Auditions #3: Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Recap

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Day One

Auditions kick off this week in Milwaukee Wisconsin and all the hopefuls line up to prove that they have what it takes to make it into the spot of Hollywood. The judges arrive in style to the Art Museum where the auditions are being held and get ready to start the day and see who could be the next American Idol

The first to audition is Scotty McCreery, a 16-year-old boy that sings Country. He has a deep voice and sings deep as well. The judges love him and like the tone of his voice. Steven has him sing another song with a higher regiment and he sings it well too. The judges give their unanimous yes and Scotty is on his way to Hollywood.

Joe Repka is next and he tells that he is studying Communications at the University and aspires to be on the radio. Ryan tells that he is on the radio and asks to hear his radio personality. But, Joe really isn’t good with that. He goes inside to sing and he is horrible! Steven tells him not to quit his day job and Randy tells that he needs to talk and never sing. Joe walks out rejected but his spirit is high.

Emma Henry is next and she is a 15-year-old with big dreams. Her voice is nice and relaxed. The judges talk it out and Jennifer thinks that she has some work to do with her voice. Randy tells that he doesn’t think that she is ready. Steven says yes to her and Emma results to tears and tells that it is her life. Randy feels bad for her and gives her a yes to Hollywood despite thinking that she is going to get swallowed up in the whole thing.

However a bad moment for auditions hit and there are several hopefuls that torture the judges with their bad voices. Hoping to get Milwaukee out of the rut, Naima Adedapo is next to audition and she has been waiting for a while to do it. She enters and sings beautifully and has a very good voice. The judges all agree to send her through to Hollywood and she gets her golden ticket.

The party continues in the waiting room where a contestant shows off his flips and lands on a camera guy’s face and breaks his camera. Inside of the audition room, bad voices are abundant, until Jerome Bell comes in and starts singing. His tone is perfect and he has a range that is amazing. All the judges like him and he gets his ticket to Hollywood.

Since Justin Bieber has taken the world by storm, the Idol producers have lowered the age range to 15. Hoping to prove that the Idol producers didn’t make a mistake is Thia Megia and she tells that she has been watching the show since she was 5 years old. She starts to sing and she has a good voice. She gets into Hollywood easily and moves on to the next round.

Hoping to keep the spark alive is Civil War re-enactor. Nathanial Jones comes on and has brought his dad with him. He tells that people asks if his dad is a hippie and if he smokes pot. Nathanial tells that his father is not a hippie because he doesn’t believe in sex. He comes in front of the judges and tries to sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and it is all over the place. The judges say no to Nathaniel and he leaves.

Mason Wilkinson is next and he takes a minute break to compose himself. However, it was for nothing because he is horrible and the judges quickly give their verdit and tell Mason no to Hollywood because of the tone deafness that he showed and the untalented singing.

Last up for the day is Molly DeWolf Swensen, a recent Harvard graduate and White House intern. She tells that she has always wanted to audition and that it is a dream of hers. She steps inside and tells that Randy hit her in the face earlier. Randy says that he is sorry. She starts singing and she has a very good voice. The judges are impressed and tell her that she is going to Hollywood.

Day Two

The judges arrive into town on the 2nd day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they are hoping to have a repeat of good success for this time around. They take their seats and await for the next hopeful to show that they have what it takes to make it into Hollywood and begin their journey to be the next American Idol.

First up is Haley Reinhart. She auditioned last year and was told that she wasn’t quite ready for it. This time around, she is pitch perfect and the judges like her sound and tells that she has another chance to prove herself in Hollywood and give her the golden ticket.

Tiwan Strong, another Chicago resident, hopes to make his mark on the American Idol stage and is really good with “Twisting the Night Away” and makes the judges go for yes twice. He gets his ticket and his family is excited. One family member gets a Charlie horse in the process and no one cares except for Ryan and he tells her to drink lots of water.

Steve Beghun, an account, enters and tells that he wants to quit being an accountant and move on to singing. He starts singing and he has a surprising voice that is really good. The judges are shocked and give him a golden ticket to prove his stuff in Hollywood.

Next up is Vernika Patterson and she is determined to get the golden ticket to Hollywood. However, her singing is off key and it is not American Idol material. She defends her voice and tells that she has a better singing voice than any of the girls. She tells that it is a no for her because she isn’t skinny like the other girls. Randy tries to point out females who were not that skinny but she walks off and tells that she doesn’t want to talk about it. They show many contestants doing this and threatening the cameramen.

Up now is Albert Rogers III and he does an impression of Barack Obama that is really good. He enters inside to the judges and is not good at all. Steven tells that he liked it, but it is not worth American Idol. Randy is blunt and tells that it was horrible and a joke.

Scott Dangerfield comes up next and Steven asks if he took his lipstick and Scott tells that he was kissing a girl just a moment ago. He starts to sing and he has a surprisingly great voice that makes the judges want to give him a pass to Hollywood without any hesitation. Jennifer tells that he is her favorite of the day.

Up next is energetic Packers fan, Megan Frazier. She tells that she wants to be able to make it to Hollywood, but when she starts to sing, she does an opera version “Baby” by Justin Bieber. It is not good and the judges tell that it is a no for them and she doesn’t get to fulfill the part of her dream.

Hoping to redeem the show is Alyson Jados, a major fan of Steven Tyler. She walks in and Steven tells that she could be one of his “friends”. She tells that Steven is her idol. She is really good. Steven tells her to sing another one and Randy tells her to sing an Aerosmith song and she does it and Steven sings the high note. Steven tells that she is going to take her to Hollywood. It makes her day and she goes out crying.

The Milwaukee auditions comes to a close Chris Medina and he has a sob story that hits the heart. With a fiancé who suffered a horrible car accident and having brain damage, he stuck by her no matter what. He comes in and sings amazingly and gets the ticket to Hollywood. They bring in Julie and they tell her that Chris made it through and Steven gives her kisses and tells that Chris sings wonderfully because he sings to her. All in all 54 hopefuls get their tickets to Hollywood to go to the next round.