Finalists Compete - Recap

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With Jacob Lusk out of the competition, James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and Haley Reinhart are left to battle it out for the spot of American Idol. Ryan comes out and says hello to everyone and tells that in two weeks is finale week. They come out on stage and he says that tonight they have two rounds. Round one is going to be songs from the heart and Round two are going to be songs from Leiber and Stoller with Lady Gaga being their mentor with Jimmy Iovine.

James Durbin is up and “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and he says that it fits with his American Idol journey. He comes out on stage and blows it out of the water with his amazing high registers. Steven says that he couldn’t have picked a better song. Jennifer says that it was a great song and great performance. Randy says that he is glad that he did the song and he says that he did the highest degree of difficulty and he did it.

Haley Reinhart is next and “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson. She loves it because of the message it has. She comes out on stage and yells the song out it seems. Jennifer says that she felt that it inspired her, but the song choice wasn’t that good. Randy says that Jennifer is right on it. He says that he got confused with what she is and it says that she was struggling. Steven says that they are both wrong and says that she held her own through the song. She is confused and tries to defend her choice in song.

Scotty McCreery is up next and he is going to sing “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” by Alan Jackson because of the meaning of the song. It is good and Randy says that it is a great song and great lyrics and says that he thinks that he keeps that because he is ready for super-stardom. Steven says that he sees the passion in his voice. Jennifer says that she is in love with him with what he brings to his music.

Round one comes to a close with Lauren Alaina. She is singing “Anyway” by Martina McBride. She comes out on stage and shows that she can hit the high notes with ease. Steven says that she did it again and says that her voice is beautiful. Jennifer says that she is great and can see that she is listening. Randy says that the Lauren they first saw is back and it was amazing. Before going to break, Jennifer says that James won the first round. Randy says that Haley needs to up her game and says that she can blow them away like last week.

Round two kicks off with Haley. She gets into rehearsal and Lady Gaga and Gaga says that they are going to put theatrics to it and inspires her. Singing “I Who Have Nothing”, she comes out on the stage and blows the judges away and everyone else in the audience. They all give her a standing ovation including the judges. Jennifer says that this is why they can’t take it easy on her. She says that it was amazing and the best of the year. Randy says that she came back and says that she is in it to win it. Steven says that she just “Rienharted” her way into next week. Haley is happy. Randy hugs Haley and says that he is only trying to help.

Scotty is next and he goes into the rehearsals with Gaga. She tells him that he has to get close to the microphone and speak into it directly. She says that he has to pretend that it is his girlfriend and he has to stick his tongue down its throat. Scotty is a little embarrassed and says that he gets it. He comes out singing “Young Blood” by the Coasters. It is his funny side again and it is fun to watch. Randy says that he loved that it was a fun and says that he loved that it was like a both sides of a Scotty concert. Steven says that it was funny and loved the humor. Jennifer says that it was great and says that it is about the sprint to the finish line.

Lauren is next and she gets in the rehearsals with Gaga. She is told that she needs to have more of an evil side to her this week and Lauren is a little hesitant because she is the “sweetheart” of the competition. Gaga inspires her and tells her that it is only a facade that they are putting up. Singing “Trouble” by Elvis Presley, she comes out and shows that she is in it to win it. Steven says that it was well done and great. Jennifer says that she was showing that it was really good and she says that she saw some maturity. Randy says that he really enjoyed it and says that Gaga gave her some good advice.

Last up for the night is James Durbin. He goes to rehearsals and Gaga tells that he has to move and then proceeds to move his hips for him. He gets into it and starts to move around. Singing “Love Potion Number 9”, James comes out and blows it out of the water again and shows true talent. Jennifer says that showed her that he can sing anything. She says that it was a really great performance. Randy says that he is peaking at the right moment. Steven says that his voice is a beautiful thing. The performers have performed and now it is up to America to pick their Top 3 to go through. Who will it be?