Auditions #4: Nashville, Tennessee - Recap

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The judges move on to Nashville, Tennessee for this week of auditions. They are in their seats listening to Darius Thomas audition and they ask him to hit a high note. He does and they have fun with it and have it resound all over Nashville and causing a building to crumble. The crowd of 17,000 hopefuls wants to hopefully follow in the footsteps of Carrie Underwood as they are ready to audition. They all settle in the Ryman Auditorium for the start of the show.

First up is Christine McCaffrey and she tells that she has a gift. She comes in singing high notes that are way off key. She sings her song that she wanted to sing and it is very terrible. Randy tells that she is not good and that she shouldn’t sing at all. Because of her cartoony voice, Jennifer suggests she does voices for cartoons. It is a no for Christine from everyone, but she goes out and tells that Steven Tyler told her yes.

Rob Bolin and Chelsee Oaks are next up and their story is that they used to be a couple and performed together and used to date. But, then broke up. They sing together quickly and they are in sync with one another and it is good. They have them sing separately and they are good individually as well. As they leave, Jennifer tells that they are going to get back together while they are in Hollywood.

Allen Lewis is up next and he is an “interesting” character. He comes up in a biker outfit and is defiantly animated. However, his voice is ear piercing and is no good at all. The judges tell that he is an interesting person, but American Idol is not for him. He walks off by thanking them for their opinion and tells that he is going to keep on practicing.

Stormi Henley is next and she was Ms. Teen USA and had Donald Trump as her boss. She tells that she wants to see how far her talent will take her. She enters and immidately Steven is stunned by her good looks. She sings and all the judges like her voice, but Jennifer tells that it is too small for Hollywood. However, Randy and Steven give her a chance.

The next few acts get a no from the judges and it is ear piercing to hear. The last act of the first day is Adrienne Beasley and she is hoping to get Nashville out of the rut. She gets on the stage and sings. Her voice is good and the judges like her sound and Steven goes far to say that he almost cried to the sound of her voice. She gets her golden ticket to Hollywood.

Kicking off day two is Kameela Merricks and she tells that she has a voice where everyone is surprised to hear. She enters and sings and is very off key. Steven tells that she needs to go home and try again. Randy tells that she should never sing again. Steven tells Randy that he shouldn’t tell them that they are not good. Randy tells that he is going to tell it how it is.

The auditions hit the hard patch in their auditions and many leave sad including Patrick Counts, who can stop crying over how bad the audition went. Jackie Wilson is up and she enters and sings amazingly well. Steven tells that she blew it out and the other judges are in agreement. She gets her ticket to Hollywood.

Next up is Latoya “Younique” Moore and she tells that she is a recording artist with her own CD already. She comes in style and opens her mouth to sing. However, it is not good at all. The judges laugh and tell her that it wasn’t any good at all. As she leaves, she tries to squeeze in another song. Randy tells that it is still a no for him. She tells that they said no, but she is not going to quit.

The auditions pick up and Paul McDonald, Jimmie Allen, Danny Pate all get their tickets to Hollywood and redeem the auditions and put it back on track. As night falls, Matt Dillard auditions and he is hopeful to keep it rolling to the good side of Nashville. He sings and it is surprisingly good as he sings “Raise me Up”.

Closing the auditions is 15-year-old Lauren Alaina and she tells her story on how she is singing for her cousin Holly who had a brain tumor that she overcame. She sings and it is very good. Steven, Jennifer and Randy all agree that it is the best of Nashiville and possibly the best in the competition. She is excited and brings in her family. Randy has Lauren sing another song and it is “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. She sings it amazingly well. This closes the auditions for Nashville. Next week is Austin, Texas.