Continuum - Recap

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Kit settles in with Alma and Grace and his child by each of them. One night he sits down carrying an axe while his son Thomas calls to him.


Grace is making a sketch of one of the aliens in the kitchen. Alma is unloading groceries while their children Thomas and Julia are pulling apart rolls of toilet paper. Grace asks Alma if she recognizes the alien but Alma brusquely says that she doesn't. Kit arrives home and talks about the march that they'll be going on as a family. Alma isn't thrilled at taking the babies and asks Grace to back her up, but Grace is busy showing her sketch to Thomas. Kit looks at them and compliments her about her artistic talents.

That night, Kit and Alma are in bed and she initially gives him the cold shoulder. She finally admits that she's worried that Grace is dwelling on the past and suggests that Kit spend more time with Grace. Kit goes into Grace's room where she's making another alien sketch. Grace explains that she wants he children to know where they came from, and admits that what makes her afraid are the memories of when she killed her parents and her sister. Kit assures her that she's a different person now and they have sex.

Alma lies on her bed in the next room and listens. The lights flicker and a white light shines through the windows. The house shakes and Alma screams that the aliens have come for them. Grace runs in and asks Alma to help her with the babies. When they go downstairs, they discover that the local bullies have tried to set a fire. The police arrive and Kit insists that Billy Marshall and his gang are trying to burn them out. The officer in charge, Woods, points out that they have no evidence and warns Kit that polygamy is illegal in Massachusetts.

When Kit goes back to the house, he warns Grace that the police won't help. She tells her husband that Alma is in her room crying and suggests that Kit go to her.

As life goes on, Grace continues to have Thomas draw aliens. Alma begins to give her the cold shoulder and insists that she doesn't want to talk about it. When Grace says that it was a miraculous experience, Alma reminds her that the aliens abducted her and put probes into her body. Grace wants to talk about it and insists that the aliens will come back someday for Kit. When Alma insists that her life was better before her husband brought an axe murderer home, Grace asks if Alma wants Julia to grow up ashamed of herself. Alma slaps her and then apologizes, and Kit comes in from chopping wood. He suggests that they have a family meeting but Grace says that she's had enough and walks away with her child, Thomas.

That night, Kit is in bed with Alma. Once she's asleep, he gets up and goes downstairs. Grace is making more sketches and admits that she doesn't want to waste time sleeping now that she's out of the asylum. As she talks about how they have to embrace the future, Alma comes in and chops Grace repeatedly with Kit's wood axe. Ranting, Alma insists that can't have the aliens back and that they have to hide. Kit goes to Grace's corpse and kisses her, and then pulls the axe out and sits down in his chair as Thomas calls for him.


Jude, Pepper, and the other patients are in the common room playing Candy Land when Lyndon Johnson comes on the TV to talk about the death of Martin Luther King. Howard comes in and asks for a word with Jude. She ignores him at first, pointing out that she was renamed "Betty Drake." Finally Howard tells her that he's leaving because he's been appointed Cardinal of New York. Jude congratulates him and Howard explains that they're donating Briarcliff to the state as an overflow facility. He's arranging for her release to end the cruelty, and Jude tells her that false hope is cruelty.

Later, Jude and Pepper are working in the kitchen when the guards bring in the overflow patients. Jude pays little attention to them until she sees one woman who looks just like the Dark Angel. Jude asks why she's there and the prisoner says that she and her girls were transferred in. The prisoner has no idea what Jude is talking about and tells the ex-nun that she can either work with her or against her. She tells Jude to think it over and smashes out her cigarette in Jude's bread.

Afterward, Jude worries to Pepper that dark times are coming. Pepper warns that Howard can't be trusted but Jude insists that she saw something in his eyes that makes her think he's sincere. They watch more women prisoners brought in... including Alma. When Jude goes back to her cell, she discover that she's now sharing a cell with the prisoner. Jude insists that she's not ready and discovers that the prisoner took her cigarettes. When Jude wonders she's doing it now when she's so close to get it out, the prisoner tells her that there's only one way out of Briarcliff. She advances on Jude and promises that she'll soon be begging for her, but Jude tells her to stay away and goes to her bunk.

The next day, Pepper asks Jude if she's doing better. Jude explains what happened as the prisoner comes in with her two lieutenants. She approaches Alma, who walks away, and then approaches another inmate, Percy, and reminds him she was supposed to give her his meds. She stabs him in the gut to make an example, slips the knife to one of her gang members, and blows a kiss to Jude.

That night, Jude wakes up and sees the Dark Angel looming over her, asking for a kiss. The guards hear her scream and run in, and find her beating up a different roommate than the Dark Angel. Once they put Jude in a straitjacket, the guards take her to her old office and discover that all of the religious iconography has been stripped away. The new administrator, Dr. Miranda Crump, asks what happened and Jude simply says that she doesn't like her roommate. Much to Jude's surprise, Crump says that she's had five roommates in two months and hasn't gotten along with any of them. Jude doesn't want to go back to solitary and says that she'll try to get along with her roommates. She then asks to speak with Howard and Crump explains that Howard was appointed Cardinal of New York two and a half years ago. Jude has no idea how much time has passed and insists that she isn't confused. She tells Crump to talk to Pepper who was there, and Crump explains that Pepper died in 1966, shortly after they took over.


Lana gives a reading and signing a bookstore about her book, Maniac: One Woman's Story of Survival, which has been a bestseller for ten weeks. She reads about her time in Bloody Face's basement, adding her own embellishments about Thredson bringing in a woman prisoner. Lana suddenly imagines Thredson standing up and accusing her of making things up and selling out. She then imagines Wendy accusing her of removing her from the book, and Lana insists that it wasn't central to the book's theme. Thredson accuses her of seeking fame and she hesitates. The owner finally touches her on the shoulder and Lana apologizes for losing her place. The audience applauds Lana for her bravery as she adjusts her hair.

Later, Lana is signing books and complaining to her assistant Rena. Kit comes up to the table and they embrace, and Lana offers her condolences on Grace's death. After she talks about how she's sold the movie rights to her book, Kit invites her out for coffee. When he asks if she plans to go back to Briarcliff, Lana changes the subject to Leigh Emerson's crime spree and her next book. Kit angrily asks why she's writing about another maniac and Lana insists that she has a perspective on the male psyche. He reminds her that she promised to bring down Briarcliff but Lana insists that times change and people change. Lana has no intention of going back to the life she had, and Kit tells her that Alma is now confined at Briarcliff.

Kit visits Alma and tells her about Thomas and Julia. He talks about how Julia makes an extra plate in case Alma comes home, and she realizes that she can't bring them there as the look around at the horrors.

Lana apologizes, admitting that she didn't know Alma was there. Kit tells her that she isn't there anymore.

Kit is summoned to Briarcliff when Alma dies from what appears to be natural causes. He takes her hand and apologizes for failing her and Grace, and plans to make things right.

Lana figures that the two of them are the only ones left but Kit tells her that Jude is still there despite the fake death certificate that Howard made out.

Kit informs the nurse that he will take Alma's body home to be buried on their land. As he leaves, he goes through the common room and sees Jude watching TV. Kit tries to get through to her and Jude says that they stole the rights to her life and points at the TV, which is showing an episode of The Flying Nun. The former nun insists that she can fly out of Briarcliff without the hat and promises to fly away one day. Kit says that he believes her and leaves.

When Lana wonders what she can do, Kit tells her to keep her promise, shut down Briarcliff, and tell the world the truth. Lana says that Jude made her choices and tells Kit that she's as hard as she has to be. Rena comes over and tells Lana that there are women waiting for her to sign their books. Lana tells Kit that it was good to see him again and walks away.

The Present

As Kit goes to his truck and drives away, he's unaware that Johnny Morgan is watching him.

Johnny goes to a used bookstore and tries to find an autographed copy of Maniac. The owner says that the copy she has isn't for sale because her mother owned it and claimed it gave her enough courage to leave her abusive husband. Johnny offers the woman any price and says that Lana was his mother. However, the owner knows Lana's history and says that she only had one child by rape, and he died at birth. Johnny asks to see the book and the woman shows him her autographed copy. When she puts it away, Johnny tells her that it's his fate to have the book. He plans to meet his mother and ask if she knows who he is. When she admits that she doesn't, Johnny will tell her that she's his son, the one she threw away 48 years ago. Then he'll shoot her in the face and complete his father's work. The owner hands over the book without a word.