Madness Ends - Recap

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Johnny breaks into the ruins of Briarcliff while listening to a talking book of his mother's book on his headphones. He hallucinates Lana in the hydrotherapy room, telling him that she was eager to give him up. Continuing on, Johnny imagines the staff and patients who were once there, including his father, Oliver Thredson. Thredson pats Johnny on the shoulder and says that he always loved him but Lana kept them apart.

Four Months Ago

Theresa and Leo enter the asylum on their honeymoon tour of haunted locales. Johnny watches them from the shadows and then waits in a cell as they come looking. As they prepare to look inside, Johnny dons his Bloody Face mask and cuts off Adam's hand when he sticks his lit cell phone inside.

The Present

Lana is preparing for an interview in honor of her Kennedy Center award and the interviewer, April, wonders if there's any men who got away. Lana's lover Marian comes in with a glass of chardonnay for Lana and says that she'll be back after rehearsal. Once she leaves, April begins the interview with the Bloody Face saga. Lana reminds her that she promised not to talk about it, but April insists that's what everyone wants to hear about. Unimpressed, Lana refuses to give Bloody Face any air-time. April them moves onto the Briarcliff expose that made Lana famous.

Lana and her TV cameramen go into Briarcliff.

Lana insists that she perpetuated the role of herself as a crusader. She tells April that it was ambition, not justice that brought her back to Briarcliff. She knew that TV was the future, not print, and worked her way up to an investigative TV series.

After learning that Judy was alive and confined at Briarcliff, Lana goes in, filming her statements about the abandonment of the patients. She reports that conditions have deteriorated since the Church sold Briarcliff to the state and films the wretched conditions. An orderly comes in and asks if they have permission to film, and Lana asks him if the patients' condition is policy. He says that they don't have enough staff and Lana demands to see Judy. The orderly takes the camera crew to a cell and Lana goes inside. Judy is crouched down and Lana tries to get through to her. She assures Judy that she came back to help her and helps Judy up. The former nun mumbles Lana's name.

When April admits that it sounds impressive, Lana said that it didn't happen. By the time she got to Briarcliff, Judy was gone. Lana wants a break and asks for a bottled water, and Johnny hands her one.

Lana takes her camera crew to Kit's house. He congratulates her on shutting down Briarcliff and then realizes that Lana is filming, and Lana asks if Judy is there. Kit invites her in but refuses to talk on camera. She goes in and shows Kit the papers she found at the asylum on Judy under her fake name of "Betty Drake." Judy was released into Kit's care a few months after he saw Lana at the book signing. Kit wonders why she cares but Lana insists that it's all of their story and asks why he went back. He explains that Judy didn't belong there and he couldn't just leave her there. Kit visited her after Alma died, realized there was still a spark of life there, and managed to get her out and brought her into his home. When Lana wonders why he helped Judy after all the indignities she inflicted on him, Kit says that he did it for his children. He needed someone to forgive and chose Judy.

Kit explains that first he saw Judy through detox. Once she recovered from that, Judy ranted and raved at the children, thinking she was still at Briarcliff. She accused Kit of being a killer and refused to go back to Briarcliff. The children approached Judy and managed to take her outside and calm her down. When they came back, something was different. Kit assumes that Grace was right and their children were special.

As time went on, Judy became more caring, teaching Kit how to dance. She spent her last six months helping to raise Thomas and Julia. As she lay dying, Judy told Julia that she could do anything she wants. Then she told Thomas to find something that he loves to do and do it. Kit brought her soup but Judy insisted that she didn't need it. Once the children reluctantly left, Kit sat down and Judy told him not to screw his children up. He promised to stay with her but Judy said that she wasn't alone because "she" was there with her. Lana says that she knows.

Lana notices April getting out a pen and figures that she's going to ask hard-hitting questions. April admits that she is and points out that Lana's next expose about Cardinal Howard was highly controversial.

After Howard ignores her requests for an interview, Lana cornered Howard in a parking garage after Easter Mass. She tells Howard that she gained access to Arden's medical records and knows about his experimentation, and points out that there is no statute of limitations on murder. Lana warns Howard that the police have found bones outside of Briarcliff and will be asking him some questions, but he drives off.

April points out that some people blame Lana for Howard's suicide. Lana believes that Howard deserved it and that he deluded himself. April realizes that she's talking about more than that, and Lana admits that she lied when she claimed that Thredson's child died in childbirth. After breastfeeding the child once, she gave up the child and told the nurse never to bring it back.

Continuing the interview, April asks if there has been any contact since and Lana says that she tried to track him down in the 1970s. She approached him at the school and stopped a bully from going after Johnny. Lana then made sure that Johnny was okay and briefly stroked his face, and then he ran off. Meanwhile, Johnny listens from the side as Lana talks about how she wondered how her boy turned out and whatever happened to him.

Lana admits that she was close to Kit's children and he asked her to be their godmother. Kit got married to a girl named Alison that he met at the co-op. Thomas is now a law professor at Harvard and Julia is a leading neurosurgeon at John Hopkins. Kit developed pancreatic cancer at age 40 despite the chemo treatments. And then one day he just disappeared, and his children insisted there was no reason to mourn.

Kit is alone in his house when the a white light flashes through the window, filling the house.

April finishes the interview and admits that she was impressed with all the personal moments that Lana revealed. Once the camera crew leaves, Lana pours herself a drink and then offers one to Johnny, who is hiding in the next room. She assures him that he doesn't need to hide anymore and says that it's time to get it over with.

Johnny tells Lana that her life is about to end and she says that she knew it the moment she saw him. She asks how he got himself on the crew and Johnny explains that he became friendly with the camera crew. He killed the first gofer and dumped him in the trash bin. When Johnny says that he didn't picture it this way, Lana says that she always knew the day would come. He wonders how he recognized her and Lana says that she would always recognize her baby boy.

The police visit Lana a few months earlier and explain that they've confirmed Johnny is her son and that he's killed several people, including the couple living in the house Lana occupied in 1964. They show her photos of Johnny but she says she doesn't recognize him.

Lana says that Johnny looks like he father and asks how he found out who he really is. Johnny says that he felt something that day on the playground and then saw her on the TV. He dreamed that she'd come back, but then he heard the tape and knew that she never would. Lana wonders what tape he's talking about and Johnny explains that he bought Thredson's confession tape off of eBay.

Lana tells Johnny that Thredson never loved him and she wouldn’t have either, so she gave him up so that he'd have a chance at a normal life. Johnny screams at her that she did it for herself and Lana asks what's next. He takes out her gun and holds it to her head, and insists that he just wants his father to be proud of him. Johnny admits that he can't measure up and Lana tells him that Thredson was a monster but Johnny could never be like him. She takes his hand and says that even on the playground she knew Johnny was a better man than his father.

As Johnny sits next to her, Lana reaches up and takes the gun, and tells Johnny that she's a part of him as well. Johnny breaks into tears and admits that he's hurt people, and Lana tells him that it's not his fault. She then puts the gun to his head, says it's her fault, and shoots her son dead.


Lana tries to get in to see Kit, the suspected Bloody Face, and Sister Jude refuses to grant her admission. When Lana says that she'd like to hear her story, Jude tells her that she'll face the loneliness and heartbreak as a woman with a dream on her own. Lana tells Jude that she has no idea what she's capable of, and Jude tells her to remember that if one looks into the face of evil, then evil will look back.