Dark Cousin - Recap

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Two nuns arrive at the Briarcliff infirmary and check on their patients. One of them checks Grace and discovers that she's bleeding from her groin. The other one wonders if they should call Arden but the first one refuses, saying that he's a butcher. Meanwhile, Grace hallucinates a Dark Angel coming to her as she dies. The woman bends over and starts to kiss Grace, but the nun administers CPR and brings her back. Crying, Grace says that they should have let her go.

Sister Mary Eunice comes to see Arden in his office as he tends to his plants. The nun casually notes that his patients aren't faring as well and that Grace is bleeding out after Arden botched the sterilization. Arden insists that he didn't perform a sterilization but Sister Mary Eunice assumes that he's lying. He demands respect from her but Sister Mary Eunice says that he's not really in charge. Arden slaps her and the nun warns him that if he touches her again then he'll die. When Arden tries to slap her a second time, an unseen force slams him into the wall. Sister Mary Eunice tells him that he should know understand the chain of command.

In the kitchen, a worker, Miles, hears an internal voice telling him that he has to be a hero and it's chance to do something. He screams at the voice to shut up and a sister tells him to stop. Miles explains that he was yelling at the voices in his head, and the voice tells him to leave a legacy. The worker picks up a sandwich and says that there's something wrong with the slicer. He walks over to it, pulls up his sleeves, and cuts his wrist on the spinning blade.

Frank calls Sister Mary Eunice to the kitchen and tells her what happened. She sees a name drawn in blood in ancient Aramaic on the wall and asks Miles how he knows it. He has no idea what it is and Sister Mary Eunice asks him if he summoned "her." Miles doesn't know what she's talking about and the nun orders them to get Miles' injuries treated and then put him in isolation while they scrub the wall.

Frank supervises Miles being strapped in a bed and Miles says that he doesn't want to be in the world any longer. Once Frank leaves, Miles fumbles for his wounds. The Dark Angel appears and tells Miles that he summoned her and that she's there to help him if she wants. Miles pulls out the stiches on his wrist and begs the Dark Angel for help, and she asks if she should kiss him and make it all go away. She leans over him as wings sprout from her back and kisses him as his wounds bleed out.

Sister Mary Eunice asks who is there and the Dark Angel asks who dares to look upon the Dark Angel, Shachath. The nun enters the room and realizes that Miles is dead. She tells the Dark Angel that she has done what she came to do and go. The Dark Angel wonders how Sister Mary Eunice can look upon her and realizes that something resides in her: a fallen one, a cousin. Sister Mary Eunice insists that she's no cousin and orders her out, but the Dark Angel says that she was invited and that the human woman that hosts the demon called to her. Sister Mary Eunice begs for release but the demon silences her and says that they both like it at Briarcliff and have work left to do. The Dark Angel says that she also has work to do there and that they will meet again, and then disappears.

Arden examines Grace and warns the barely conscious girl that she has an infection that will claim her life if not treated. Rather than take the blame, Arden begins administering treatment and tells Grace that she will live.

Thredson has sex with Lana, who tries to ignore him as best she can. She sees the Dark Angel appear in the chamber before blacking out.

At the police station, a detective questions Kit about his statement to Thredson. Kit claims that he was tricked but the detective warns him that the jury will convict when they hear the tape he made. When Kit says that Alma is alive and Grace saw her, the detective points out that Grace is a mental patient and dying of illness. As he suggests that Kit try to convince the jury that he's insane, Kit grabs a three-hole punch and smashes in the detective's head.

Once Thredson leaves, the Dark Angel approaches Lana and says that she heard her calling. The reporter says that she can't do it anymore and death would be better. The Dark Angel gently covers her over and tells Lana to let go, and bends over to kiss her. However, Lana pushes her away and says that she's not ready yet. Thredson comes in and says that they have to have a little talk, and Lana agrees. He tells her that he's not angry and he doesn't blame her. Thredson rambles on about how he shouldn't have brought her there and that he refuses to gives up. However, he thinks they've reached an impasse and promises to let her choose how he will kill her.

When Lana breaks into tears, Thredson says that it doesn't matter what she chooses and prepares to give her a sedative. She tries to fight but Thredson pushes her down on the bed and starts to inject her. When he promises that she'll be with Wendy, Lana sees the photo of her lover on the nightstand, grabs it, and smashes Thredson in the head. They fall to the floor and Lana strangles him with the chain on her leg until he passes out. As she takes the keys from him and frees herself, Thredson wakes up and grabs her. Lana kicks him back onto a table and runs outside. She gets to the road and a car brakes, almost hitting her. Lana gets in and begs the driver to leave. He does and Lana thanks him for saving her life. The driver assumes that Lana attacked her boyfriend and she asks him to take her to the police. The man takes offense and refuses to let her out, ranting about how his wife cheated on him. He draws a gun and Lana sees the Dark Angel appear in the back seat, waiting. The man shoots himself and the car goes out of control.

Lana wakes up and finds herself back at Briarcliff. Sister Mary Eunice is there to greet her and says that Lana was in an accident and the driver is dead. Smiling, she assures the reporter that she's back where she belongs.

Sister Jude finds Goodman bleeding out in his hotel bathroom and he tells her that one of her nuns attacked him. The older nun tries to staunch the bleeding with a towel and then goes to call the police. As she glances at a mirror, she sees the Dark Angel kneeling over Sam. When she turns to look, there's nothing there. Someone has put the newspaper article about the girl Sister Jude killed on the TV set and written the word "Murderer" on it.


Terry comes to see Jude and complains that she didn't show up for their gig. She claims that she was indisposed and Terry tells her that one of the band members got his cousin to cover. Terry then gives Jude an envelope with some money to tide her over because she's out of the band. He explains that she's been slipping for a long time but Jude figures that it's a conspiracy. When Terry turns to go, Jude asks what she has to do and tries to kiss him. Disgusted, Terry tells her to let go and says that there's a phone number in the envelope. A detective wants her to call and report anything she saw because a young girl was killed in a hit-and-run near the club.

Once Terry leaves, Jude packs up her belongings, leaves the rent money, and tears up the detective's card. She drives away, listening to a newscast about the police's search for the hit-and-run driver. As she reaches for a bottle of alcohol, Jude loses control of the car and goes off the road.

The next morning, Jude wakes up and discovers that she crashed her car into the statue of a nunnery. The nuns finally come over and ask if she's hurt, and Jude insists that everything is fine.


Sister Mary Eunice calls Sam's apartment and addresses Sister Jude by her real name. She asks what Sister Jude has done and says that the evidence she planted will show that Sam was investigating the hit-and-run. The possessed nun tells Sister Jude to start running and to see what she left her. Sister Jude checks the nightstand and finds a straight razor there.

Sister Jude goes to a diner and goes to the restroom to wash off the blood. She then takes out the straight razor and contemplates slitting her wrists. She goes back to the booth and finds the Dark Angel sitting there. Sister Jude tells her that it was only a passing thought, but the Dark Angel says that her song was more plaintive and piercing. She says that she was called and that she never judges, and Sister Jude wonders what was different this time. The nun asks if her song was different than the night when she told her husband that he gave her syphilis, and the Dark Angel says that she was young and still had hope. When Sister Jude asks if her song was different the night she hit the child, the Dark Angel says that was the night God showed Sister Jude the way. She tells Sister Jude that she deserves peace after her tireless efforts to find meaning, and that it is very close. Sister Jude looks at the Dark Angel and says that she's ready, but first she has one last thing to do.

The waitresses watch as Sister Jude talks to thin air. One of them suggests that they send her to Briarcliff so at least she has a bed for the night.

The next day, Sister Jude goes to see the dead girl Missy's parents, the Stones. She claims that she's Missy's Sunday School teacher and has a story to tell them. However, Missy comes in from the night shift where she works as a nurse. Shocked, Sister Jude explains that she thought Missy died in a hit-and-run when she was a girl. Lying, Sister Jude says that she took her vows after hearing about Missy's accident and recently she's been questioning her faith. Mrs. Stone explains that her husband Hank wanted to get revenge on the person who hurt their daughter, but she believed that the monster would have to live with herself for what they did.

When Lana wakes up, she calls for Sister Jude. Sister Mary Eunice informs Lana that she's in charge now. Lana tells her that Thredson is Bloody Face and the nun says that she must be confused. The reporter refuses to be chained down and Sister Mary Eunice says that she believes her. She promises Lana that no one knows that she's there and asks her to take her medicine. Lana insists that the nun go to the police and have them search Thredson's basement, and Sister Mary Eunice says that she's safe. Once Lana takes her medicine, the nun tells Frank what Lana said. He informs her that Kit escaped from custody and that there's a shoot-on-sight order out.

Kit returns to Briarcliff via the old tunnel, avoiding Arden's creatures.

A nun finds a much improved Grace in the kitchen. Grace asks to stay and the nun tells her she can stay until she finishes cleaning. Once she leaves, Kit comes in and tells Grace that she has to come with him. They embrace and he leads her to the door. The nun comes back and sees them, but one of the creatures comes up from the basement and kills her. Kit fights the creature and kills it and Frank comes in and assumes Kit is the killer. As Frank shoots, Grace leaps into the path of the bullet and collapses. The Dark Angel appears to her and Grace says that she's ready. They kiss and Grace says that she's free as she dies.