1 of 4 Voted Off - Recap

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The Results are in and tonight they reveal the Top 3. Hollie Cavanaugh, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips anxiously wait to see if their performances were good enough to be able to get the Home Visits. The judges come out followed by Ryan. He says that David Cook is there tonight and Jennifer Lopez is going to perform as well. The Top 4 come out and sing “California Dreamin”.

They show a Ford Video Challenge. Afterward, Phillip Phillips goes to the center of the stage for his results. They look back at the night and Jimmy Iovine says that he found his true identity of his voice and says that Phillip delivered on the promise like he wrote the song. He says that it was magnificent. Ryan sends him back to the couch. It doesn’t mean that he is safe.

Hollie Cavanaugh comes up for her results. Jimmy says that she did a great job with using the oversinging, but maybe could be in the wrong direction. He says that for her second song wasn’t understood with the core of the song and says that she crashed and burned. Ryan sends her back to the couches.

David Cook comes out and sings his new single “I’ll Write For You”. He shows what it means to be an American Idol winner and wows the audience.

Ryan calls Joshua Ledet to come to the center of the stage. Jimmy says that the song looks great for high school moments and says that the song choice wasn’t good. As for his second song, Jimmy says that it was a great song and it was captivating. Ryan sends him back to the couch.

Jessica Sanchez comes out to the center of the stage. Jimmy says that she was good, but she growled too much and he didn’t like that part. For her second song, Jimmy says that she put the growl and power in the right way. Jessica gets sent back to the couch.

Jennifer Lopez performs on stage and shows that she has what it takes to be a singer/songwriter. She dances with her beau Casper Smart.

The Finalists come to the center of the stage. Steven says that Phillip has changed for the better and it was really good to see that. Jennifer says that Hollie had a moment where she was coming into her own and says that it was great and emotional. Randy says that Joshua has grown in the competition and from last year. He says that the sky is the limit. Jennifer says that Jessica’s “trick” is the really good singing trick.

The lights are dimmed and the first person into the Top 3 is Jessica Sanchez. The next person through to the Top 3 for hometown visits is Joshua Ledet. The final spot goes to Phillip Phillips. This means that the journey ends for Hollie Cavanaugh.