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1 of 11 Voted Off - Recap

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The results are in and the Top 10 are going to be reduced to 9. For Hollie, Heejun, Elise, Colton, Skylar, Jessica, Erika, Joshua, Deandre and Phillip, one of them will be sent home and will be out of the competition. The judges come out and take their seats. Ryan comes out and tells the crowd that Lana Del Ray and Haley Reinhart are performing tonight. The Top 10 perform a song on stage.

Hollie, Skylar and Elise go to the center of the stage. For Hollie, Jimmy Iovine says that he knew that she would have a problem with this and says that it may have been dangerous for her. For Skylar, Jimmy says that this wasn’t her best performance and she needs to grow in the competition. For Elise, Jimmy says something transformed in her and says that he got “goosies”. After the nationwide vote, they are all safe.

Lana Del Rey performs on stage and shows her voice off singing her new single “Video Games”.

After the performance, Ryan surprises Steven with an appearance of Joe Perry and he plays Happy Birthday for Steven’s birthday. Deandre, Jessica and Joshua come to the center of the stage. For Deandre, Jimmy Iovine says that he was jumping around too much and says that it might hurt him. For Joshua, Jimmy says that he didn’t understand it and says that he is going to have to grow if he is going to win this. For Jessica, Jimmy says that she did a great job and it was amazing. Joe joined the judging table and after the nationwide vote, Jessica and Joshua are safe. Deandre is in the Bottom Three tonight.

Haley Reinhart sings her new single “Free” on stage and shows that she has the voice to impress still on the Idol stage.

Erika, Heejun, Phillip and Colton go to the center of the stage. For Colton, Jimmy Iovine says that he killed it and says that everything was right. For Phillip, Jimmy says that he needs to take all the advice he can get in the competition. For Erika, Jimmy says that she was bold and says that her singing was good. For Heejun, Jimmy says that Heejun did a joke and says that Heejun is not the talent they want. After the votes, Colton and Phillip are safe. Heejun, Erika and Deandre are in the Bottom Three.

Jennifer says that it is sad to see someone go home, but at this point, everyone is a star. Deandre is sent back to safety. After the nationwide vote, Heejun is safe too. Erika sings for her time on Idol, but it is not enough and Erika Van Pelt is not saved by the judges and has to leave the competition.