Finalists Compete - Recap

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The finalists are ready to compete for their chance to win the prize and be crowned the American Idol. Up tonight are: Casey Abrams, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, Thia Megia, Haley Reinhart, Karen Rodriguez, Pia Toscano, Jacob Lusk, Scott McCreery, Paul McDonald, Ashthon Jones, Stefano Langone and Naima Adedapo. The judges take their seats and Ryan comes in and introduces the Top 13. Tonight they have the pick of singing a song from their idol and had a chance to work with Jimmy Ivine.

Lauren Alaina is up and she is going to be singing “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain. She enters the stage and has a lot of fun singing the song. She makes it her own and her personality comes out in it too. Steven says that he loves her voice, but it wasn’t that great. Jennifer says that she is a natural, but she needs to kick it into high gear. Randy says that what they want from her is that girl they first saw. They say it was good, but she needs to push it. She says that she had a fun time and apologizes to Steven that she didn’t kick it up. She says goodbye to “Peaches”.

Next up is Casey Abrams. He works with Jimmy Ivine and he is going to be singing Joe Cocker’s “Get By a Little Help From My Friends”. He comes out on stage and gets into the song and shows that he is a performer. The crowd loves him and Jennifer says that she makes her feel that he is someone important and was blown away. Randy says that he loved it and was unbelievable. Steven says that he is a rainbow of talent and plethora of talent. Ryan asks what he was channeling and he says that Joe Cocker inspired him.

Ashthon Jones “When You Tell Me You Love Me” by Diana Ross. She gets on the stage and she does a phenomenal job and hits the high note. Randy says that he was unsure of the song at the beginning and says that it was safe. Steven says that there is something inside of her that she is going to show it off soon. Jennifer says that she is blossoming into a great singer and she needs to show it.

Next is Paul McDonald and he is going to be singing Ryan Adams’s “Come Pick Me Up”. He works with Don Was and he loved working with him. Jimmy Levine comes in and gives him some pointers. He comes out on stage and does his signature “two-step” dance. Steven says that he loves the rasp in the voice, but tells that he needs to work on the pitch. Jennifer says that he is so unique. She hopes that America gets it. Randy says that he loves the character and he gets it and loves him for the show. Ryan asks him about the steps of the “Paul McDonald” and says that he needs to stretch before he does it.

Up next is Pia Toscano. Tonight she is singing Celine Dion’s “All By Myself”. She says that she can sing it now that she has had training and is working with Ron Fair. She gets on the stage and impresses right away with her perfect pitch. Jennifer says that she topped last week and it was really beautiful. Randy says that she always takes the hard songs and she has such a natural gift and is always excited. He says that it was a very hot performance. Steven says Happy International Woman’s Day and says that she did a great job with the song.

James Durbin Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed”. He comes out and is perfect in his performance without any pitch problems. Randy says that he is one of his favorites and says that he showed that he had a sensitive side and says that he is dangerous and can sing. Steven says that he did such a good job. Jennifer says that he needs to get used to the clapping because he has a melodic quality in his voice and has it all.

Haley Reinhart comes out to sing “Blue” from Leanne Rymes and she says that she has always loved the song. She gets on the stage and her sultry voice captivates the audience. Steven says that it was great and says that she did a great job. Jennifer says that she does things with her voice that it is so unique. Randy says that he liked she has a range. However, it was a little boring for her voice. Jennifer sings in a sensual way and it is great. Haley says that she understands.

Next is Jacob Lusk and his song choice is R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”. He has wanted to sing this for a while and he comes out on stage and showcases his lung power. Steven says that it was pure and it was so good. Jennifer says that it is hard to judge because he makes them feel so good. Randy says that the talent is hot this year and that it was a little sharp in the middle but he loved the end.

Thia Megia’s idol is Michael Jackson and she is going to be singing “Smile” She gets a standing ovation. However, Randy loves the intro and it got a little pitchy. He says that he didn’t really like the jazzy part. Steven says that the beginning was good as Randy says. Jennifer says that it is an “interesting” arrangement and says that she sings like an angel. Thia says that she felt better at the beginning.

Stefano Langone sings “Lately” by Stevie Wonder and it is good with all the people in the audience dancing around. Steven says that he pulled it off and it was beautiful. Jennifer says that she was dancing and it was really Stefano and he sounded great. Randy says that it started off rocky and by the middle, he was soaring. Ryan talks to him about being picked as a wild card and Stefano says that he knew he had to step it up.

Karen Rodriguez is next and she has chosen Selena’s “I Could Fall In Love”. It is pitchy in a lot of areas. Jennifer says that she could tell she was a little uncomfortable and she says that she hopes she makes it to next week. Randy says that it sounded like it was a little sleepy and it didn’t quite come off. Steven says that he agrees with the rest and tells that she was not at her best.

Next is Scotty McCreery. He is going to be singing Garth Brooks “The River”. He goes on the stage and sings it without any problems. Randy says that he loved his answer about not changing it up. He says that Scotty is who he is. Steven says that he did a great job with the song. Jennifer says that Scotty brought the audience in with him and it is great to see from him.

Last up is Naima Adedapo and she is going to be singing Rihania’s “Umbrella”. She enters the stage and shows that she has dance moves and mixes in great vocals with nice dancing. Steven says that she is crazy good. He says that she was a little pitchy, but brought flavor. Jennifer says that she has fire and doing it like a real artist. She says to work on the control. Randy says that he cares about the pithiness but loved the Reggae version part. She dedicated the song to her husband. The contestants have performed and now it is up to the America to kick off a contestant and end their dream.