1 of 3 Voted Off - Recap

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Results are in and on of the 3 are going home. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler take their seats and Ryan comes out. He says that tonight they find out the Final 2! Adam Lambert and Lisa Marie Presley are performing tonight. The Top 3 come out and perform a Beatles song.

Ryan asks the Top 3 how they are feeling. Jessica says that she is pumped to see who is going to make it. Phillip says that they are just happy to be there and will be happy no matter what. Joshua agrees. Joshua gets called to the center of the stage for his results. Jimmy Iovine says that Joshua had a good night last night and says that overall it was an 8. He says that Joshua is the best showman, but says that “Imagine” wasn’t the best. Jimmy says that he takes responsibility for the song choice of his.

They show a video where The Top 4 got to go to a recording studio where Ester Dean is recording songs for the upcoming movie “Ice Age – Continental Drift”. They have fun singing with her. Afterward, Lisa Marie Presley performs on stage and sings “You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet”. She shows that she still has it.

Jessica Sanchez comes to the center of the stage and Jimmy says he doesn’t think that this was enough to make it through to the Finale. Jimmy says that she has the talent to sing the songs, but she has to have a magical moment. He says that she is worthy of singing in the Grammy’s.

Adam Lambert performs his new single “Never Close Our Eyes”. He shows that even 2nd place still gives you a lucrative career.

Phillip Phillips goes to the center of the stage and Jimmy says that Phillips sound is getting more and more original. He says that the second song was a snooze fest. However he says that the last song of Phillip’s was the best and he won the night.

Jessica and Joshua come join Phillip on stage. Randy says that they are the 3 of the best they have ever had and says that they enjoy all of them. Jennifer says that it has been a journey and says that to lose one of them is heartbreaking. Steven says that they have the courage to have a dream and says it was great. The first spot in the Finale goes to Jessica Sanchez! She is shocked. The person joining her is Phillip Phillips! This means that Joshua Ledet is going home.