The Coat Hanger - Recap

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The Present

A psychiatrist, Dr. Gardner, meets with a new patient, Johnny Morgan. He explains that he saw her advertisement in a penny-saver and it mentioned her techniques for curbing compulsions. Johnny says that he wants to stop and is willing to do whatever it takes. Gardner asks about the behavior he wants to curtail and Johnny explains that he's had compulsions ever since he was a kid. He came to life for the first time when he skinned a dead cat, and his foster parents kicked him out. Johnny soon learned that killing them was even better then skinning dead animals, but now he doesn't harm animals. He mentions that killing animals is a predictor of psychopaths, something that he learned in prison.

When Gardner says that she may not be able to help Johnny, he insists that she has to and his thoughts are telling him to retrace his roots. He's rented the house where his father lived in an attempt to trace his family roots, and the voices are still telling him to skin women.

In a basement, Johnny tells Teresa Morgan to stop screaming so he can skin her, warning that it's delicate work.

Johnny admits that he made a mess because he doesn't have his father's medical training. He tells Gardner that his last name is Thredson and he's the son of Bloody Face.


The nun brings Lana to Sister Mary Eunice's office and she tells Lana that the doctors have confirmed that she's pregnant. When she asks Lana is still claiming that Thredson raped her, Lana says that she must have hallucinated being raped because of the car crash. Lana refuses to keep it but Sister Mary Eunice assures her that they've had plenty of babies out of wedlock there and then send them out for adoption. When Lana says that she's worse than Jude, Sister Mary Eunice threatens to restrain her and Lana apologizes and leaves... and passes out.

Sister Jude wakes up restrained to a bed with Howard standing over her. He explains that she' murdered a man and blames himself for not noticing the pressures she was under. When Sister Jude insists that she had to defend herself from Emerson, Howard explains that the man she's accused of killing Frank the security guard. The board has already heard testimony from Emerson, Sister Mary Eunice, and Arden confirming that Sister Jude cut Frank's throat. Howard testified to Sister Jude's delusions, and even Sister Claudia informed them that Sister Jude claimed that Sister Mary Eunice was possessed by the Devil. Emerson regrets killing eighteen people but hopes to redeem himself and apologize to his victims in Heaven.

Howard tells Sister Jude that she will spend the rest of her life in Briarcliff and stripped of her clerical standing. He walks out as Jude insists that it's a set-up.

In the kitchen, Lana is baking bread when a guard leaves a wheeled rack of clothing nearby.

Howard goes to Jude's quarters and finds a box with her red lingerie. Sister Mary Eunice comes in and admits that she was shocked when she saw it. Howard talks about the dream she had with Jude of his becoming Pope, and Sister Mary Eunice agrees that he belongs in Rome. The monsignor blames himself for not watching Jude closely enough, but Sister Mary Eunice assures him that he was busy focusing on saving souls. She assures Howard that she's there to help him save souls... all the way to Rome.

The orderlies lock the patients up for the night. Once she's alone, Lana takes out the coat hanger that she stole from the rack and starts unwinding it.

The nuns try to give Jude her pills, happy that she's no longer in charge. Jude scratches one of them, Lorene, who reminds her that she killed Frank. Howard comes in and dismisses them, and says that he had a visitor but it might be better if she isn't disturbed. Jude begs him to stay, insisting that she's better, and Howard brings Emerson in and leaves them alone. Emerson tells Jude that he forgives her.


Sister Jude has Frank restrain Emerson to his bed after he rapes a nun. She tells him that he's disgusting and doesn't feel the need to forgive him, and Emerson says that he doesn't need forgiveness.


Howard says that Emerson is on the road to redemption. Before he goes, Emerson kisses Jude on the forehead.

Kit is in the infirmary, letting his IV drain into the toilet. He hears someone coming and starts to put the IV back in, but Lana says that it's her. She wants to kill Thredson but Kit reminds her that they need the psychiatrist to confess so that they can clear Kit's name. He suggests truth serum but Lana reminds him that such testimony is inadmissible. However, she gets an idea of what they can do.

Arden goes into the death chute to search for Grace's body. He finds the empty mine cart and sees strange footprints leading away.

Lana goes to the junk room and offers Thredson a glass of water. She warns him that she'll bash his face in if he makes a sound and then ungags him. Once he takes a drink, Lana shows him the pregnancy test results but tells him that he won't be a father. Thredson begs her not to give his child away, but Lana takes out the coat hanger and tells the psychiatrist that she's going to get rid of it. He insists that he can change and insists that Lana owes him, but she reminds him that he's a sociopath and can't tell the truth. When Thredson says that he can, Lana tells him to try and has him describe how he killed his first two victims. When Lana asks about Wendy, Thredson says that she never loved Lana and locked her away.

Kit calls out and says that he got the confession tape recorded. Thredson figures that Lana lied about having his child, but Lana tells him that she already aborted the baby the night before. She promises him that later she'll come back and cut Thredson's throat.

Kit goes to the hydrotherapy room and hides the tape in with the pipes. Arden comes in just as he finishes, unaware of what he's doing, and tells Kit that they have a lot talk about. Kit has no choice but to go with him. They go to Arden's office and the doctor offers Kit a cigarette and a drink in honor of the special occasion. Kit asks why he's trying to be friendly and Arden shows him a plaster cast of the aliens that Kit described. He explains that the aliens took Grace's body and wonders why they were interested with it. Arden asks Kit if he had sex with Alma before she was taken. Once Kit confirms that he did, Arden points out that Kit and Grace had sex before she was taken. He believes that the aliens are studying Walker in some kind of eugenics experiments, and suggests that he can get the aliens to come back by taking Kit to the brink of death. Kit gives his permission for Arden to do it so that he can see Alma and the two men share a toast.

After her shift in the kitchen, Lana hides as the orderlies shut off the lights. She then takes a knife and tries to leave, but the orderly comes back and takes the knife from her.

Emerson is in the chapel praying when Howard comes in. He expresses his permission for the chance to seek redemption and Howard hopes that Emerson can be his miracle. If Howard can get Emerson to repent then he could make reforms on a national scale. He uncuffs Emerson and baptizes him... and Emerson drowns the monsignor until he passes out.

Lana goes to her room to lie down for a bit. Once she's alone, the reporter takes out the bloody coat hanger from where she hid it beneath the mattress and wipes it clean. She then stabs her pillow repeatedly to make sure the edges are sharp enough. Once she's sure, Lana goes to the junk room and discovers that Thredson has escaped. She searches the halls for him but finds Sister Mary Eunice, and realizes that the nun releases Bloody Face. The nun takes the coat hanger and touches Lana's stomach, confirming that her attempt to abort it failed. Sister Mary Eunice leans over and tells Lana that she knows that it's a boy.

The Present

Dr. Gardner's next patient arrives and finds the doctor dead in her chair. When she turns, she finds Johnny behind her.


Lana sits in the common room and watches as Jude comes in. She walks pass the staring patients and sits with Lana, who wonders what they did to her. Jude admits that they did the same thing that she did to Lana and asks her for a cigarette. Once she has it, she apologizes and admits that what she did was wrong and immoral. Lana agrees and Jude promises that she'll make it up to her by getting her out of Briarcliff. She promises that she'll earn Lana's trust and vows that things will change. Jude then gets up and smashes the record while the patients cheer, then sits back down with an impressed Lana.

Arden prepares to inject potassium chloride into Kit's heart, kill him temporarily, and then give him atropine and adrenaline to bring him back. Kit admits that he's scared and Arden concedes to some apprehension himself. After Kit mutters a brief prayer, Arden injects the potassium chloride and Kit's heart stops. Once he clinically dies, the lights flicker and Arden quickly leaves the room to the source of the white light. He enters a cell and finds Pepper tending to a pregnant Grace. Pepper says that it won't be long and tells Arden that she'll look after her. Arden feels Grace's stomach and the life inside.

A janitor goes to the chapel and discovers Howard crucified on the cross. As he goes for help, the Dark Angel comes in and tells Howard that she's there for him.