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Spilt Milk - Recap

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The Present

Johnny goes home and smokes some dope. There's a knock at the door and a woman, Pandora, comes in. She assures him that she had her baby three weeks ago and he pays her up front. Johnny makes sure that she understands what he wants from her description and Pandora assures him that she's avoided breast-feeding her baby so she'd be ready for him. He has her describe what it feels like when she hears her baby crying, and Pandora says that she'll take care of him and removes her blouse. When she asks how badly he wants it, Johnny tells her that he'd kill for it and begins suckling.


Carl and Thredson get Kit out of his cell. Thredson assures Kit that his baby is doing fine and it's time for some quality time between father and child. Kit wonders what Thredson plans to do and the psychiatrist assures him that he has a great respect for children and that they'd both do anything for their own.

Thredson takes Kit to the common room where Pepper is keeping the patients away from Grace and her newborn son. Grace tells Kit that she wants to name their son Thomas after her grandfather, and Thredson assures her that he'll be glad to help her with any lactation problems that she's having. Pepper warns Thredson that she knows what he's up to and the psychiatrist tells Carl to give her a soak in the hydrotherapy tub. Thredson then announces that they're going to have a group therapy session later to discuss their feelings about their baby.

Once they're alone, Kit says that Thomas looks like him and Grace assures him that the baby looks just like him. She offers it to Kit to hold and after a few moments, Kit admits he doesn't know where to begin asking questions. Grace says that her memories are coming back to her in pieces and she describes how she was shot and killed, and she was inside a bright light. Something placed the fetus inside her and she realized that it was their son. Grace explains that the aliens aren't like them and that time passed slowly for her. Kit asks about Alma and Grace warns that the aliens aren't perfect and that they lost Alma. When he wonders what the aliens wanted with the two women, Grace says that they are linked to Kit and he is special. So is their child, and people will listen to him and change the way they think. Kit figures that Alma would want him to do the right thing, and he asks Grace to marry him. She immediately agrees and they kiss.

Howard arrives with Sister Colette from the Catholic orphanage and explains that she will be taking Thomas. Grace and Kit refuses and the orderlies restrain them while Colette takes them away. Thredson watches and says that he can understand Kit's heartache, and offers to help.

Sister Claudia goes to the kitchen and finds Lana. She explains that she's taking Lana out and they have to be quick. The nun explains that Jude asked her to make things right after what she did to Lana. Once they're alone, Sister Claudia gives Lana her patient file so that she can write an expose and prove her claims. Lana realizes that Sister Claudia wants Briarcliff destroyed as much as she does, and the nun tells her where she can find her clothing. A taxi is on its way and they have to leave soon. First, Lana takes out the tape with Thredson's confession from where she hid it. She then goes to Jude and tries to tell the electro-shocked woman what happened. Lana promises to come back for her no matter what and then walks away.

In the lobby, Thredson tells Kit that if he gets the confession tape, he'll make sure that Kit, Grace, and Thomas are reunited. As Lana walks by, Thredson suggests that they can frame Arden for the Bloody Face killings now that she's disappeared. Kit warns the psychiatrist that Lana won't tell him where the tape is. Lana walks by, unseen, while Kit tells Thredson that he'll try to convince Lana. Outside, Lana gets into the waiting taxi and Sister Claudia hands her the patient file. Thredson comes out, sees Lana, and realizes what Sister Claudia has done. Lana holds up the tape and gives him the finger as the taxi pulls away.

Thredson goes to his apartment and finds Lana waiting for him with a gun. She tells him that the police have the tape and will be there soon, and that it's all over. Thredson smiles and says that he knew how it would happen, and explains that he's relieved. Lana promises to make him pay for every sick thing he did to her, to Wendy, and to all his other victims. Thredson makes himself a drink and invites her to join him, and explains that he's going to have one last martini. She points out that he's the crazy one and that he chained her to the bed and called her Mommy.

The Present

Pandora tells Johnny to call her Mommy as he finishes suckling. He tells her that he doesn't have mother issues at first, but he admits that he's fixated on his mother, who never loved him or his father.


Lana tells Thredson to tell her where he hid Wendy's body. She admits that nobody else cares and she wants to make sure her lover gets a decent burial. Thredson lights the fireplace and asks if Lana wants all the details. When she says that she did, Thredson explains that Wendy was the first victim that was intact. He kept her to practice and took her to his bedroom, but thought that she was too judgmental. He turned her around and took the corpse from behind, and he was successful. Thanks to that, he overcame his issues and was able to rape Lana. When Lana asks where her lover's body is, Thredson explains that he cut it up and what he couldn’t burn, he scattered across the countryside.

The Present

Pandora encourages Johnny to cry in her arms. He shoves her away and says that his mother is the only one who can make him upset. He starts kicking furniture while Pandora tries to distract him, asking for some relief. Johnny starts choking her.


As sirens wail in the distance, Thredson goes to the bar for a refill. Lana is unaware that he has a gun hidden in the drawer. She tells him to drink up and Thredson realizes that Lana will never keep the child. Lana figures that he'll be executed but Thredson points out that he's insane. He plans to be committed and live out his life in Briarcliff. Thredson says that he has no use for Lana and reaches for the gun, and Lana shoots him in the head.

Later, Lana, Barb, and Lois go to the mausoleum to put flowers on Wendy's empty vault. Lana figures that the ashes they found in Thredson's fireplace are enough and that she just needs someplace to remember. Lois wonders if Lana will be moving back in to her house and the reporter says that she plans to tidy up and then move to New York. She blames herself, saying that she wanted to do anything to get the story. Barbara makes sure that Lana has the address of a doctor that can help her. Two reporters come in and take photos, and Lana warns her friends that they should leave before they're linked to the "Sapphic Reporter." Lois and Barbara apologize for abandoning her and leave together through the back gate.

Lana goes out the front and ignores the reporters who have dozens of questions about Briarcliff and her homosexuality. As she leaves, she tells them to read her book.

At Briarcliff, Jude waits in line for her medicine. She finally grabs the medicine from one patient and says that it's horse tranquilizers, but the nuns remind her that she signed for them. Jude slaps the tray away from them.

Howard reads the newspaper articles about Bloody Face and his ties to Briarcliff. He calls in Father James, who assures him that the reporters have been removed from the ground. Howard figures that eventually they will go away if they refuse to give a statement. Father James tells him that there's been a disturbance in the common room that requires Howard's attention. The monsignor goes down there and finds Jude listening to the jukebox. Jude tells him that Sister Mary Eunice was right and that the jukebox was a good idea. Howard unplugs it and asks what she wants, and Jude points out that he broke his vows to the Devil. She asks what he plans to do and Howard says that he doesn't plan to give up his plans because of one setback. Jude admits that she had impure thoughts about him and would have done anything for him, but now she sees through his naked ambition. Howard finally snaps and tells her that she's an embarrassment, but Jude tells him that's she more sane now than she was when she ran Briarcliff. The monsignor calls Carl in and has the orderly take Jude to solitary. As she goes, Jude warns Howard that God won't allow him to prevail.

Later, Carl brings Kit a package of clothes from the Salvation Army and tells him to sign his release papers. The orderly explains that Lana killed Thredson and that the reporters are trying to investigate the corruption at Briarcliff. Kit signs and then asks to see Howard. Once they're alone, Kit demands his son back but the monsignor points out that Grace is still a patient. Undeterred, Kit tells Howard that he's going to release Grace and get Thomas out of the orphanage. If he doesn't, Kit threatens to go to the reporters and tells them everything what happened. When Howard refuses to release an axe murderer, Kit points out that Grace is officially dead because Arden signed the death certificate and Frank witnessed it before he died.

Once Howard makes the arrangements, Kit takes Grace and Thomas back to his home. They go in and find the place is still a mess from when Kit was abducted. Grace is glad to help clean up and is relieved that they're not at Briarcliff. As they kiss, they hear someone in the next room and go in. Alma is there... and she's holding a baby boy as well.

Lana goes to a motel to meet the doctor her friend referred her to. She assures the doctor that she doesn't want the baby. The father raped her and killed her lesbian lover, and the doctor goes to the kitchen to sterilize her surgical tools. As she undergoes the procedure, Lana remembers everything that happened to her. She screams in pain and the doctor warns her not to make any noise and attract attention. At the last second, Lana stops the doctor and says that she can't face another death.

Later, a visibly pregnant Lana turns over everything she has to detectives Byers and Connors. They're skeptical that so many people disappeared and ask her what they want her to do. Lana says that she wants to get back in there to talk to Jude, who can substantiate all of her claims. Sister Claudia has been transferred to Puerto Rico and there's no one else Lana can call upon. Byers asks if Lana's child is Bloody Face's son and she insists that the baby doesn't have a father.

Convinced, the detectives get a court order giving them access to Sister Jude. Lana goes with them to meet with Howard, but he tells them that Sister Jude is dead. The monsignor provides the appropriate paperwork and explains that he went into her room and discovered that she hung herself with the bedsheets. Howard had her cremated because she died outside of a state of grace, and insists that he only wanted good for her. The monsignor blames Lana, suggesting that if she had come two weeks earlier she might have convinced Sister Jude to persevere.

After Lana and the detectives leave, the orderlies take food to the patients. Their last delivery is to Sister Jude, locked away in a cell deep in the bowels of Briarcliff.

After Lana gives birth, the nurse brings the child in and explains that it's allergic to the formula. Lana insists that she doesn't want so see the baby, but the nurse thought that Lana breast-feeding him might help. After a moment, Lana agrees to breast-feed it and her son calms down.