Season 11 Finale - Recap

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The Final results of the season are in and it is against Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. The show begins and the Top 12 come out and sing a song. Afterward, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson come out and take their seats. Ryan Seacrest comes out and welcomes the crowd. He says that they had 132 Million votes for the two finalists. He says that tonight is going to a night of recording artists performances.

Phillip Phillips and CCR’s John Fogherty take to the stage and they sing “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”. Afterward, they sing “Bad Moon Rising”

After they look at the best moments of American Idol Season 11, Joshua Ledet comes out and sings “Take Me to the Pilot”. Fantasia joins him on the stage. She shows that she still has it.

After they show a clip of Jimmy Iovine messing up Jennifer Lopez’s name, the Top 12 Ladies perform on stage. Chaka Khan comes out and joins them on stage.

They show a clip of Phillip Phillips talking about his music mentor being his brother. Jessica Sanchez says that her friend Robert is her musical mentor. They get a new car. Afterward, Rihanna performs her new single on stage. She shows what it means to be a current multi-platinum recording artist and shows that she has what it takes.

Skylar Laine comes out and sings “Turn On Your Radio”. Reba McEntire comes out and sings with her. Afterward, they take a look at Steven Tyler’s dressing room.

Jessica Sanchez sings “I Will Always Love You” on stage. Afterward, Ryan tells the crowd and camera that there are going to be tickets to the tour.

The Top 12 Guys come out and sing on stage. Neil Diamond comes out on stage and sings with them. Afterward, they show Randy’s moments on Idol and how he says “That they can sing the phone book” phrase. So the Top 12 sing the phonebook “literally”.

Jennifer Lopez comes out and sings “Goin In” and “Follow the Leader” on stage and shows that she has it as a recording artist. Afterward, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young come out and say that they moved in together and Ace asks Diana to marry him.

Hollie Cavanaugh comes out and sings “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Jordin Sparks on the stage. Afterward, Ryan says that they have lost another legend; Robin Gibb from the Bee-Gee’s. The Top 12 Guys comes out and sing a medley of Bee-Gees songs.

Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Hudson come out and sing “And I’m Telling You”. Afterward, Aerosmith comes out on the stage and performs.

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips come out and sing. Afterward, the time of the results come. They come to the center of the stage. They winner of the Season 11 American Idol is…Phillip Phillips! He sings the winning song and halfway through he breaks down and cries and hugs his family. The season ends.