house and tells her that she’ll be leaving, and that she wants to know if Escandarian has sent the escrow check. Marcy says that she’s had enough and that Escandarian hasn’t returned calls in two weeks. She suggests that Vivien may have frightened Escandarian away with her ghost stories. Vivien complains about nausea and asks Marcy to get her some water. As soon as the realtor goes to the kitchen, Vivien takes Marcy’s gun out of her purse and hides it in the sofa. Marcy shows herself out and Vivien takes out the gun.

That night, Vivien goes to bed, checking underneath first. Something moves in the room and Vivien turns on the lights. There’s nothing there, but then the rubber man attacks her, turning off the lights. Vivien hits the panic lifeline and someone comes into the room. She shoots and hits… Ben.

Luke arrives after the police and the EMT have checked out the scene. Ben insists that everything is under control, but Luke tells the police that Ben and Vivien are separated and that Ben had an affair. Luke accuses him of shipping Vivien off to the psychiatric hospital, and Ben tells him to get out.

In her room, a sedated Vivien sees Hayden standing over her, screaming. She takes the panic lifeline and breaks it, and Vivien tells her that she can have Ben all to herself. Hayden agrees and says that Ben is pathetic, but that she’s dead and needs Vivien’s unborn twins. She then sends the rubber suit-clad Tate after her. Tate throws her to the floor and tries to rape her. Ben, Luke, and the police arrive, and see no sign of any rubber man. Even Luke has to admit that she’s losing it, and Ben tells his wife that she needs to be evaluated. Rather than fight, Vivien goes quietly with the officers to the psychiatric hospital. As the others leave, Violet and Tate watch them go and Tate tells Violet that he’s there for her.


Tate hauls Chad down to the basement next to Patrick and discovers that he’s still alive. He prepares to strangle him, but Moira says that the couple has family and friends and that they can’t let the police think there was a separate killer. Moira gives him Patrick’s gun and Tate shoots Patrick and then puts the gun in Chad’s hand, and then points it at his own chest. The two lovers die, their hands inches from each other, as Tate and Moira leave.

Tate hauls the still-alive Chad down to the cellar next to Patrick. Moira tells him that they can’t murder the two lovers because they have family and friends that will become suspicious, and that Tate needs to stop taking orders from the women of the house. He takes the gun and shoots Chad, and then plants the gun on him, making it look like a murder-suicide.