Auditions #6: Oklahoma City - Recap

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The auditions conclude tonight and tonight they are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! The contestants line up to get their chance to be one of the many that are possibly in line to get the Golden Ticket. Judges Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj get into the judges room and welcome the crowd.

First of the night is Karl Skinner, 26, from Joplin, MO. He says that all he wants to do is show his talent to the judges. He gets in and tells the judges that he has to move around. He sings and moves around. Afterward, Keith tells him to play the guitar. He plays his own song. Keith asks who he sees himself as and he says that he is like no one else. Randy says that it is interesting. Karl says that he could do anything they want. Randy says that he could do Ryan’s job and Ryan comes in and tells them to vote. They tell him that it is a yes from all of them.

After a round of horrible singers, hoping to get the golden ticket is Nate Tao, 24, from Reston, VA. He says that both his parents are deaf and that he is a sign language teacher. He comes up to the judges and sings. Afterward, Mariah says that she enjoyed that and says that he did a nice audition. Nicki says that he has a nice unique tone for a guy. Randy says that he has a good polished look and it was nice. Keith says that it looked like it was easy for him and says that it was great for him to sing that song. He gets his ticket through to Hollywood.

Next up is Halie Hilburn, 27, from Vernon, TX. She is a ventriloquist and has been for 9 years old. She goes into the judges and tells them that it is a duet with her and her puppet Oscar. She is pretty good and Keith laughs when Oscar starts to Yodel. Keith says that she can sing and that he loved it. Mariah says that she has a beautiful voice and that she is going to have to part ways with Oscar. Nicki says that it was great. They vote and she is through to Hollywood. She gives Oscar to Ryan outside and says that Oscar will not be going to Hollywood.

Up next is Zoanette Johnson, 19, from Tulsa, OK. She says that she had a bet that if Obama won, she would sing the National Anthem. Nicki says that she is obsessed with her. Mariah says that it was really sweet. Nicki says that she is a character. They are confused with her, but they feel that she is too much of a superstar not to get through to Hollywood. They give her a ticket.

After a bunch of emotional people with yes and no answers from the judges, the next contestant is Anastacia Freeman, 25, from Ardmore, OK comes in crying. She composes herself and goes inside and sings. However, it is terrible. Randy asks her if someone told her to audition and she says that God told her to do this and says that she was sitting watching American Idol last season writing in her journal when she felt that she had to go. They tell her that it is a no to Hollywood. Randy says that was weird.

Last up is Kayden Stephenson, 16, from Tulsa, OK. He goes into the judges and tells them that this is his dream. He says that he has cystic fibrosis. He says that he is doing Idol because he wants to accomplish things he wants to. Nicki says that she loves his voice and says that so many kids would be inspired. Mariah says that they need to go make the record now. She says that girls will crawl on the floor for him. They vote all together with a yes.

One last contestant comes out. It is clearly Steven Tyler, but he comes in dressed like a lady. He says that he wants to sing them a song. The judges know who he is and he takes off the wig and the stuffing in the chest. He tells them that he wanted to wish them luck this year in finding the next American Idol. In total for Oklahoma, 44 contestants will get their chance. Next week is Hollywood Week!