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3 Finalists Compete - Recap

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The Final 3 performances are underway and tonight are home visits. The judges come out and take their seats. Ryan comes out and greets the crowd. Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips come out and Ryan says that they got to go to their hometown. The first round is judges’ pick, second round is contestants’ pick and third round is Jimmy Iovine’s pick.

Joshua Ledet is first up and he comes out and sings “I’d Rather Be Blind” by Etta James. Afterward, Steven says that this is another Joshua moment and says that it is like a dream come true. He says that he sang like an American Idol. Jennifer says that he always brings down the house and says that it was great. Randy says that he is such a classic stylist and says that the R&B area needs a lift and he is the right guy to do it.

Jessica Sanchez is next and she comes out singing “My All” by Mariah Carrey. Afterward, Randy says that was beautiful and says that this is the best time that it has been performed on TV. Jennifer says that it was a hard song, but she did it in her own way and they got the tenderness out. Steven says that people hang on every note and says that was over the top and great.

Phillip Phillips is up last for round one. He comes out and sings “Megan” by Mad Con. Afterward, Jennifer laughs and says that he is very funny with the song and says that he rode that all the way home and says that it was great. Steven says that it is beautiful to see him unfold and says that he hopes that he writes his new songs because he could be the next Springsteen. Ryan says that they were at his concert with that performance and says that he is always in the zone and says that was incredible.

Before the next round, Ryan talks to the judges. Ryan says that there was no real clear cut winner and says that Joshua may have a slight edge. Jennifer says that Phillip was amazing. Steven says that he is still on the fence.

The next round kicks off with Joshua Ledet first. They show a video of Joshua going to his hometown where they give him a parade to his old High School. He shows his excitement. He puts on a concert for his hometown. Back on the stage, he comes out and sings “Imagine” by John Lennon. Afterward, Steven says that it was beautiful and says that every time he sings, he takes it over the top. Jennifer says that it was a totally controlled performance and says that he has an incredible voice. She loves how he feels the music. Randy says that he is glad that the song means something to him and says that he needs to keep that with him. He says that was a stellar performance.

Next up is Jessica Sanchez. They show the video of Jessica going back to her hometown for the hero visit. She flies into her hometown and land in Padre Park where she first auditioned. She does a radio interview and makes her way to the Chula Vista Amphitheater. She then goes home and has a nice welcoming. They have a parade to her High School. Back on stage, she comes out and sings “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Steven Tyler. Afterward, Steven gives her a standing ovation. He says that he took a great song and made it greater. He says that it was beautiful. Jennifer says that is a big deal for her and says that was amazing. Randy says that it is often hard to sing these songs and says that the whole change was perfect.

Last up for the second round is Phillip Phillips. They show the video of Phillip going home to receive his heroes’ welcome. He goes back to the Pawn Shop and there is a huge crowd. His dad tells him to soak up the entire thing. He gets home and hugs his family. He goes to give a concert for them. Back on stage, he comes out and sings “Disease” by Matchbox 20. Afterward, Jennifer says that the song wasn’t the wow performance that they wanted and says that it was still good. Steven says that it wasn’t the best, but it was still great. Randy says that this is weird because he didn’t like it either because it was simple and not over the top. That is what they want.

The final round kicks off with Joshua Ledet and Jimmy has chosen “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blidge. Jimmy says that this will combine going to church and the style he wants. Joshua comes out and sings. Afterward, Randy says that at this point, it doesn’t matter what he does because people will vote. He says that having the true song performance. Jennifer says that he has a moment and it was great. Even when the earbuds fell out, he did a great job. Steven says that was beautiful and says that it was over the top.

Next up is Jessica Sanchez and Jimmy has chosen “I’ll be There” by Jackson 5. Jimmy says that he wanted to show the audience with what Jessica can do with this song. Jessica comes out and sings. Afterward, Steven says that it was a perfect song with a perfect voice. Jennifer says that was a great choice of song and says that it was great. Randy says that he liked it ok and says that it wasn’t the best for him. He says that it needed the moment.

Last up for the night is Phillip Phillips. Jimmy has chosen “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Segar. Jimmy says that he wanted to find the song to address the way Phillip is and that he will stick to the melody. Phillip comes out and sings the song. Afterward, he gets the only standing ovation of the night! Randy says that was the perfect song at the perfect time because this was the moment. Jennifer says that there are millions of girls who wish that he was singing that to them. Steven says that he did a great job with the song. That is it for the performance. The Final Two will be revealed tomorrow!

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Warning: American Idol season 11 episode 37 guide may contain spoilers
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