1 Voted Off - Recap

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Results night and Scotty McCreery, Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina are in danger of leaving the competition. The show kicks off with Ryan telling that 95 Million votes came in and says that Il Volo and Nicole Scherzinger featuring 50 Cent are performing tonight. They show a video where the Top 3, including James Durbin, meet JJ Abrams who is the director/producer/writer of Fringe and Super 8. He shows them a trailer of his new movie Super 8 and the singers are intrigued. JJ Abrams gives theme Super 8 Cameras to video tape when they go back to their home towns.

After a break, Ryan talks to Elle Fanning, the star of Super 8, and she says that all the contestants are great, but her six year old sister that her favorite is Scotty. They show Haley’s return to her home town in Wheeling, Illinois. She is overwhelmed and she goes home to find that there are plenty of fans for her.

Il Volo performs their single “Oh So Amea” and it is great to hear their talent. Although they are no Il Divo, they are still good.

They show the video of Scotty and his home town of Garner, North Carolina. He is all tears after a little bit being there and is happy for the chance. At the concert, Scotty sings the signature favorite “Your Man” and they surprise him when Josh Turner shows up and sings with him on stage.

Nicole Scherzinger featuring 50 Cent sings “Right There”. She shows what it takes to be a multi-platinum recording artist in today’s music industry and sings it well.

They show Lauren’s homecoming Georgia, Tennessee. She is ecstatic at being home and she gets to go visit her High School that is now in ruins from the storms that went through the city. She goes and visits Tyler Long, a young boy who rescued his whole family from the wreckage. She is inspired and gives her concert and sings “Build It Anyway”.

The results are in and Scotty and Haley join Lauren on stage. The lights are dimmed and the person going to the Finals is Scotty McCreery. After the nationwide vote, Lauren Alaina is going to be competing against Scotty. Haley says that this is only the beginning and she ends it with singing “Benny and the Jets”. Next week is the Finale with Lauren VS Scotty!