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Spooky Little Girl - Recap

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Elizabeth Short visits Dr. David Curan, who lives at the Murder House and conducts is dental business there. Elizabeth’s friend Nabby has referred her to Curan, and told her that he is willing to make other arrangements for “payment.” The young woman explains that she’s an aspiring actress and plans to make it big. Dr. Curan admits that she’s attractive and accepts her offer. As he prepares to administer anesthetic gas, he removes a dahlia from her hair.

Sometime later, a young mother is taking her three-year-old daughter for a walk. They find Elizabeth’s corpse in a ditch, cut in half at the waist and with a smile cut into her face.

The Present

Ben finds the young Moira making the beds and asks her to make Violet a sandwich. Moira flirts with him and Ben imagines himself making love to her. She tells him that she’ll keep his secret that he’s attracted to her, and informs him that he has a diseased mind. Disgusted, Ben diagnoses her as having low self-esteem and tries to shove her away, insisting that the loves his family and wants a normal, boring life. Moira walks away, for the moment, but warns him that the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak.

At home, Constance is painting a mural like the one in the Murder House while drinking and smoking. Her young boyfriend, Travis, comes in with the dogs and complains that she’s smoking. They argue about the fact that his job is at a call center while Constance finances his intended career as an underwear model. Travis tries to sympathize with Constance over the death of her daughter, but Constance accuses him of coming over to have sex with Adelaide, and then tells him to go to walk the last dog and go to the Korean store to get her more cigarettes

As Travis walks the dog down the street, Hayden whistles at him. They talk and she quickly confirms that he’s with Constance. They flirt and then end up in bed at the Murder House. Once they’re done, Hayden assures Travis that she can’t get pregnant. When she wonders if Travis is going to tell his mother what they’ve done, Travis says that he isn’t and Hayden says that he should because sex is the only weapon he has. His mother is worried about losing him, so once he reassures her, she’ll treat him nicely again. Hayden dresses and starts to leave, and Travis asks her why she’s in the Murder House. She tells him that she and Ben are in love and will be moving in together soon, and that she only had sex with Travis to see if she could make love to a living man.

The next day, Detective Colquist with Missing Persons comes to see Ben. Hayden’s sister Marla has filed a complaint, accusing Ben of involvement in Hayden’s disappearance. Ben insists that he doesn’t know where his mistress is, but Colquist points out that Ben was digging the gazebo on the day the detective say Hayden at the house. Marla figures something was going on, but Hayden comes in and reveals that she’s (supposedly) alive and well. She dismisses Marla’s concerns, noting that her sister is usually begging her for money, and tells Marla that she’s staying in L.A. Once Colquist and Mala leave, Hayden admits to Ben that she was out of her mind with jealousy and deserves what punishment he thinks is suitable. However, she reminds him that she has always been there for him and then reassures Ben that she had the abortion.

Ben goes to his office and is surprised to discover that Elizabeth is there. She says that something terrible has happened to her and he assumes that she’s a new patient. Elizabeth admits that she has sex with men just so that she can get jobs as an actress, and just wants one person to believe in her. Ben sympathizes and agrees to make an appointment for her, and asks how she plans to pay. Elizabeth starts to remove her clothing and Ben tells her to stop, but she insists that he’s the only one who can understand her. Ben imagines kissing her but tells her to stop and explains that she can trust him. As Elizabeth leaves, Ben gets a call from Dr. Hall. She’s calling him as Vivien’s health proxy, and informs Ben that according to the tests, Vivien’s twins are from two different fathers, meaning that she had sex with two men within 48 hours.

When she smells perfume on Travis, Constance comes to the Murder House to deal with Violet. Moira is cleaning and tells her that Violet has more class than to date someone like Travis. She then gives Constance the news that Vivien’s twins are from two different fathers. Realizing what happened, Constance goes to the basement and demands that Tate show himself. He appears and finally admits that he had sex with Vivien. Tate begs his mother not to tell Violet. She slaps him and he falls to the floor, crying.

When Ben goes to his office, he finds Elizabeth and Moira making love on the couch. They invite him to join and he considers it, but then thrusts the images out of his mind. He fires Moira and tells Elizabeth to leave, and a shocked Elizabeth asks Moira why it didn’t work like the housekeeper says. As Moira stalks off, Hayden comes in and tells Elizabeth that Moira was using her. When Elizabeth tells Hayden that her one big dream was to become famous, Hayden realizes who she is.


After finishing sex with the gassed Elizabeth, Dr. Curan removes the mask and checks her teeth, but discovers that she’s dead. He takes her corpse to the basement where Charles Montgomery is missing. He explains that he’s there to help and that he’s a renowned surgeon. Charles then cuts Elizabeth in half to make it easier to transport the corpse, and then disfigures her face with a hideous cut to make it appear that she’s smiling, while Curan looks on in horror.

The Present

Hayden tells a pleased Elizabeth that for two months she was famous and that she did become somebody.

Ben goes to the psychiatric hospital to see Vivien. The nurse informs him that they had to restrain Vivien after she went berserk when an orderly accused her of fantasizing the rubber-suited rapist. Ben goes to Vivien’s room and discovers that she’s been heavily sedated. He tells her that he’d get her out of the hospital if he could, but that she’s no longer the woman that he married. However, Ben accuses her of being a different woman, one who had an affair and ruined their family with her betrayal. He angrily tells her that he’ll never help her get out and then leaves.


Ben and Hayden go out for drinks after class and she admits that she has a crush on him. Drunk, Ben tells her that she could have any man.

The Present

Hayden goes outside and finds Ben at the gazebo. She insists that they were meant to be together and that he needed her two years ago. Ben says that his marriage was a mess at the time, but Hayden reminds him that it’s even worse now. When she says that they were meant to be together, Ben tells her that he used her then and that he doesn’t love her and never will. Hayden asks for a hug and tries to kiss him, but Ben pushes her away and says she can’t stay. Angry, Hayden tells him that Vivien was having an affair with Luke.

Travis is at Constance’s house putting away groceries when she comes in and apologizes for what she said earlier. She then asks him to marry her, telling him that there’s going to be a new child and they can raise it as their own, without her making the mistakes she did with her other children. Constance tells Travis that he’ll be a great father, but he wants to wait until his career as a male underwear model takes off. She warns him that it will never work, as she knows from hard experience, and gives him the chance to be someone by being her husband. When Travis still refuses, Constance says that he’s not even a man, much less a father. When he winds up to hit her for her comment, Constance warns him that the last man who struck her came to an unpleasant end.

Disgusted, Travis goes back to Hayden and they make love in the basement of the Murder House. Once they’re done, Hayden thinks about Ben and then suggests that she and Travis make love again. He refuses and tells her to finish herself off, and then prepares to go back to Constance and marry her. Hayden asks for one last hug, but when Travis does so, she stabs him with an icepick. Once he’s dead, Hayden tells him that she had a great time. She wonders what to do with the corpse, and Travis’ spirit appears. As he worries that now he’ll never become famous, Elizabeth appears and says that he still can. Hayden worries that if someone finds Travis’ corpse then Ben will be blamed for the murder, and Charles’ spirit appears and offers to cut it up. When he warns that they need someone to take away the body, Hayden says she has someone who owes her a favor.

Later, boys are playing basketball near a bridge. They find Travis’ naked corpse, cut in half, and his face scarred just like Elizabeth’s. As they call the police, Larry watches them from a distance and then walks away.

Vivien gets a visitor at the hospital: Constance, who brings flowers. Constance confirms that the twins are okay and growing rapidly, and assure Vivien that she’ll do whatever she can for her and her babies. Touched but stressed out, Vivien asks her to leave. As Constance goes, she tells Vivien that she knows the pain of everyone doubting you. When Vivien tells her that she was raped, Constance believes her, and promises not to tell anyone so that the hospital doctors will believe that Vivien is cured of her delusion.

At the Murder House, Ben triggers the panic alarm and Luke arrives. Ben accuses him of having an affair with Vivien and fathering one of the twins. However, Luke tells him that he’s been confirmed as sterile and that Vivien was probably with other men. Ben takes offense but Luke points out that he’s the one who called Vivien a whore and a liar, and tells Ben that his wife may be safer in the hospital than at home.

Once he realizes that Vivien may have been telling the truth, Ben searches the house and finds the rubber suit. Young Moira comes in and he asks her for the truth, worrying that he made a mistake doubting Vivien’s story about a rapist. Moira walks to the door and Ben sees her for the first time as she truly is. She tells him that he’s finally starting to see things as they really are and goes.

Constance calls Billie Dean and invites her to her home. She asks Billie Dean what happens when a spirit conceives a child with a living being, and Billie Dean tells her the apocryphal tale of the Pope’s box. When a new Pope is initiated, he is taken to the Room of tears shown a box containing a piece of paper. The paper has the secret of the End Times, the ultimate secret of the world. It foretells of how when a human and spirit have a child together, the result will be the Anti-Christ.