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Hollywood Round (1) - Recap

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Hollywood Week and they have double the amount of contestants. 327 contestants have come around the country to be able to prepare. The judges come and Jennifer tells that it is the time to separate the men from the boys and the woman from the girls. Randy tells that they are going to have to bring it and Steven tells that he is excited to see if those who said that they are going to bring it are going to be true to their word.

First up are Brett Loewenstern and the rest of the first group. He tries his hand to get through to the next round and sings. He is good after he gets past the nerves. Brett gets through and he tells that he forgives everyone who belittled him and tells that he is going to put that behind him and give the best performances of his life.

Next to face the chopping block are Rachel Zevita, Thia Megia and Casey Abrams. They perform their songs and all get through to survive another week of Hollywood Week.

Victoria Huggins, the one with huge personality, tries her hand but doesn’t get to live her dream. Her voice is not where the judges want it to be and she is told that she will not be moving on. She walks out in smiles though and tells that North Carolina still loves her and that she is their American Idol.

James Durbin, Paris Tassin, Lauren Alaina and Stormy Henley try out and all get through expect for Stormy, who has to go home and live her dream elsewhere.

Chris Medina is next to be spotlighted and Steven asks about his fiancé Julie. He tells that she is doing fine. He sings his way into the next round with no problems at all.

Nearing the end of day one and Jacee Badeaux, Robbie Rosen and Hollie Cavanagh try their hand to get into the next round and they all get through to the next round.

Closing day one is Steve Beghun, the singing accountant. However, it is a no go and he is rejected to be able to pursue his dreams and will have to continue somewhere else.

Day Two

The day 160 people auditioned yesterday and the remainder 163 contestants audition for their spot on the biggest stage in the world. As they arrive, their nerves get the best of them and the judges hope that they will deliver just as the first day.

However, the first group up mess up their lyrics and it was not good at all for them as they squeak and stumble with no talent at all. The judges don’t like where this is headed.

The next two Rob Bolin and Chelee Oaks, the ex-boyfriend and girlfriend come out and they are not together yet despite Jennifer’s wishes. They sing and both are moving forward into the next round.

The couple from Audition week, Nick Fink and Jacqueline Dunford, try out and Nick doesn’t get through and Jacqueline has to move on without him. Nick tries to say his piece to allow him to audition more so that he can continue on with his baby. But, it is a no for him. He walks out still singing and he is very upset. Ryan tells that he can cheer on the sidelines.

Thinking that their piece that they sang on Audition Week, Scotty McCreery, Jackie Wilson and Jerome Bell give an encore of their performance. They all get through to the next round and are excited that they made the choice.

The last line take to the stage and Tiffany Rios makes a statement of being tired of seeing people trying to do what she knows she can. She sings and doesn’t mess up. Travis Orlando also tries and he is squeaky. The judgment comes down and it is Travis who is going home.
All in all, 168 contenders are in the running for the spot to be the next American Idol. Next Wednesday, Group time and tempers flare. Who will stay in and who will crack under the pressure?