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Auditions #3: Charlotte - Recap

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Another round of Auditions are here and this week they are in Charlotte, North Carolina! This is the week of the big fight that Mariah Carrey and Nicki Minaj had. They turn back the clock six hours. Scotty McCreery comes out with Ryan Seacrest to pump up the contestants. They are at the Motor Speedway. Judges Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson, Kieth Urban and Mariah Carrey make their way to the judging table for the first contestant.

Up first is Naomi Morris, 28, from Charlotte, NC. She says that she makes the outfit she has on herself. She has a lot of personality. She comes in and Nicki gives her some makeup tips and how she should change her name and it is clear that Mariah is uneasy. She sings and afterward, the judges didn’t like that. They try to give her another chance, but it is still bad. The judges vote no to Hollywood. Mariah tells her not to allow this to let her down.

Next up is Joel Nemoyer, 20, from Carlisle, PA. He likes to sing lying down. He comes in and is a little wild. He tells Nicki that her outfit is reminiscent to cotton candy. He lies on the ground and sings. The judges are confused. Nicki says that was a first. Keith says that singing is not his expertise. Mariah agrees and they vote. It is a no for Joel and he leave.

Up next is Brian Rittenberry, 27, from Jasper, GA. He says that his wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. However, after a while she got better. He says that they were given a second chance with her. He comes in and says that his wife loves Keith and that is why she forced him to come on the show. He sings and afterward, Keith says that it was great. Mariah says that she wasn’t expecting that. Nicki says that she loved the commitment and says that it is a yes.

Next up is Jimmy Smith, 25, from Waynesboro, TN. He says that he was looking on Twitter and put in his online application. He sings and afterward, Nicki says that he is popping and says that his voice is the voice that she needed to hear. Keith says that he loves his voice and says that his personality comes out in the tone. Mariah says that he has something unique and special. They vote and it is a yes from everyone. He gets his Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

The talent keeps coming as Sarina-Joi Crowe, 17, from Columbia, TN, Haley Davis, 26, from Charleston, SC, and Na’Chelle Fullins-Lovell, 19, from Charlotte, NC show that they have the voice to get through to Hollywood. The judges afterwards, break for lunch.

Next up is Matthew Muse, 23, from Florence, SC. He says that he is ready for this and sings using his eyes. He is awkward with a lot of personality. He sings and he is not good at all. Keith says that he liked the hand gestures. Randy says that he liked the stance and asks if he dances. Matthew shows his dance moves, but it is just as bad as his singing.

Up next is another Nominated contestant. Randy goes to the High School of Isabel Gonzalez, 16, from Alpharetta, GA. Randy gives her a ticket to the auditions. She comes into the judging room and sings. Afterward, Nicki says that she can listen to her sing all day and says that it is effortless. Keith says that she is a natural and is born to do this. Mariah says that she is a star. The judges vote and it is a yes from all judges. She goes out to her family and she is sprayed with silly string.

Next up is Taisha Bethea, 21, from Concord, NC. She is in a band that supports her decision to come on the show. She comes up to the judges and sings a Johnny Cash song. They have her sing another song and she sings Alanis Morisette. Mariah says that she is interesting. Keith says that she may be suitable with a band. Mariah says that she is confused with who she is. Nicki says that it doesn’t matter to her and says that she is not the typical Black girl who sings the runs. Nicki says yes, Mariah says no, Keith says yes and Randy says no. This means that the deciding vote goes to Keith and that means she is through to Hollywood.

The next contestant up after a long day of disagreeing is Summer Cunningham, 20, from Warner Robins, GA. She sings and afterward, Nicki says that her voice was pretty and controlled. Keith is not that sure where she is and gets irritated when she says that she “did the Country thing”. Randy says that her voice is going toward the Country thing. The judges vote and Keith, Mariah and Randy say yes with her singing Country. Nicki says that they are forcing her to go into Country. They argue and Mariah is clearly irritated. Nicki leaves the panel.

The next day, the media reports about the fight that was on the Idol set and production is shut down for a time. They resume and the first contestant is Brandy Hamilton, 25, from Charlotte, NC. She is a Navy Reservist that gets in trouble for singing. She sings and afterward, Randy says that he liked it and says that she lit up the room. Keith says that he would love to hear more. Nicki says that she did a great job feeling it. Mariah says that it was great and can’t wait to hear more. The judges all say yes and she gets her ticket to Hollywood. She tells them not to fight because it makes her sad.

Next up is Ashley Smith, 22, from Charlotte, NC. She is talkative and corky. She sings and she is not bad at all. Nicki says that the song was pretty and it was cool. Mariah says that she enjoyed her and says that it was great. Keith says that he couldn’t look away and Ashley says that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him either. Randy says that he liked it and the fact that she sang a Carrie Underwood song. They vote with an unanimous yes and gets her ticket to Hollywood.

After a montage of Nicki’s crazy nicknames, the next contestant comes in. Janelle Arthur, 22, from Oliver Springs, TN says that she was in a production when she was little portraying a young Dolly Parton. She sings a medley. Keith says that he loved it and says that it is a beautiful voice. Nicki says that she is really special and is already a star. Randy says that the vocals were amazing. Mariah says that she is pretty and it was great. They vote and she gets through to the next round.

After a group of horrible singers, the last singer up before Keith has to leave for the day is Rodney Barber, 27, from Charlotte, NC. He says that he sings on the street and says that he was homeless four years ago. He says that he is paying it forward. He sings and it is good. Afterward, Mariah says that he was fantastic and says that she loved it. Keith says that he has a great voice. Nicki says that she loves his story and voice. Randy agrees and says that he is inspired. They vote and it is a yes.

Next up is Candice Glover, 22, from St. Helena Island, SC. She was on Idol last year and was cut in Vegas Round. She says that she is coming back strong. She sings and afterward, Randy and Mariah give her a standing ovation. Randy says that she sounded amazing. Nicki says that she is obsessed with her and says that she is what American Idol stands for. Mariah says that this was the best singing they have heard. Randy says that right there is what it is all about. They vote and she gets through to Hollywood again.

Up next is Ja’Bria Barber, 16, from Clover, SC. She says that she loves going Giggin’. The judges are confused and she says that is where they go out and get frogs, cut of their legs and eat the legs. They are grossed out and tell her that she should eat the entire frog. Nicki says that if she gets through to Hollywood, she needs to stop killing frogs. She sings and afterward, Mariah says that she loved it. Randy says that she has a swagger thing and says that he likes her. Nicki says that she has a strong voice. They vote her through to Hollywood.

Next is Brad Harris, 28, from Maiden, NC. He says that he liked banging his head on chairs all the time. He says that used to rap. He sings “A Whole New World” and it is horrible. Afterward, Mariah is lost for words. Randy says that it wasn’t good and Nicki says that it is not his things.

The day comes to an end and the last contestant of the day is Seretha Guinn, 26, from Charlotte, NC. She says her boyfriend was in a horrible accident and that he doesn’t know that she at the auditions. She has a daughter who is a fan of Nicki Minaj. She sings and it is great. Nicki says that it was incredible and says that she is a superstar. Randy says that he was blown away and says that it was great. Mariah says that she loves her and says that it was great. They vote her through to Hollywood. In total, 37 contestants made it through to Hollywood. Next stop is Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Warning: American Idol season 12 episode 3 guide may contain spoilers
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