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1 Voted Off - Recap

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The Top 13 have performed and the competition is tough. After the comments of the judges from the previous night, the contestants wait for the decision from America whether it was good enough to make it through to the next round. They kick things off with the judges talking their seats and Ryan coming out announcing that Diddy Dirty Money and Adam Lambert are taking the stage tonight and that there were 30 million votes that came through. The finalists come out with their smiles on ready to get down to the eliminations. Casey is sick and in the hospital.

They show a clip of the idol’s mansion and they all enter and run around in the house. Stefano asks if it is a dream. Haley says that it is wonderful and Thia says that she feels like a princess. They take to the game room and they all enjoy their time in the mansion. After the clip, the finalists do a Michael Jackson medley and they all have a fun time on stage and do a good job with the vocals. After a break, they show a clip of the Ford commercial that they did and they have a fun time in that as well. Ryan gives the details of the sweepstakes. Amanda Seyfried from “Red Riding Hood” is there and they show a clip of the finalists going to the premiere and they get to meet a wide variety of actors and actresses.

Results time and Ryan is looking for the bottom three. Karen, Stefano, and Jacob are first up for the results and Jacob says that he can fly and that he is going to be able to get there. Karen says that she wanted to sing the song great and there was a couple difficulties and will make it better. Stefano says that it didn’t shatter his confidence and that he got to show another side of him. They are all safe except for Karen. She walks to the chairs and is in danger.

Adam Lambert gets on the stage and sings his single, “Aftermath”. It is no wonder how he got his fame and showcases his talent as a singer and song writer. He sings great and gets his standing ovation from the crowd. Ryan talks to Adam and he says that the message is the most important part of the song and Adam says that he wants Jennifer to teach him how to “Duggie”.

After the break Lauren, Ashthon and Haley get picked to go up for their results and Lauren says that she said that last night kinda sucked and she apologizes. The crowd cheers her on. He says that she is safe. Ashthon says that she should have picked a song that everyone knew. Haley says that she had a lot of fun and likes to change things up. Ashthon is in the bottom three and Haley too. This leaves the rest of the contestants safe for another week.

Diddy Dirty Money performs on stage and he is amazing as usual. After the performance, he gives the hopefuls some friendly advice and tells them not to give up on their dreams no matter what happens.

The results are back and Ashthon, Haley and Karen wait for the result. Karen is sent back to safety. After the nationwide vote, Ashthon is the one heading home possibly. She has a save me song and is going to sing Diana Ross again. She sings her song and gets emotional on the stage. Jennifer says not this time and it was unanimous. She walks off the stage and they look at her journey. That is it for the results and the Top 12 continue next week.