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Top 24 Chosen - Recap

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The eliminations continue on American Idol after a break down of Jennifer. She cried because of Chris Medina’s story and couldn’t do it. However, she composes herself.

Up first is Karen Rodriguez and she sang a Selena song on her final song. She walks up and she tells that she is excited and Jennifer tells that she started to disappear, but she tells that she had her on her team when she sang the Selena song and it was amazing. Karen is joining the Top 24.

Robbie Rosen is next to walk the long walk to judgment and sang his heart out on his final song choice. Sitting in the chair now, Robbie tells that he gave it his all and tells that he is doing well. Steven tells that it was so good and he sang his butt off. Steven tells that it is a hard competition and tells that he is in the Top 24. Robbie walks off and is excited.

Tatynisa Wilson walks up the judges for their verdict and thinks about her performances. She messed up in Hollywood week, but redeemed herself in the final performance. However, she wonders if it is enough. She sits down and tells that she is nervous. Randy asks if she really wants this and she starts to cry. He points out the horrible week in Hollywood. Steven tells that they saw a spark and she can make up for it. She moves on to the Top 24. She tells that she is ready.

However, this is the end of the road for Britany Muser and Jimmy Allen. They say goodbye to everyone and Randy tells that the kids all have something. Tim Halperin hopes not to be among those eliminated and wows the judges over with an original song. He sits down and tells that he did the best he could do and it is in their hands. Jennifer tells that she has always been a fan and they know who he is. Steven tells that he is sorry to tell him. The screen goes black and Tim comes out of the room and tells that he is in the Top 24.

Julie Zorrilla walks up next and has the story of a family migrating from Columbia. She has always been a great perfomer and she gets on stage perky and Jennifer tells that it has been a long road. She tells that she wanted to feel something and tells that some of her performances lacked something. Jennifer tells that Julie is in the Top 24 and they want to see her let go and be herself. She walks of dancing and continues it by picking up Ryan and then slipping.

Scotty McCreery makes the walk up and for his final performance, he comes in with a guitar and showcases the deep voice. He takes the walk and thinks of his back performances. He sits down and Randy asks if he knew what he was getting into. Randy tells that he loved it and that he is in the Top 24. Randy tells that he still stood up for Jacee’s character and tells. However, there is no room for John Wayne Shultz. He walks off and tells that it

Jovany Barreto is up and he is a little nervous of the decision. He sings a latin song for his final song and Jennifer points out his upper-register power. He sits down and they tell that they have been agonizing over the decision. Jennifer tells that a lot of people are going home, but that doesn’t matter for him because he is in the Top 24.

Only 12 more spots are left and Lauren Turner. She picked a jazzy tune for her final performance and walking up, she tells that she did her best and put her all in it. Randy tells that they were blown away by the big voice and tells that Hollywood Week was up and down for her. He tells that she made it into the Top 24 and she cries. She comes out and tells that she made it and her friend passes out, but he is only joking of course.

For Erin Kelly and Tyron Strong, they are not that lucky and it is the end of the road for them. Hoping for a positive is Rachel Zevita. With her final song she blows it out of the water it seems. She sits down and Randy tells that she had a lot of ups and downs and Jennifer tells that she has been a fan and she tells that when she didn’t see the spark, she wanted to reach out and grab it. Steven tells that she made it through to the Top 24. She cries and is totally stunned.

Kendra Chantelle comes up and tells that she sang her Nashville Audition song for her final performance. She sits down and tells that she is nervous. She tells that she doesn’t know her future and Steven tells that the person that they are putting through has to be perfect. She tells that she is not done and Steven tells that she blew them away. She walks out and it is a yes for them.

Jordan Dorsey walks up and the judges have told him in the past that they have high expectations for him. He walks up and tells that he is in this to win. He tells that he is a perfectionist. He sits down and tells that he is great. Jennifer tells that he is a standout for him. Jordan tells that he was taking auditions during Hollywood Week. Jennifer tells that he is in the Top 24.

Lauren Alaina sits down with Ryan and she has a sultry outfit with pink boots. She sang her heart out on her final performance. She sits down and tells that she is freaking out. Jennifer tells that there are a lot of competitors. Steven tells that he is unsure, but tells that she is going through. She feels like she is going to pass out. She goes outside and jumps up and down and tells that she made it through.

Stefano Langone walks up to the judges and he took a risk for his final performance with an original song. Jennifer tells that Stefano had some good moments and tells that someone has to go home and tells that at the end of the day, they would love to have him in the Top 24. He is excited and tells that he is happy to be in the Live Shows.

Jackie Wilson hopes that there is a spot for her. However, in her final performance, she falls short when she forgets the lyrics of the song. Jennifer tells that she had to make some hard choices and she tells that she started strong and then fizzled in the competition. She doesn’t make it through and she asks if there is a way to change their minds and they tell her no. She says goodbye.

Hoping to get a yes is Jacob Lusk. He has shown that he has a lot of personality and voice. In his final performance, he shows his powerful vocals. He walks up to the judges and tells that it is an amazing thought to think that he could be in the Top 24. He gets to the stage and Randy tells that it has been a tough and tells that his performance of God Bless the Child blew them away so much that they say yes. They hear it in the lobby and Ryan runs into the hanger. Jacob is happy and is dancing around.

Pia Toscano is up next and she has shown her talent throughout the competition. For her final performance, she sings great and has to now walk the long walk and have her thoughts. She sits down a little teary-eyed. She tells that she is nervous, but good. Jennifer tells that she is going to make it short and sweet and tells that she has made it into the Top 24. She thanks them.

James Durbin is up and he has his own style of singing that matches Adam Lambert’s style. And the judges are shocked of his final performance. Steven tells that he really let him down because he did a better job them him. He tells that he is going to stop selling pizzas and tells that he is in the Top 24.

Casey Abrams tells that he is there to prove that people like him can be sexy. He sings his song and is amazing at it. He walks up to the judges and he tells that he likes looking at the judges. Randy tells that they have never have had a musician as talented as Casey. They tells him welcome to the Top 24.

The final judgment for the girls is between Thia Megia and Jessica Cunningham. Thia sings “You Raise Me Up” and is amazing at it. Thia and Jessica come on the stage and the judges tell that there is only 1 more slot for them. Randy tells that there is always next year if they don’t make it in. Jessica gets the no go. Thia is going through. Jessica flips off the camera for cutting her on her birthday.

The final judgment for the boys is between Brett Loewenstern , Jacee Badeaux, and Colton Dixon. Brett tells that there are two spots, but Ryan tells that there is one. They all go up together. Jacee sang alright, Brett sang an original song and Colton impressed on the piano. However, there is only 1 spot and Steven tells that Jacee had some hard moments, Brett’s story touched him and Colton is crazy good. Randy breaks the news that Brett is going through to the Top 24. Brett hugs them goodbye and Jacee is hurt and Jennifer gives him a long hug. Brett tells that they are all shinning stars because they are the Top of thousands.

So the Top 24 are:
Naima Adedapo, Casey Abrams, Lauren Alaina, Jovany Barreto, Kendra Chantelle, Jordan Dorsey, Ashthon Jones, James Durbin, Thia Megia, Clint Jun Gamboa, Haley Reinhart, Tim Halperin, Karen Rodriguez, Stefano Langone, Pia Toscano, Brett Loewenstern, Lauren Turner, Jacob Lusk, TaTynisa Wilson, Scott McCreery, Rachel Zevita, Paul McDonald, Julie Zorrilla, and Robbie Rosen

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