Auditions #7: San Francisco, California - Recap

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Last stop is San Francisco and they show a contestant who didn’t get through and she tells that just because someone farts, let them finish singing. Thousands arrive for the last city to host the auditions and their spirits are high. The judges get ready in their seats and plan to be amazed by the talent that San Francisco has to offer.

The first up to begin auditions with Native Ukrainian Inessa Lee. She tells that she has recorded music videos already and she is ready to be a star. She shows off her belly dancing skills, but when she sings, it is not at all powerful and pitchy. The judges tell that she is a cute girl with a cute personality, but it is a no to Hollywood. She walks off and tells that she is beautiful and that they are missing out.

The morning talent proves to be bad as they show a montage of bad acts. However, the mood is changed when singers Brittany Mazur, Lara Johnson, and Matthew Nuss deliver with great results. The next contestant to prove that he has what it takes is Stefano Langone. He has the story of almost dying in a horrific accident and was told he would never walk. He starts singing and has an outstanding voice with a lot of feeling in it. The judges all agree and give Stefano his ticket to Hollywood.

Next up is Karoake host, Clint Jun Gamboa. He tells that he has been told to audition forever and he finally has the nerve to do it. He starts to sing and he has a really good voice. The judges are impressed. Steven tells that the notes were amazing and Jennifer tells that it was beautiful. Randy tells that he is one of the best in San Francisco. He runs out with his golden ticket and his family greet him with happy smiles.

However, the acts don’t stay good as they show a montage of bad acts of monotone singers that include one contestant, Kenneth Berba, who dressed as a rat. However, one contestant hopes to keep it alive and Drew Beaumier comes dressed as a transformer. He tells that he made it himself. He sings and the melody is off and is really bad. It goes to show no matter how crazy the costume, if the voice is not up to par, there is no ticket.

After the break, it is the girls who are representing San Francisco and a montage of singers get their golden ticket. Hopeful to keep the judges’ hearts up, Julie Zorrilla from Columbia originally wants to get her ticket as well. She comes in and tells that it is her birthday and she sings “Summertime” and has a sultry voice and Steven tells that she has great range and quality. Jennifer tells that she was confident. Randy tells that she made some choices with the notes that he loved. She gets her ticket to Hollywood as a nice birthday present.

The next is rocker, Dave Combs. He tries his hardest to impress, but the melody is off and he is rejected for his chance to fame. As the day goes on, Steven gets more annoyed with the crazy costumes and bad singers who can’t get the melody right. He has had enough of their fooling around.

However, next up to redeem the talent in San Francisco is Emily Anne Reed. She tells that her house burnt down recently and she has lost everything. She tells that music is her passion and that she will do anything to get in. She sings and has an interesting voice. Steven tells that she is not ready, but Randy disagrees. He tells that her voice is something different and would like to see more. Jennifer has the final vote and tells that she is going to give her another chance.

The San Francisco auditions come to a close as James Durbin comes out. He tells that his dad was a bass player for a band and he never got to spend time with him. When he was 9 years old, Jame’s dad died of a drug overdose. He comes out and sings and has a range similar to Adam Lambert, minus the gay part, and is amazing. He tells that music allows him to escape his condition of Turrets Syndrome. The auditions are over and the memories will live on! The contestants have been chosen for Hollywood and they are ready to show that they have the talent to go all the way.