1 Voted Off - Recap

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Jacob Lusk, James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and Haley Reinhart are in danger of going home tonight. The show kicks off with Ryan telling that 60 Million votes came in. Ryan says that Steven Tyler is an author now and tells that Jennifer is going to perform and Randy has a bake sale. He says that also Lady Antebellum is going to perform as well. The Top 5 come out and sing Happy Together. Afterward they show the Ford Music Video when they do tricks and Haley shows that the new Ford Focus can self parallel park.

After a break, they show a clip with Chef Ramsey and he is going to find the American Idol Chef. They have fun making Omelets. After criticizing their Omelets, Chef Ramsey picks Lauren and Jacob’s Omelets and they win the cooking competition, but it is not over. Lady Antebellum sings their new single “Just a Kiss Goodnight” and it is good.

After a break, they show a clip of the contestants talking about song choice and they say that they have to choose the best that the audience is going to like. About wardrobe, they tell that they have to choose what fits their personality the best. They get to the results and Ryan calls for James to stand up. Jimmy Iovine says that he didn’t do his best because he let his emotions get to him. He goes to the far side of the stage. Lauren is told to stand up. Jimmy says that Lauren had her fear take control of her performance and says that she will be in the bottom three. She is asks to go to near side of the stage.

They show a clip of the second part of the competition and Lauren and Jacob are going head to head for a taste test. Lauren wins. Jennifer Lopez sings her new single “On the Floor” and she shows that she still has it when it comes to performing on stage.

Back to the results and Ryan has Jacob stand up. Jimmy says that he had a rough night and both songs were slightly off. Jacob is asked to join Lauren. Haley is asked to stand up. Jimmy says that she is definitely a lock for the finale if her confidence stays up. She is asks to join James. Scotty is asked to stand. Jimmy says that Scotty blew people away with the first song and came up short on the second. He is told that he is safe. Ryan asks him to go to the group who he thinks is safe and he tells that he is not going to do that. Ryan takes him over to James and Haley and tells them that they are safe.

This leaves Lauren and Jacob in the bottom two and Lauren is nervous and breaks down in tears, but controls herself. They take a short break and the one going home tonight is Jacob Lusk. Ryan asks what memory he is taking back and he says that he is going to take the fans that he has made. He closes his journey on American Idol with a Luther Vandross song.