The Replacements - Recap

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Fiona wakes up in the middle of the night and goes downstairs. Discovering that her vial of potion is empty, she goes downstairs to pour herself a drink, and hears a woman calling to her. She remembers her past at the school...

New Orleans – 1971

Fiona's teacher Anna Leigh Leighton finds her at the school when the other girls have gone on a bra-burning protest. Fiona wonders when Anna Leigh knew that she would become the next Supreme, and Anna Leigh says that she was 29 when the reigning Supreme, Mimi Delongspre, declared a Council. Anna Leigh performed the Seven Wonders and was declared the true heir. Fiona clarifies, saying that she wants to know when Anna Leigh first knew it, and Anna Leigh warns that only the mastery of the Seven Wonders proves it. Hearing that, Fiona insists that she's ready and figures that Anna Leigh doesn't want to test her because she doesn't want to lose her position. Anna offers to show Fiona her power, and Fiona says that she has been getting stronger while Anna grows weaker. The Supreme says that she has seen the destruction of the Coven if Fiona becomes the Supreme now, and vows to stop her no matter what. As she starts to walk away, Fiona slashes her throat and then turns to Spaulding, who has seen the whole thing.


Fiona looks at the portrait of Anna Leigh on the wall and then turns back to Spaulding, who is watching her. She hands his glass to him and walks out. She goes to a bar and watches as young men ignore her.

Later, Fiona goes to a plastic surgeon, Dr. Friedman, and demands to see a videotape of how the plastic surgery on her will go. He reluctantly shows her how they will operate on her face. Crying, Fiona watches it despite herself.

Zoe goes to see Kyle's mother Alicia to express her condolences. Alicia is smoking Kyle's pot and says that she's been sleeping in his bed. She thanks Zoe for coming and explains that Kyle became the man of the house when his father left, and did whatever he could to raise money to go to college. Alicia says that he was a natural gentleman and Zoe agrees, and Alicia asks to share something with her. She admits that she was ready to commit suicide when Zoe called to ask if she could come over. Zoe assures her that she'll see Kyle again and insists that Kyle has not left.

At the school, Nan and Queenie watch as the new neighbors move in. The son, Luke Ramsey, takes off his shirt and they admire him as Madison comes out. Meanwhile, Luke's mother Joan comes out and sees the girls watching, and tells Luke to put on a clean shirt. He looks up and notices Madison, who looks back at him.

Inside, Delphine is watching TV and realizes that a black man has become President. Fiona comes in and mocks her for crying, and Delphine insists that the TV is lying. The Supreme tells Delphine that she has a lot to learn and gives her a maid uniform. Delphine is furious but Fiona tells her to do it or she'll go back in the box.

The girls are eating and discussing Luke and their virginity. Delphine comes in and Queenie remembers that Delphine hit her. When she calls her on it, Delphine warns her that there are limits to her servitude. Queenie tells her to serve the food and Delphine finally throws it against the wall. Fiona comes in and demands to know what's going on, and tells Delphine that from now on she will be Queenie's personal slave.

In the cabin in the woods, Misty is lying next to Kyle and singing to Fleetwood Mac. She tells Kyle that she's still looking for her tribe, and that no one can be their best until they find their tribe. Zoe arrives and Misty springs up to greet her. She shows Kyle off and says that his body has healed. Zoe traces the scars and asks Kyle if he remembers her, but he stares off into space. He finally raises a hand and strokes her hair, and Zoe tells Misty that she needs to take Kyle home so his mother can see him. Misty insists that she healed him and asks Zoe to stay for dinner, but Zoe takes a rain check and helps Kyle out to the car. As they head for the door, Misty runs over and says that Kyle needs him, and that he needs her. Kyle shoves her away, snarling, and Zoe insists that he wants to go home. She promises that she'll come back for Misty and helps Kyle out, but Misty figures that she's lying and breaks into tears.

Nan and Madison take a cake over to the Ramseys and Luke greets them at the door. He invites them in and Madison immediately comes onto him. Luke focuses on Nan, much to Madison's disgust, and admits that they don't get Internet or TV. Joan comes in and says that they're going to church even though it's not Sunday. Madison tells her that it's a crock of shit and offers Luke a piece of cake, and Joan grabs her hand. The knife flies off into the wall and Joan orders them out, saying that they'll pray for her. As she goes, Madison ignites the drapes on fire and tells Nan that she didn't know she could do it until just now.

Cordelia goes to see Dr. Morrison while her husband Hank is out of town, and admits that their alternative methods haven't worked. Morrison tells her that he's checked the blood work, and they have a problem.

Dr. Friedman tells Fiona that there she has a problem that rules out her having elective surgery. When she says that she'll find another doctor, he warns her that immune system is in free fall and no reputable doctor will take her on.

Morrison tells Cordelia that she can't have a baby and offers his condolences. He wishes that he had a magic wand to cure her problem but he doesn't, and Cordelia agrees that he doesn't.

Zoe drives Kyle home, insisting that it's the right thing and that seeing his mother will bring back his memories. She leaves him at the door, rings the bell, and hides behind a nearby tree. When she sees her son, Alicia screams and then breaks into tears. As she helps Kyle into the house, he glances back accusingly at Zoe.

Fiona is back at the school, drinking and taking pills, when Spaulding escorts Joan in. Joan introduces herself and offers Fiona a copy of the Bible. She then gets down to business and says that two of Fiona's students invaded her home. Fiona dismisses her and all Christians as hypocrites, but Joan ignores her and threatens to call the police on arson charges. The Supreme takes an interest when she mentions Madison's ability to start fires, while Madison comes in and claims that she conjured the Devil. Joan tells Madison to stay away from her family in Jesus' name and storms out. Fiona calls Madison over and asks her to light her cigarette. The girl focuses and succeeds, and Fiona congratulates her. She then tells Madison to sit down with her and talk.

Alicia checks on Kyle, who is lying on his bed, and admits that she almost died from missing him. She says that when she saw him in the shower, his body looked different. However, she assures him that it doesn't matter and they're together again. Alicia kisses Kyle on the mouth and then starts making love to him.

Cordelia goes to Marie's shop and asks to meet with her about a fertility problem. Marie meets with her and says that she knows exactly who Cordelia is. They get down to business and Cordelia asks about the Pochaut Medecine. Marie warns her that the spell isn't easy for anyone involved. She describes how Cordelia must bring them two ounces of Hank's sperm and they'll perform the ritual. Once they have the attention of the gods, they'll slaughter a goat and drizzle the blood over Cordelia's body. Cordelia is eager to do it and Marie says that they have to have a new moon... and $50,000. Undeterred, Cordelia says that she'll get it, and Marie bursts into laugher. She finally tells her that she won't do it for any price because she is the daughter of her sworn enemy. Cordelia insists that Fiona has no idea that she's there, but Marie warns that Fiona messed with the wrong witch and now Cordelia knows it.

Zoe returns to the school and Nan senses that she's thinking about a boy. Nan insists that she doesn't like hearing other people's thoughts and puts on a set of headphones. Zoe gets a call from Alicia, who tells her that Kyle is back but it's not Kyle.

Fiona and Madison go to a café and Fiona assures her that their actions speak for themselves. She asks if Madison has always known that she was special, and Madison says that she hated the fact her mother put her to work. Fiona admits that she was a horrible mother and it's too late for Cordelia, but she wants to teach someone. Madison asks her to teach her, and Fiona smiles. She then tells Madison to focus on a man and make him believe he's safer in the middle of the street. Madison concentrates and the man walks out into the middle of the street, uncaring.

At the school, Queenie is making Delphine do everything she demands. Delphine says that she'd lock up the refrigerator and warns that Queenie will never find a man. She starts when she hears something moving outside and goes to investigate. She sees the minotaur that she created and locks the doors, and the minotaur slams into them. Queenie tries to see what is outside while Delphine explains the creature is her former houseboy, Bastien. When Queenie wonders who she is, Delphine says who she is and the girl remembers her from the museum tour. Delphine explains that Marie brought her back but Queenie grabs her and demands to know if she gave Bastien the bull's head.

Queenie finally tells her to go and she'll take care of it. First she cuts Delphine's hand and takes a bit of her blood on a cloth. She then goes outside and calls to the minotaur, offering the blood. It comes out of the shadows and Queenie calls it to her, assuring him that she won't hurt him. Queenie lures him back into the greenhouse using the blood and says that she knows that Bastien just wanted love. She admits that they call her a beast for the same reason, but insists that they deserve love like everyone else. Queenie raises her dress and asks if it wants to love her, and the minotaur steps forward and embraces her... and then starts choking her.

Alicia goes to Kyle's room and tells him that she invited Zoe to dinner. He sits on the floor, rocking back and forth, and Alicia says that she's been possessive for too long and it's time to let him go. Kyle gets up and Alicia says that he's different and demands to know who he is if he's not her son. She then hugs him, calling him her sweet baby boy, and insists that no one knows how to please him like she does. Alicia starts to rub up against him, but Kyle grabs one of his trophies and beats her to death.

Fiona and Madison go to a bar and play pool, while the men watch them. Madison gets increasingly drunk and flirts with the men, while Fiona looks on and dumps out her drink when her new protégé isn't looking.

Zoe arrives at the Spencer house for dinner but no one answers the door. Going in, Zoe calls out but no one responds. She finds Alicia dead in Kyle's room and she turns to find him behind her, covered in blood.

Fiona and Madison return to the school and Madison points out the portraits of the Supremes on the walls. Madison figures that she'll never graduate, but Fiona tells her that she's the next Supreme. She knows that she's the old one and she's dying because Madison is killing her. Fiona explains that Madison's powers have been growing because she's drawing them out of Fiona's body. She admits that she has cancer and will die within a year. When Madison offers to get her an oncologist, Fiona refuses to use chemo and says that she'll die in style. Looking at the portraits, Fiona says that she squandered her gifts and killed her mentor, Anna Leigh. She gives Madison the knife that she used and tells her to kill her for the sake of the Coven. Madison refuses and they struggle, and Fiona grabs the knife and cuts Madison's throat. The girl collapses to the ground and Fiona looks up to see Spaulding watching her. He steps forward and offers her a handkerchief, grinning. Fiona wipes her hands and tells him to bury Madison deep.