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6 Finalists Compete - Recap

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Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhard, James Durbin and Casey Abrams are battling it out tonight with the theme of singing songs from Carol King. They show a clip of her successes and how she inspires everyone. They come out and wave to the crowd and Ryan tells that Babyface is also going to be helping Jimmy Ivine in the recording studio to polish their sound and they show a clip of his successes as well.

They kick off the competition with Jacob Lusk. Tonight he has chosen “Oh No, My Baby”. He has issues in the rehearsal to get the melody just right. He comes out on stage and moves around like the old Jacob that everyone knows. Steven tells him that it is about to shake his tail feathers and it was beautiful. Jennifer says that there were here and there that wasn’t perfect, but the performance was great. Randy tells that he loved that he brought himself back and it was incredible. Jacob says that he was having fun this week.

Lauren Alaina is next and she is going to sing “Where You Lead”. Jimmy and Babyface tell her to try to go into the higher register and Jimmy brings in Miley Cyrus to meet Lauren. She gets it down. She goes out on stage and sings her heart out. She has a boy sit with her on stage and sings to him. Afterward, Jennifer says she is proud of her she felt her pushing and it was good. Randy tells that what she did was come out with a vengeance and it wasn’t the best for her, but it was good. Steven tells that he saw her shine when her voice broke. Ryan brings the boy who Lauren brought on stage and his name is Brett and he is 19 years old. Ryan tells that they have rules and tells Lauren’s father to get on it. They all laugh about it.

The first duet of the night is Hailey and Casey and they are singing “I Feel the Earth Move”. In the video clip Casey tells that he wants to growl with her on stage. Afterward, Steven asks how much in love Casey is with Hailey and says that it showed. He says that it was really good to hear that.

Scotty McCreery is up next and he is going to sing “You’ve Got a Friend”. In rehearsals, Jimmy tells him not to start with the deep voice as he always does. He comes out on stage and sings and it is good. Randy tells that the beginning of the song was flawless and it was good. Steven tells that it was the best song he had and he took it somewhere else. Jennifer says that there was reaching and he is getting better at it. Ryan asks who he singing to and Scotty says that he is singing to everyone.

James Durbin is next and tonight he is going to sing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. In rehearsal Jimmy and Babyface are impressed that James didn’t need much coaching. He comes out and gives another great performance. Steven tells that he got it again and he really liked the beginning and he didn’t like the rock in roll part of it, but it grew on him. Jennifer says that it was magical and he is the star of the night and says that he is consistent. Randy tells that he was a great rocker and singer. Randy tells that James might win the whole thing and Randy gives James a hug.

Lauren and Scotty sing the next duet and they are singing “Up On the Roof”. In the video clip, they have fun and talk about how they compliment one another. They come out and sing the song great. Jennifer says that Lauren sang her brains off and they did a great job.

Casey is up and he has picked “Heidi Ho” to sing. In rehearsals, Jimmy tells that Casey is in his element with this song. He comes out and sings with his husky growl and talent to scat. Afterward, Randy says that he felt like the song was written for him and it took him back to New Orleans. Steven tells that he found his niche and works the stage and says that it was great. Jennifer says that she loved it and says that she tells that she wants him to loosen up the legs a bit.

Next is Haley and she is going to sing “Beautiful”. She gets into rehearsal and Babyface coaches her to have the song flow. She comes out and has a little technical error before she starts singing and it gets fixed. She sings with her swagger and it is great. Steven says that she nailed it and it was great. Jennifer says that it was amazing. Randy tells that he didn’t like the beginning, but the end was amazing.

Last up is the final duet and it is James and Jacob. They are going to sing “I’m Into Something Good”. In the video they tease each other and tell that they are taking it to church. The come out and have fun on stage and twirl Jennifer in her chair and they sing to her. Steven tells that he wasn’t sure if it was the best, but they were having fun. The contestants have sung and now it is up to America who will stay and who will go home. Which one is going to say goodbye to American Idol?