1 of 6 Voted Off - Recap

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The Results are in and Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhard, James Durbin and Casey Abrams are on the elimination block tonight. Ryan says that Bruno Mars is performing and Crystal Bowersox as well. They show a clip of the Idols going to the British Consulate for Brit Week. The contestants come out and sing a medley of Carol King hits and get the audience moving.

They show a clip of the Ford Music video and the contestants are drawing their house and driving off in Fords. Crystal Bowersox performs her single and it is her normal twang that shows that she has the talent for the fame that she has gotten.

After a short break, they do a Q&A session with the contestants and Ryan asks all of them questions. For Casey: Who would you love to do a duet with? Casey says that it would be Oscar Peterson. For Jacob: When did you find the range that you have? Jacob says that he was six-years-old and singing in church. For Lauren: What is the hardest thing about being an Idol finalist? Lauren says that it is about missing your family. For Scotty: Did you ever have a pre-idol job? Scotty says that he worked in a grocery store and helped at his mom’s tanning salon. For James: Did you play with a band? James says that he did and says that he always has a side project. For Haley: Who is her favorite Idol? Haley says that she doesn’t have a favorite, but says that Adam Lambert and Lee and Crystal are around her alley and plays it safe.

Eliminations begins and Haley goes to the center of the stage and they show a recap of her performance and a prediction from Jimmy Iovine. Jimmy says that she is lacking confidence and the audience is starting to see that. Ryan tells her the result and she is safe for another week.

Scotty is called up and they show his clip of the last night performance and Jimmy’s prediction. Jimmy says that Scotty has a subtlety that is unique, but it could be lost and that is where Scotty is in jeopardy. Ryan says that Scotty is going to have to wait for his results.

Lauren comes up and they show her recap of her performance. Jimmy says that Lauren needs to stop looking at the negative of things, but says that she is in it for the long haul. Ryan tells that they are going to have to wait for her results as well.

Casey comes out and they show a recap of his performance and what the judges thought about it. Jimmy says that he was proud of Casey until he started to growl again and says that the family dog is not the one voting. Ryan tells Casey that he doesn’t get his results either just yet.

James is up and they show a recap of his song choice and the fact that the judges loved it. Jimmy says that if James picks the right song he can take it to the end. Ryan tells James that he can tell him the results and says that he is safe for another week.

Jacob comes to the center of the stage and they show a recap of his performance and what the judges said. Jimmy tells that Jacob is on a banana peel slide right now and he has to change something. Jacob stands there and Casey, Lauren and Scotty join them and Lauren gets sent back to the couch and is safe for another round.

Bruno Mars performs his single and it is amazing as it should be for a recording artist in his status.

Jacob, Casey and Scotty are on stage and after the nationwide vote, Jacob is safe. This leaves Scotty and Casey. The person leaving the competition is Casey Abrams. They take a look at his journey and Ryan says that this is what talent looks like. Casey sings “I Put a Spell on You” and kisses and hugs random people and the other contestant’s parents as he sings. The Top 5 are: Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhard, and James Durbin. Who will win?