Afterbirth - Recap

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Nine Months Ago

Vivien is preparing to leave and stay with her sister Jo in Florida when Ben calls her into the kitchen. She tells him that she’s tried to get past his affair, but she can’t stand to be with him. Ben shows her photos of a home that he’s found in Los Angeles that he thinks would be perfect for them, but Vivien warns him that it won’t settle things between them. Her husband insists that he can see his family together in the new home and that it’s what Vivien needs to break down the wall inside of her and accept him again. Finally, Ben is reduced to begging as he asks her to come with him to Los Angeles to see the house.

The Present

Ben runs through the house, calling to his wife and daughter.

After Vivien’s funeral, Ben comes to see Constance, who has been watching his surviving son for him while he’s been busy. She hesitates to turn the baby boy over to his father, and finally warns Ben that the Murder House will kill his son just as it killed Vivien and Violet. Ben doesn’t believe her despite Constance’s insistence and turns to go. However, he sees a photo of Adelaide and Tate and the counter, and realizes that Tate has been Constance’s dead son all along and she hid the knowledge from him. He asks where Tate is and Constance informs him that her dead son is in the grave. Ben accuses her of destroying his family, but Constance says that it was Ben’s sins that doomed them. He tells her to lock the door in case he comes back for revenge and leaves with his son.

In the kitchen at the Murder House, Vivien is talking to Moira. She admits that she is having trouble seeing Ben in his current emotional state. Ben comes in with his son but is unable to see the ghosts of Moira and Vivien. As Ben prepares a bottle for the baby, Vivien tells Moira that her husband is a good father despite his flaws. Moira wonders if she wants to appear to Ben and Vivien explains that if she did, ben would want to stay, endangering her child. As Ben leaves with his son, Moira can’t help sniping at him, saying that he’s already looking for another woman. She apologizes and Vivien asks her for a cup of tea, but Moira tells her that she doesn’t serve ghosts and, now that they’re both dead, they’re equals. Vivien apologizes for her thoughtlessness and asks Moira to call her Vivien rather than Mrs. Harmon.

Ben goes to his bedroom and tells his son that it isn’t his fault, and that Vivien’s sister will take care of him once he’s gone. He then puts everything into order, takes out a gun, and prepares to shoot himself. However, when he sees a photo of Violet, he sets the gun aside and breaks into tears. Vivien appears and takes the gun, and explains that she didn’t appear to him until now because it would make things worse. When Ben reminds her that the baby isn’t his son, but Tate’s, Vivien says that it doesn’t make a difference and forgives him for everything that he’s done. She tells him to leave the house and never come back, so that they can have a life away from the house. Violet appears and admits that she shut her father out, and that he shouldn’t blame himself for not noticing her problems. She also tells Ben to leave, and Vivien says that he should do it for the two of them. She kisses Ben and then the two spirits disappear.

Ben takes the baby and goes to the doors, but Hayden appears on the stairs in front of him and asks where he’s going. As Ben argues with her, the ghosts of Fiona and Dallas grab him, tie a rope around his neck to the chandelier, and toss him off the balcony. As Ben chokes to death, the last thing he hears is Hayden saying that now they have all the time in the world.

Later, Marcy the realtor brings Miguel and Stacey Ramos to see the Murder House. Their son Gabriel arrives late and joins his parents. Stacy asks why the house is selling so cheap and Marcy reluctantly tells them that, as a matter of full disclosure, the last residents died in the house: Vivien in childbirth and Ben seemingly a grieving suicide. Marcy has the last surviving family member: Hallie the dog, which she adopted. The Ramos couple hesitates and the realtor points out that any house has a history, but very few of them go for $200,000 below the previous price. The couple is still interested despite the house’s history. As they follow Marcy into the kitchen, Gabriel starts skateboarding through the house. A door opens on its own and the ghostly twins toss jacks on the floor, causing the teenager to fall off his board. Miguel comes to get him, warning him that his mother has already decided to buy the house. As they leave, an unseen Violet watches them from the staircase.

A short time later, Marcy takes down the house’s “for sale” sign.

Detectives Granger and Barrios visit Constance, who says that she hasn’t visited her neighbors since she can’t bear to go into the house since finding Ben, dead. The officers are still looking for the missing baby, and are assuming that Violet took it since her corpse was never found. They’re unaware that Constance visited the house, confirmed that Ben was dead, and discovered that Hayden had taken the baby. Constance went to the basement to confront Hayden, who refused to hand the baby over. Dallas cut Hayden’s throat from behind, distracting her so that Constance could grab the baby and escape the house.

Constance finishes her cover story by telling the detectives that she has no idea where the baby is. However, once, Granger and Barrios leave, Constance goes to the closet where she is keep her grandson.

Gabriel goes to his new bedroom and finds Violet going through his CD collection. When he points out that she’s breaking and entering, Violet says that she lives in the neighborhood. When Gabriel tells her to leave, Violet comments that the house is rumored to be haunted and asks if he really wants her to leave. They’re both unaware that Tate is watching them from the doorway.

As Miguel and Stacey unpack in the kitchen, Miguel starts making love to his wife on the countertop. Ben and Vivien watch and remember when their marriage was like that. When they hear Gabriel, the Ramos stop and Miguel suggests that they try and have a baby. Stacey agrees and Ben and Vivien realize they have to stop them rather than risk having another baby born in the Murder House. Moira appears and agree with the couple, saying that they’ll need help to deal with the other angry spirits that occupy the house and want to cause more suffering.

That night, Miguel and Stacey are sleeping after sex. Miguel begins sleepwalking and leaves the bedroom, unaware that the rubber man has entered the room and started raping Stacey.

Gabriel wakes up to find Tate sitting next to the bed. Tate says that the room used to be his, and then Violet’s, and that Violet is his girlfriend. Gabriel insists that there is nothing between him and Violet. Stacey wakes up and screams, and Gabriel tries to go to her. Tate traps him and starts beating him. Meanwhile, Miguel sleepwalks to the kitchen and turns on the gas stove, unable to hear Stacey’s screams.

Stacey tries to call the police but discovers that the phone is dead. She runs out into the hallway and Beau drops down from the attic door. Meanwhile, Tate continues to beat Gabriel, explaining that he has to kill the teenager so that he can be a friend to Violet since she’s rejected Tate.

Vivien appears in the kitchen next to Miguel and tells him to open his hands. Concentrating, he sees the burned corpse of Lorraine Harvey, holding his hand toward the stove and saying that she wants him to feel the pain that she felt. Moira appears and offers to lead him, and then reverts to her younger self and leads Miguel away.

When Stacey tries to lock herself in the bathroom, Gladys emerges from the tub and says to see what he did to her. Stacey runs back out into the hallway and sees the word “Run” drawn on the wall in blood.

Gabriel continues to insist that nothing happened between him and Violet, but Tate tries to stab him. However, the spirit finally backs away, telling Gabriel to fight back.

Moira leads Miguel to the dining room and reverts to her older image, and then shows him Elizabeth, cut in half on the dining room table. When Miguel wonders if he’s dreaming, Elizabeth sits up and tells him that he’s awake.

Stacey runs to the basement but the rubber man corners her. Miguel finally is able to hear her and runs to her rescue, shoving past Phil the Exterminator. The rubber man easily knocks him down, but Vivien appears and tells Ben to stop. Ben removes his rubber mask and Vivien stabs him in the chest. As he “dies,” he shoots Vivien in the head. They lie on the ground for a few seconds and then get up and tell the Ramos that that’s what the Murder House does to people. The couple runs away and the Harmon laugh in triumph.

Violet finds Tate and tells him to stop. When he says that she’s alone because he couldn’t save her, Violet assures him that she’s not alone now that her family is there, and that she wanted Tate. He points out that she told him to go away, and Violet says that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Tate goes to her and kisses her, and Gabriel runs out the door. Once he leaves, Violet says goodbye to Tate and then disappears, leaving him alone.

Ben, Vivien, and Violet watch as Gabriel joins his parents in their car and they drive away. When Vivien worries that someone else will move in, Ben assures her that now they know what to do.

A few days later, Marcy is putting the house up for sale again and trying to shoo away the murder tour.

As Ben cleans up the house, Tate comes to see him and asks to continue his counseling. Ben doesn’t want anything to do with him, pointing out that he’s a psychopath and that counseling is just a scam for people like him to make money. He tells Tate that they’re a lot alike because they both hurt people, but Tate is worse because he killed people and prevented them from ever forgiving him. Tate starts crying but Ben says that his tears are fake and that as a psychopath, Tate is incapable of feeling remorse. He tells Tate to take responsibility for what he’s done, and Tate can’t say anything at first. However, he is finally able to admit that he was the one who set Larry on fire, killed the students at his high school, killed Patrick and Chad, and raped Vivien. He asks Ben again to continue counseling him, but Ben warns that he’s not a priest and can’t absolve him of anything. Tate persists and asks if Ben will at least hang out with him, and Ben considers it.

Vivien is playing the cello when she hears a baby crying from the basement. She goes downstairs and finds Nora trying to comfort “her” child, Vivien’s stillborn baby. Nora finally remembers that Vivien is the baby’s birth mother and insists that it’s a weakling, but that it’s hers. Vivien offers to quiet the baby down and Nora hands it over, saying that she was about ready to kill it. As Nora goes, she admits that she doesn’t have the patient to be a mother and neither did her mother.

In the kitchen, Moira is cleaning the cabinets because she has nothing else to do with her time. Vivien brings her the baby and explains what happened, and Moira admits that she always knew Nora wouldn’t make a good mother. When Vivien lets her hold the baby, Moira gladly takes it and Vivien asks her to be the godmother. Crying, the housekeeper accepts.

Come Christmas time, Violet and Moira decorate the tree that Ben has cut down from the backyard. He turns on the lights and says that he’s happy, and then goes over to join his wife and son. Outside, Hayden and Tate watch them and Hayden tells the teenage spirit that Violet isn’t into him. Tate defiantly insists that he’ll wait forever if he has to for Violet.

Three Years Later

Constance goes to her hairstylist, Helen, and explains that she hasn’t been in recently because she adopted a baby boy, Michael. She claims that he was the child of a distant relative who died in a car crash. Helen does her hair up, making Constance look years younger. The mother tells Helen that all the tragedies of her life served to prepare her for the present, where she is to raise a child destined to greatness.

When Constance comes home, she calls out to the babysitter, Flora. She gets no response and sees blood on the refrigerator and a jar of cookies on the floor. Looking around the house, Constance follows the trail of blood to Michael’s bedroom. Flora’s bloody corpse is on the floor and Michael is sitting a rocking chair, smiling and covered with blood. Constance goes to him and wonders what she’s going to do with him.