Season 10 Finale - Recap

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It is the Season Finale and there are two that remain in the competition. Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina wait for the results to who will be the next American Idol. They kick off the show with Ryan coming out in a tux and bow tie and the judges are in their best as well.

Right off, the Top 13 sing “Born This Way". They sing perfectly and have fun on the stage for one last time.

Next, Idol "Gives Metal a Chance" and James Durbin and Judas Priest sing “Breakin the Law”. They are amazing on the stage and they relish in it.

They show a clip of the Randy’s moments on Idol. Afterward, Jacob Lusk sings with Kurt Franklin. Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin join in the song as well and it is great.

Next, Casey Abrams and Jack Black sing on stage and they add a little comic relief to the stage.

The ladies of the Top 13 sing “Single Ladies” and other Beyonce songs. Beyonce joins them on the stage.

They show a clip of Steven’s moments on Idol. Afterward, Haley Reinhart and Tony Bennett sing on stage and are amazing.

They show a clip of Jennifer’s moments on Idol. Afterward, Little John, TLC and the ladies of the Top 13 sing together.

After a break, Scotty McCreery and Tim McGraw sing “Live Like You Are Dying”. They are perfect in harmonizing.

Joe Repca, the wannabe news broadcaster talks about the worst auditions. Afterward, Marc Antony sings and Jennifer Lopez joins him on stage as a dancer.

The contestants of the season talk about the most shocking eliminations and Casey and James joke around about their eliminations being the worst and at the end, Pia comes out with a "Most Shocking" sash. The Top 13 guys sing Tom Jones hits and Tom Jones comes in and joins them.

They show a clip of Scotty and Lauren singing a song for the collection of the Ford Music Videos. Afterward, they show a clip of Lauren and Scotty talking to their teachers and them inviting them to the Finale. Lauren and Scotty give their teachers the keys to a new Ford Focus. Ryan surprises the finalists and tell that they get a car of their choosing.

Next, Lady Gaga sings her new single “The Edge of Glory”. It is amazing and she proves that she deserves everything that she has gotten.

Lauren Alaina sings “Next Time That He Cheats” with Carrie Underwood. They harmonize perfectly.

They show a clip of the contestants of the Top 13 talking about how a pair of kids beat them out of the top spot. Beyonce sings her new single “One Plus One”.

Bono and the Edge with the cast of Spiderman the musical sing “Rise Above”. At the end the guy dressed up as Spiderman swings down to Jennifer and for the signature "upside down kiss" and she taps him on the nose.

Steven Tyler sings “Dream On” and he proves that he still has the voice to be able to pull it off.

The results are in and Ryan dims the lights and says that the next American Idol is…Scotty McCreery! Lauren is all smiles still. Scotty closes the show by singing “I Love You This Big” and it is an emotional end.