Auditions #5: Houston - Recap

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The auditions continue and this time they are in Houston, Texas and they have high hopes since they have had one Idol from Houston. Whereas Houston is the headquarters, the judges are set up in Galveston, Texas for the auditions. They wait for the hopefuls as they come in to show what they have.

Phong Vu is the first contestant and he says that he has been waiting for this time all his life. He says that he loves to sing and sings “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton. Right off he is horrible and just gets worse. At the end, Steven says that he has the passion, but his voice isn’t interpreting it. Jennifer thanks him, but tells him that it is going to have to be a no this time. They are shocked that he cried during the song.

A montage of horrible acts that include Cameron Dobbins, Lamonte Hall and a country group of singers that try to sing the song that Scotty sang. They all get their negative answers and are forced to look elsewhere for fame.

Skylar Laine is next and she is a Tom Boy that likes to hunt and ride. She says that her family owns a store and that she wants to be able to help them out and keep the store from closing. She comes up to the judges and sings “Hell On Heels”. She is good and the judges don’t even have to think about it and send her through to Hollywood.

Next up is Baylie Brown and she is a repeater from Season Six. She sings and the judges also love what they hear from her. Jennifer says that she wishes that she could have heard her sing when she was sixteen 5 years ago. She says that it is a no brainer and they all send her through.

Next is Kristine Osorio and she says that she is 28-years-old and that she has 3 kids and is going through a divorce. She says that she has wanted to get out there and sing and this is her last chance. She sings and she is pretty good. Afterward the judges have no problem sending her through to the next round.

Through the next acts, Randy, Steven and Jennifer don’t agree on the talent that comes through the door and Jennifer gets a little irritated about the fact that Randy and Steven are saying no to good singers. When they start to put through the bad singers through, she really gets mad.

Next is Alejandro Cazares and he says that he is ready to blow the judges mind. He calls himself the Revolution and goes to the judges. He sings “Looking Up” by Perrymore. He is horrible. Jennifer says that his voice is not good enough for American Idol. Alejandro says that he can do this and gets on his knees. Security escorts him out.

Next up is Cortez Shaw and he says that he has been waiting for the moment and that he is ready. He comes out and sings a jazzed up version of “Someone Like You”. Randy tries to stop him, but Jennifer doesn’t allow him to stop him.

Julie Shuman, Vanessa Hernandez, Erin “Nire” Kettl don’t do well at all. Last up to help remove the curse of bad singers is Ramiro Garcia. He says that he was born without ears and that the doctors made him ears. He sings and he is good. Steven says that he likes what he is hearing and says that he is an example. Randy says that he is hopeful with him and Jennifer says that they are going to take a leap of faith. He comes out of the room with the last golden ticket of the day. In all, 54 hopefuls get their golden ticket to Hollywood. Next week is Portland, Oregon!