Nor'easter - Recap

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The Present

Teresa locks herself in the cell and attempts to hold the door shut against Bloody Face. She tries to get her cell phone but takes her weight away from the door and Bloody Face knocks in the door and advances on her. However, Leo tackles the killer and manages to stab him in the chest. As he goes down, Teresa takes the knife and stabs Bloody Face repeatedly. She then grabs Leo and helps him out, dialing 911 on her phone. However, another Bloody Face comes up ahead of them, blocking their path. He shoots the couple dead while another Bloody Face comes out. They remove their masks and gloat about how the kills were so impressive, and what happened to their friend, Joey. Cooper is worried that they went too far but Devon tells him not to wuss out. They wonder what could have ripped off Leo's arm and hear something moving behind him. They turn and see the real, wounded Bloody Face advancing on them.


Sister Mary Eunice brings Sister Jude the mail and notes that there's a storm coming. As Sister Jude goes through the mail, she sees a newspaper from 1949 talking about the missing girl that she ran over.

Arden is in his lab examining the chip that he removed from Kit's neck. He cuts it apart and stares in surprise as the parts reassemble themselves. On the radio, a weatherman warns about the coming nor'easter.

Sister Jude goes to the kitchen to make bread and remembers her hitting the girl on the road. Thredson comes in and asks if she's okay, and suggests that she avoid corporal punishment and try positive reinforcement. Sister Jude says that she is a beacon of comparison and is renting a movie projector to show The Sign of the Cross. Thredson congratulates her and offers any help, and then asks for Jed's autopsy report. He suspects it will show natural causes but Sister Jude doesn’t believe there's anything natural about a 17-year-old boy dying of a heart attack. When Thredson accuses her of delusional behavior, Sister Jude accuses him of planting the old newspaper in the mail. The psychiatrist says he has no idea what she's talking about and Sister Jude believes he's telling the truth. She then tells him that they'll need his office back in two weeks once his analysis of Kit is done.

Sister Mary Eunice goes to the common room and stops the record player. She tells everyone that Sister Jude has prepared for a movie as a distraction at the height of the coming storm. After telling them that they will get to watch the death of Christians, Sister Mary Eunice walks toward the door. One patient, the Mexican, calls her Satan and the nun hisses at her, her eyes briefly turning yellow.

Upon hearing the news, Kit tells Grace that there won't be a lockdown that night and they should escape because no one will expect another attempt so soon. Lana passes them and Grace leaps up and reminds her that she foiled their first escape attempt. Surprisingly, Kit gets up and agrees with Lana, saying he would have done the same thing if he believed what she believes. However, he insists that he's innocent. Before they can pursue the matter, one of the orderlies, Carl, summons Kit to a meeting with Arden.

Frank reports Thredson's movements to Sister Jude but admits that the doctor appears harmless. Sister Mary Eunice bursts in and says that someone has been drinking the communion wine. She invites Sister Jude to taste it to confirm that it's water down, and Sister Jude says that she doesn't imbibe. Sister Mary Eunice admits that she forgot that Sister Jude had sworn off spirits since 1949 when she had a calling from the Lord. As Sister Mary Eunice picks up the wine and drinks it, Sister Jude notices that she's wearing bright red lipstick and hands it over, saying that it's for Sister Jude. As Sister Jude wipes it off, Sister Mary Eunice says that Arden gave it to her and said that it was Sister Jude's color.

Arden has the orderlies strap Kit down and shows him the chip, which is jumping up and down inside of a sealed jar. The doctor asks who he is working for and accuses Kit of trying to infiltrate his lab as he pokes a needle into Kit's neck. Arden asks if the East Germans or the KGB sent Kit, or even Jews within the U.S. government. Kit says that he doesn't know what he's talking about but Arden says that they have plenty of time and starts cutting into his neck.

In her room, the Mexican prays to God. Sister Mary Eunice comes in and the Mexican tells her to get away, holding her crucifix. The nun slaps it away and tells her to get down so that they can pray her fears her well. When the Mexican hesitates, Sister Mary Eunice screams at her and the woman gets down on the floor, begging. The nun kneels next to her and leads the woman in pray... and then stabs her in the neck with a pair of scissors. Once the Mexican collapses, Sister Mary Eunice stabs her in the heart.

That night, Sister Mary Eunice takes the body out into the woods and leaves it for the creatures. She then goes to Arden's office in response to his summons. The doctor asks how she's doing and Sister Mary Eunice says that the she did another feeding and the creatures are getting hungrier. She wonders what will happen to them and Arden says that they only have to get them through the winter. When Arden compliments her on her compassion, the nun says that he only called her there to undress her with his eyes. Sister Mary Eunice advances on him and says that she's had an awakening to the power of sex. Arden shoves her back but the nun pulls her habit up. The doctor slaps her but she just laughs at him and he tells her to get out. Sister Mary Eunice leaves, smirking,

Thredson has the guards place the movie screen and Lana introduces herself to him. She asks to talk to him in private and he agrees, warning that he's not authorized to discuss her treatment. Lana says that she knows Thredson isn't one of them and needs to get a message to her friend Wendy. Thredson reminds her that Wendy is the reason Lana is there and Lana insists that Sister Jude is keeping Wendy away . She gives Thredson a message to give to Wendy and Thredson takes it.

Grace is working in the kitchen and Shelley approaches her when they're alone. She figures that they're plotting their next escape and offers to help. Shelley wants to leave so that she can go to France and embrace her sexuality. When Grace refuses to cooperate, Shelley warns that she'll get out one way or another.

Arden is making up the couch in his office when Sister Jude comes in. He says that he's going to stay the night because of the storm and tells her to come back, but Sister Jude asks him about the lipstick. Arden admits that he admired Sister Mary Eunice's purity but warns Sister Jude that the younger nun has become corrupted because of the influence of the sanitarium. Sister Jude says that Arden is the one who corrupted her and doesn't believe his denials. The older nun figures that Arden is trying to drive her out and throws the lipstick at him. Arden warns her that she's coming apart and suggests that she take a leave of absence, but Sister Jude says that she's onto him and leaves. Behind her, Sister Mary Eunice watches and listens.

Later, Sister Jude is praying in her office when the phone rings. She answers it and the girl that she ran over accuses Sister Jude of leaving her on the road. Crying, Sister Jude whispers an apology and the line goes dead. She sees the girl's broken glasses on her desk and picks them up, sobbing as she pours herself a glass of the communion wine. Sister Jude soon finishes off the bottle and staggers out, drunk.

In his office, Arden considers the lipstick and listens to radio reports of strange electrical activity. In the nearby jar, the chip quivers.

A drunken Sister Jude goes to the common room and tells everyone to take their seats. Frank tells her that the Mexican isn't accounted for but Sister Jude tells him to stay there and she'll go to find the patient once she introduces the movie. The nun then slurs through her speech, warning them that whether the movies continue are up to them. As she talks, Thredson sits next to Lana and pats her hand. Thunder crashes and the patients start to panic, but Sister Jude tells them not to be afraid of the dark. She promises them that there is a golden sky at the end of the dark and tells them to walk through to the end with hope. Sister Jude starts rambling about the dead girl as the audience realizes something is wrong.

As Sister Jude staggers out, Sister Mary Eunice comes in and sits down front as the movie begins. Lana asks Thredson about Wendy and Thredson says that he went there and found an open window but no sign of Wendy. He suspects that something happened to her and that there were similarities in Wendy's disappearance to those of Bloody Face's victims. Thredson told the police about his suspicion but they believe that they already have the killer.

Grace asks Frank to use the bathroom and distracts the guard while Kit slips out and Shelley follows him. Meanwhile, Thredson admits that he has some concerns about whether they have Bloody Face in captivity. Lana sees Grace go to the bathroom and tells Thredson that it's not appropriate for her to watch the movie and goes to the bathroom.

Sister Jude goes to the Mexican's cell and confirms that it's empty. She hear someone moving up ahead and walks down the hall.

Arden takes the lipstick and goes to the statue of the sanitarium's patron saint.

Grace catches up to Kit and Shelley and he explains that there's an old tunnel down near the boiler room. Lana comes up behind them and says that Sister Mary Eunice showed it to her. Grace grabs her and Lana says that she was wrong about Kit and that she has a loved one in danger. Kit agrees to take Lana with them and they head for the door, but discover that Carl is nearby. Shelley says that she'll take care of him so the others can escape and asks Lana to remember her and write a story that will bring down the sanitarium. She then starts flirting with Carl and suggests that they look in the hydrotherapy room. Carl gives in and follows her and the other three go down into the boiler room.

Sister Jude continues to see someone moving through the shadows and orders them to stop.

Arden paints nipples on the statue's chest and draws the lipstick all over its face, calling it a whore.

Shelley gives Carl oral sex to keep him occupied.

Lana finds the door in the boiler room and leads the other two out.

Arden shoves the statue over and it shatters on the floor. He yells "Whore!" again and Sister Jude hears him.

Shelley stops and knocks Carl over. He hits his head on the floor as Shelley runs off, saying she has to go.

Sister Jude turns and comes face to face with an alien.

Arden finds Shelley and calls her a whore.

Kit, Lana, and Grace wait as long as they can for Shelley and finally go out into the storm. Lana directs them to the road and Grace says that once they get there, they go their separate ways.

Thredson wonders where Lana is and notices that Kit and Grace are missing. He tells Frank, who is busy with Pepper, who wants to go to the restroom. He tells he to go and then tells Sister Mary Eunice. She doesn't want to be interrupted since she's watching the Christians being eaten, but finally gets up and goes to check it out.

Arden drags Shelley back to his office and she claims that she was going to the infirmary. He starts to undress and Shelley says that she's not in the mood, and that she does the choosing in any case. Arden throws her over her desk and tries to rape her. However, Shelley realizes that he's sexually inadequate and laughs hysterically, and Arden hits her in the head with a paperweight.

As they run through the forest, Lana stumbles over the Mexican's skull. Kit scouts ahead and sees a humanoid creature eating what's left of the corpse. He tells the others to run as the creature chases them. They come across another creature and avoid it, getting back to the tunnel.

Sister Mary Eunice finds Sister Jude sleeping in her quarters. She tells the elder nun that there's a big problem and Sister Jude, misunderstanding, says that they've seen it too. Sister Jude then goes to the common room and demands an answer from Frank. She ends the movie and says that there will be no other special privileges, and tells the patients to thanks the three patients who fled. She sees Kit, Lana, and Grace, seated and soaking wet, and assumes that Pepper, Shelley, and the Mexican are the ones who tried to escape. Once the nun leaves, Frank orders everyone back to their rooms.

Shelley wakes up on Arden's examination table. He tells her that they're looking for her in the woods because they think she ran off with Pepper and the Mexican. Shelley begs Arden to release her but he tells her that he clipped his wings. He then removes the cloth to reveal that he's amputated her legs at the knees to keep her from escaping.