Hollywood Round (2) - Recap

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Hollywood Week continues and tonight are the Solo Performances from the guys who performed last night. The remaining 43 contestants arrive at the auditorium. Randy says that they’re going to have to bring it. Keith says that he wants to hear something special. The contestants are going to be able to have the help of vocal coaches and decide if they are going to play an instrument or not. The judges arrive at the auditorium and wait for the first contestant.

Paul Jolley (22) from Palmersville, TN is up first. He is a nervous wreck, but says that he can pull it together for them. He sings and the judges are impressed by him. Nicki says that he walked out so defeated and it irritated her. She says that he needs to keep the nervousness off the stage. Nicki is clearly irritated with him. He is going to have to wait as 7 more people are going to have to perform before cuts are made. Lazaro Arbos (21) from Naples, FL comes out next and shows that it is going to be a battle. He sings and it is flawless. Curtis Finch, JR. (24) from St. Louis, MO comes out next. He sings and shows his soul. The judges seem to like it. Mariah says that it was absolutely beautiful as always. They get their results and all Paul Jolley (22), Lazaro Arbos (21) and Curtis Finch, JR. (24) get through.

Next up is Devin Velez (18) from Chicago, IL. He says that he never would have seen himself this far. He comes out and sings. Afterwards, Keith tells him that he was born to sing. He says that it was great. As he waits, Gurpreet Singh Sarin (22) from North Potomac, MD comes out and sings. Cortez Shaw (22) from Dallas, TX comes out and stands out among the other eight. Matheus Fernandes (22) from Atlanta, GA is nervous backstage about performing with a band. However, he composes himself and gives his performance. Mariah tells him that he has come a long way and says that it was a little bit disconnected. Nicki says that he doesn’t have to milk his height and just show his talent. They get the results and Devin Velez (18), Gupreet Singh Sarin (22), Cortez Shaw (22) and Adam Sanders (19) get through. Matheus doesn’t get through and heads home.

The next group comes up and first up is Nicholas Mathis (23) from Chicago, IL. He says that he is doing this for his kids. He comes out and sings and is pitchy. Afterwards, Keith tells him that he was chasing the song rather then the song. Papa Peachez (19) from Jackson, MS comes out and Nicki doesn’t like the song choice right off. Afterwards, she tells him that she is pretty sure that the flame is burnt out. She tells him that she wants him to get that back. Jimmy Smith (25) from Waynesboro, TN comes out to redeem himself from yesterday. Afterwards, Mariah says that he is one of her favorites and says that she was wowed. The group is called out and Jimmy Smith (25), Johnny Keyser (24) and Vincent Powell (29) get through. Papa Peachez and Nicholas Mathis are headed home.

Nick Boddington (27) from Memphis, TN comes out in his group of guys and performance with the keyboard. The judges like what they hear. Keith says that his range is beautiful and says that it was a good performance. Charlie Askew (17) from Little Rock, AR comes out and sings “Somebody That I Used To Know” and he impresses the judges. Nicki says that she is she is obsessed and says that he has this corky thing that it is so odd that it is right. Nicki says that he is amazing. The guys in the group come out again and Nick Boddington (27), JDA (27), Mathanee Treco (26) and Charlie Askew (17) are through to the next round.

The next group of guys comes out and Burnell Taylor (19) from New Orleans, LA is up first. He, like so many guys have chosen to sing “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri. Also singing the same song is Marvin Calderon (22) from San Diego, CA. They are both told that they are amazing as always and both of them get through to the next round.

Last up to perform is Micah Johnson (24) from Morrow, GA. He says that he has been waiting for this for a while and says that it is amazing to be in Hollywood Week. He comes out and sings “I Told You So” by Randy Travis. Afterwards, Mariah says that was a beautiful song and says that for this round it is a no for today. Gabe Brown, Sanni and Nate Tao are among the ones also cut. However, it is not over. The guys are called in again and are told that eight of them will be leaving after the girls perform next week!