The Dead - Recap

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The Past

Kyle and his frat brothers Jim and Billy go to a tattoo shop. As Billy gets a tattoo on his ankle, Kyle wonders what tattoo to get and admits his mother would kill him if he gets one. He says that he has plans for his future and plans to become an engineer so the levees don’t collapse like they did during Katrina. Jimmy shows off his four-leaf clover tattoo.


Kyle, chained to a chair, sobs and then slaps himself in the head. He looks at the four-leaf clover tattoo on his arm and then the one on his ankle. Zoe comes in with Madison's pearl-handled pistol behind her back.

At the school, Madison smokes and tries to find something that lets her feel anything, pain or happiness. She finally finds a potion that lets her look human, but she still can't feel anything. Madison binges but can't fill the hole inside of her anymore.

Zoe aims the gun at Kyle, who cowers away from her. She says that he knows how it has to go and says that he was a great guy until he died. Now Zoe regrets not letting him go. She points out that he killed his mother and there's only one way left to fix everything. Kyle grabs her and yanks the pistol away, snarling at her. He then tries to put the gun in his mouth and Zoe struggles with him for the gun. It goes off, shattering a window, and Zoe hugs Kyle, insisting that she doesn't want him to die.

Queenie is in the kitchen looking for food when Delphine comes in. They realize that someone has eaten all of the food, and Queenie decides to take Delphine out for burgers. She enjoys the food and admits that she's still perplexed by modern times. Queenie sympathizes, pointing out that she came all the way to Detroit to be with her witches, and is in a parking lot with an immortal racist. Delphine warns her that the other girls will ever accept her as their sister because she's black.

Cordelia is sleeping when her phone rings. It's Hank, who asks to come home. She tells him to go to bed and hangs up, and Hank whispers that he'll see her soon as he examines his bedroom filled with high-powered weapons.

Once she hangs up, Cordelia leaves her room and calls for anyone. She hear someone moving and stumbles toward the stairs, and Madison catches her just in time. When Cordelia touches the girl, she gets a vision of Fiona cutting her throat.

The Axeman brings Fiona to his apartment and tells her that she deserves to be surrounded by beauty and grace. He puts on some jazz and offers her some bourbon, and quotes Faulkner. The Axeman admits that he's led a solitary life, but Fiona doesn't believe it. He figures that Fiona is attracted to danger. She notices photos of pianist Sonny Thompson on the wall, and the Axeman explains that he's the prince of the Ivories. They share a cigarette and Fiona excuses herself to go into the bathroom. Once she's alone, Fiona checks herself in the mirror and realizes that her hair is starting to fall out. She then goes out, unaware that a man's bloody corpse is in the bathtub.

Back in the main room, Fiona takes a drink of bourbon and the Axeman invites her to kiss him. She does but is distracted when more of her hair falls out. Fiona turns to go and the Axeman says that it's their destiny to be together. He asks if she was surprised that she wanted to kiss him, and Fiona starts to kiss him again but then says that she's a miserable human being who has gone through three husbands and destroyed every relationship she's ever had. The Axeman tells her that love transforms, and when Fiona laughs in his face, he suggests that they try sex for now. Fiona gives in, chuckling, and the Axeman explains that his body was an extension of his instrument. They end up in bed and as they have sex, the lights explode.

Zoe takes Kyle to her bedroom and removes the chains, and tells him that he needs to learn how to communicate. She uses flashcards to show him how to say "food" and "bed." He slaps the cards away and says, "stupid," and Zoe insists that he isn't, and that she's trying to help him function like a person. Kyle hesitantly eats some food and then throws it away. Madison comes in and lies on her bed, and Zoe reminds her that it's Kyle and Madison killed him. Taken aback, Madison then tells Zoe that Cordelia wants to see her, and says that she'll take care of Kyle.

Once Zoe leaves, Madison goes to Kyle and checks the stitching. He slaps her away, and Madison says that they were both dead and now they're back. She asks Kyle if he saw a light, because her death was dark and cold. Madison figures that Kyle knows how she feels, and is wondering if it's worth the trouble. After a moment, Kyle hugs her.

At Marie's salon, Marie is buying fish heads when Queenie arrives at her door. Marie isn't surprised to see her and figures that they hate her at the school because she's black. She tells Queenie that they'll never be welcome there and the witches are the worst. Marie offers Queenie some gumbo and says that Fiona freed Delphine, and Queenie should ask Delphine what she did. She offers Queenie a place at her side but says that the price is Delphine. When Queenie says that she doesn't want to be there, Marie promises that she won't have to feel like a second-class citizen ever again if she joins them. As Queenie considers, Marie tells her that if she mixes her witch with their voodoo then even the Supreme can't stop her. As she goes, Queenie asks Marie what she'll do with Delphine, and Marie tells her not to worry about it.

Cordelia offers Zoe tea and explains that everything is the same since she's blind, but now she can see it. The headmistress figures that since Zoe banished the Axeman, she's got power and their biggest enemy will seek her out. Zoe figures that she's talking about Marie, but Cordelia warns her that Fiona is on her own side and will kill Zoe if she believes she's the next Supreme. Cordelia explains that Fiona killed Madison to absorb her power, and will do the same to Zoe if she suspects her. Zoe drinks from Cordelia's flask and asks what they should do, and Cordelia says that they're going to kill her mother.

When Zoe goes back to her room, she walks in on Kyle having sex with Madison and hastily closes the door.

As Fiona dresses, the Axeman asks her where she thinks she's going. He tells her that they've only just begun, and Fiona tells him that the dead body in his bathtub will start stinking soon. The Axeman points out that she's no angel and realizes that she's always had someone tidy up after her. Fiona says that she's going to call the police, but the Axeman says that the two of them are the same. He figures that she's afraid of her own pleasure because it makes her feel weak. Fiona insists that isn't true, and the Axeman tells her that he's been watching over her since she was 8, and knows all of her secrets and dreams.

The Past

One of the older girls, Helen, torments the younger ones. Only Fiona stands up against her, and Helen controls her into holding a glass of milk above her head. Fiona resists her and throws the milk on her. When Helen starts to storm out, the Axeman's ghost drops a cabinet on her.


The Axeman insists that Helen had it coming, and Fiona wonders who he is. Her lover explains that he saw her as the daughter he never had, and protected her at first. As she grew up, he realized that she was the most fearsome thing that ever lived. The Axeman fell in love and continued to watch her. Fiona insists that she doesn't believe in ghosts, and the Axeman says that after all she's done for him by releasing him from his dreary trapped existence, he wants to give her pleasure. He starts to kiss her and then Fiona slaps him and figures that he was having pity sex with her. The Axeman says that it was a culmination, and Fiona tells him to go haunt someone else's life before walking out.

Spalding wakes up and realizes that he's chained to his bed. Zoe is seated nearby and he speaks, and then realizes that he can speak. Zoe explains that she was looking and found his tongue, and that it was in perfect condition because someone enchanted it. The box containing the tongue has Myrtle's initials on it, and Zoe realizes that she enchanted Spalding to tell the truth. However, Spalding cut his own tongue out to stop the spell. Myrtle held it anyway but didn't have enough power to restore it, but Zoe could.

The servant chuckles and asks Zoe what she wants. She asks if he killed Madison and Spalding, still compelled by Myrtle's spell, admits that he know who killed her. Zoe orders him to speak the name and Spalding finally shouts out "Fiona." He insists that he will say it now and always because she is their Supreme, and Zoe reminds him that he's no witch. Spalding insists that he and his family have devoted their lives to the Coven. Zoe tells him that he's done and stabs him in the heart.

That night, Delphine is cutting off some ham in the kitchen when Queenie comes in. The girl asks her what is the worst thing she ever did, and Delphine says that the past is best left buried. Queenie says that she feels a connection to Delphine and says that they could be true friends, but friends need to see the good with the bad.

The Past

Delphine and her husband are having dinner and Delphine greets her servant, Sally. She notes that Sally has been gone for the last fortnight to have her baby, one with a complexion as light as cream. Delphine says that she needs a new handmaiden and asks Sally to help her with her beauty treatments that night. As they eat, Delphine glance at Louis.

That night, Delphine tells Sally that all of her potions to maintain her youth are useless except for the one that she created. Sally notes that it looks like blood and Delphine explains that it's extra special because it came from a newborn boy. She tells Sally that she knows who the baby's father was and that she shouldn't bother giving her child a name.


Queenie gasps in horror and Delphine insists that they couldn't have a bastard in the house. The next morning, Sally threw herself off the balcony, and they buried her with her baby. Queenie says that she has no idea what doing the right thing is, and Delphine insists that she's learning, and that it was a different world. She tells Queenie that she's grateful to have a true friend to guide her

Fiona is in her bathroom when she discovers that more of her hair is falling out. As she grabs an electric razor to cut it all off, she hears the saxophone playing and stops.

Zoe takes off a shower to wash off Spalding's blood. Madison comes in and asks what she's been up to, and then figures that Zoe has some feelings for Kyle. Zoe points out that she brought them both back, and Madison suggests that Zoe can have sex with him since he's already dead. As she checks herself in the mirror, Zoe asks if Madison is done with Kyle, and Madison says that the only time she can feel anything is when she's with him. However, she says that doesn't mean Zoe has to give him up. Madison leads Zoe to their room where Kyle is sitting on the bed. She gestures Zoe over and Kyle mimics her gesture. Zoe comes over and takes both their hands, and they pull her into bed.

The Axeman finishes his set at a club and finds Fiona waiting for him. She offers to buy him a drink and he's glad to accept.

Queenie tells Delphine that she's going to get a new hairstyle and takes her to Marie's salon. Delphine calls out, saying that they're there, and Marie steps out and welcomes her back. Queenie says that she knows full well what Marie will do to Delphine, and the other voodoo worshippers drag Delphine away and put her in a cage. Marie offers Queenie a knife and the first cut, and Queenie advances on Delphine.

Later, Marie dips a brush in a bowl filled with Delphine's blood and daubs it on her skin, and then declares herself beautiful.