Hollywood Round (1) - Recap

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It’s Hollywood Week and the contestants who got their Golden Tickets are going to have to compete to keep their spot in the Top 40. This year’s judging panel is tougher than ever and they only want to best through. There is only room for 20 boys and 20 girls. The day arrives and the contestants arrive in Hollywood! They make their way to the stage and the girls are not there. It is all about the guys this week. Judges Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban arrive to great the contestants. They give them a few pointers before they take to the stage.

The guys are going to have to come out in groups of 10. The first group comes out and in the group is Micah Johnson (24). He comes out first and sings and Keith loves it. The other guys sing and the judges decide that Micah, Peter, Devon and Mathenee have what it takes and puts them through to the next round.

The judges continue to say yes as Nate Tao (24) shows that he has what it takes to make it through, Gabe Brown (22) shows that he has the talent and gets through. Gurpreet Singh Sarin (22) gets a yes from the judges as well!

Karl Skinner (26) comes out in a group and shows that he has the energy and the judges laugh at his performance. The rest of the line performs and it is not good. The judges decide that it is a no to the group. Dustin Watts (27) and Dr. Calvin Peters (28) also don’t make the cut and are told that their Idol journey is over.

Another group comes up that includes Cortez Shaw (22) who sings “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. He shocks the judges with his powerful vocals. The judges convene and are divided. Mariah says that she enjoyed it, but Nicki says that he did a poor job with it. Randy says that he isn’t Whitney. He tells Cortez that he made it.

Curtis Finch JR. (24) comes out in a group and blows the judges away with his gospel song. Frankie Ford (25) also comes out and impresses them. They both get their pass to the next round.

Up next is Lazaro Arbos (21). He comes out in the group and sings “Angels” by Robbie Williams. The judges are all smiles as sings. The rest of the line performs as well and the judges tell Lazaro that he is through.

Trevor Blakney (24), Bryant Tadeo (23) and Charles Allen (22) come out hoping to win the hearts of the judges to be able to move on to the next round and they succeed. They all are told that it is good news. Nicki plays with Bryant and tells him that he is going home. She tells him that she is joking.

Brian Rittenberry (28) comes outs out in the next group and shows that he wants that pass to the next round. He sings and is told that for now, the whirlwind has to end for now. He goes home despite what he felt was a good performance.

Group Round kicks off and the most dreaded part of the competition has the guys worried. Hoping to gain an advantage, some guys get into groups. However, there is a twist. Ken and Nigel tell that they are forming the groups. They are formed and have to pick on a song, choreograph and master the lyrics.

The groups get together and they find that communication might be a barrier. With Lazaro’s group, Lazaro doesn’t like to learn new songs, with Trevor Blakely, he is struggling with two of his flamboyant group members and don’t agree on the song choice. However, there are those groups that get a head start with their vocal coaches. Johnny Keyser is struggling to keep up with the vocal coach. The other contestants get their attitude together and work to help each other out. As it gets later and later, everyone’s energy is getting low. At 4 am, Trevor reaches his breaking point and doesn’t like that they are focused on the dance moves instead of the lyrics.

The next day arrives and the contestants are going to have to perform what they rehearsed. Mariah says that she is worried about them, Keith says that he knows that they haven’t had sleep, Randy says that they are going to have to do it and Nicki says that there are going to be a lot of cuts. First up are the “Mathheads” that include: Matheus Fernandes (22), Nick Boddington (27), Mathenee Treco (26) and Gabe Brown (22). They show their talent on the stage and give it their all. The judges like it. Nicki says that they gelled well and says that they came on strong. They vote to put through all of them.

The next group “Normal Hill” that includes: Johnny Keyser (24), Kareem Clark (22) and two others come up. During rehearsals, Johnny struggles with the song lyrics. They hit the stage and Johnny has forgotten the words again. Kareem doesn’t help the group with his off-key singing. The judges tell Johnny that they like his voice, but forgetting the lyrics is bad. Johnny says that he hasn’t heard the song before. They vote and Kareem is sent home while the other 3 are put through to the next round.

The next group comes to the stage. The group consists of: Curtis Finch, JR. (24), Charlie Ascew (17) and Nicholas Mathis (23). In rehearsals, Charlie got sick and Curtis didn’t care if he was ever going to get better. Charlie does get better and makes the best of their time. They come out and sing. The judges loved every moment of that and Randy says that they are all through to the next round.

“The Four Tones” come out. The group consists of: Micah Johnson (24), Vincent Powell (29), Marvin Calderon (22) and David Willis (21) and they show that they are full of soul. Randy says that they did a great job and that they are all through.

Next up is “Young Love” which includes: Zach Birnbaum (15), Nate Tao (24), Cortez Shaw (22) and Elijah Liu (18). They show that they have style on stage and impress the judges. They get through to the next round without any complaints. However, the talent fails for one group.

“The Taylors” come out the members all forget their words. Paul Jolley and Will White make it through to the next round despite forgetting the words. This train wreck of forgetting the lyrics continues and “Beside” comes out. The judges tell them that the harmonies were a train wreck and after deliberating, the judges decide that they all are going to go through despite the train wreck. They say that they can be better with this.

The next group “Last Minute” come out and consists of: Jason Jones (18), Dan Wood (22), Jessie Lawrence (25) and another guy. They too forget their words to the song and Keith tells them that the song is One Direction and it sounded like Four Directions. Nicki says that they were all equally bad. They have to send all of them home.

Up next is a band that decides to go achapella. The group consists of: Devan Jones (27), Devin Velez (18), Ryan Conner Smith and Adrian. They decide, under Ryan Conner Smith, that the group could do this. They come out and sing at their best. Keith says that they could have done it justice with the band and they say that Adrian, Devin and Devan get through. Ryan isn’t through to the next round.

The next group “Mo Flow” which consists of: Burnell Taylor (19), Tony Foster, JR. (25), Mario Jose (24) and Darien Moses (27) come out on stage. After struggling in rehearsal, Burnell gets the lyrics right on stage. After the performance, Keith says that Burnell was strange in the performance. Burnell and Darien get through.

The next group, “Super 55” come out which consists of: Josh Stephens (19), Scott Fleenor (21), Christian Lopez (17) and Lazaro Arbos (21). They struggle in rehearsals and Lazaro feels like the black sheep of the group. They sing and everyone is horrible. Mariah asks if they have heard the song. The judges all vote and they put through Lazaro and Christian. Scott and Josh are not through.

“Country Queen” is the next group up. They consist of: Lee Pritchard (25), JDA (27), Joel Wayman (24) and Trevor Blakney (24). They come out and forget the words. They try to recover, but don’t really do a great job at it. Afterwards, Mariah says that they are going to have to take a moment. She says that they are going to put through JDA and Joel both make it through. Trevor takes the news hard and says that he has never failed at anything.

Next up is “DKSK”. They consist of: David Leathers, JR. (18), Kayden Stephenson (16), Kevin Quinn (15) and Sanni M’Mairura (16). They come out and sing. Randy says that it was the best they could do and Kayden says that the lyrics left him. Randy says that David and Sanni are through to the next round. The bad news continued as people were cut from the competition.

The next group, “OZ” is up and they are not agreeing with anything backstage. They are close to breaking. The group consists of: Papa Peachez (19), Adam Sanders (19), Frankie Ford (25) and Charles Allen (22). They come out and sing and it is disjointed. Charles brings the group back. Nicki says that Frankie fell apart for her. She says that Papa Peachez they are four of the best. Nicki tells them that there are going to be big personalities. They judge and decide to keep Charles, Papa Peachez and Adam. They send home Frankie. Tomorrow the Solo performances begin where 20 will go through and 23 will go home.