Hollywood Round (3) - Recap

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Hollywood Week continues and this time it is the girls’ turn to take to the stage in Hollywood. The 162 contestants make their way to the auditorium and the girls are ready to go. Judges Mariah Carrey, Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj are going to have to make a lot more cuts with the girls than the guys. The night begins with the first group coming out on stage.

Mariah Pulice (19) from Darien, IL comes out first in the group and sings. Judges are interested a little bit. Angela Miller (18) from Beverly, MA comes up and tells the judges that a girl is going to win this year. Keith is impressed. Victoria Acosta (20) from San Antonio, TX comes up last in the group of girls and sings. The judges deliberate and decide to put through Angela (19) and Victoria (20). Mariah doesn’t make it through to the next round. Ashley Smith and others are among others cut from the competition.

The next group is up and two Country girls go head to head. Rachel Hale (21) from Prescott, AR comes up first to sing. Nicki tells Keith that she is so relatable and has that thing. Jenelle Arthur (23) from Oliver Springs, TN comes up and sings. The judges deliberate and decide to keep Jenelle (23) and Rachel (21). The talent continues to shine and more girls are through to Group Round.

First up in the next group is Candice Miller (23) from St. Helena Island, SC. The judges like it. Megan Miller (22) from Baton Rouge, LA takes to the stage with her leg healed. The judges decide that they are going to keep Lauren, Candice (23) and Sheila. This means that Megan is headed home. Other groups of girls get through and it is clear that talent is better this year in the girls’ category.

The next group of girls comes up and Isabelle (22) from Duluth, GA shows off her pipes. The judges like it a lot. She makes it through to the next round.

The next contestant to take the stage in a group is Kez Ban (27) from Durham, NC. She says that she is getting over something and would like 30 seconds to get stuff out, but they push the group out on stage. Her voice is shot. Birana Oakley (16) from Antioch, CA comes out. The judges deliberate and decide that they are going to send through the entire group! This ends the first day and 76 girls make it through to the next round.

Group Round kicks off and the girls are told that they are told that their groups are already chosen for them. They get into their groups and start to get together for their song choice. Some groups are struggling and Kez Ban tells her group that they should sing “California Dreaming”. However, others are not agreeing with her. Britney Kellogg likes her group, but they struggle with the choreography.

Some groups have their act together and work with the vocal coaches. One group featuring Zoanette struggle because Zoanette doesn’t like that she has to sing a song that she is not comfortable with. Kez Ban’s group “The Misfits” are struggling even after choosing a song that everyone agrees with. Kez Ban struggles hitting the notes. The group is getting tired of Kez Ban’s eccentric attitude. The group goes to bed while Kez Ban gets some food.

The next day, the group gets out of bed with some not feeling it. Kez Ban is as, expected, eccentric. The girls arrive and first group up is “The Swagettes”. The group consists of: Kamaria Ousley (29) from Oakland, CA, Melinda Ademi (19) from Yonkers, NY, Candice Glover (23) from St. Helena Island, SC and Denise Jackson (22) from Madison, WI. The judges smile. Keith says that was a great song choice. He says that it was put together. They decide to put through all of them.

The next group, “Raisin’ Kane” which consists of: Morgan Leigh Boberg (19) from Valley Center, CA, Lauren Mink (26) from Winchester, KY, Brandy Hotard (26) from Port Allen, LA and another member. Nicki says that was a mighty fine job. They decide that all of them are through.

“Almost Famous” which consists of: Savannah Votion (24) from San Antonio, TX, Lizz Weiss (23) from Long Island, NY, Daysia Hall (21) from Baltimore, MD and J’Leigh Chauvin (17) from Larose, LA are up next. After struggling in rehearsals, they come out and sing a remix to a song. Mariah asks them how it went and they say that it was a struggle. They vote and only Daysia is through to the Solo Rounds. The other members take it hard and say that it is not fair.

“The Dramatics” are up next. The group consists of: Kriss Mincey (22) from Aberdeen, MD, Janel Stinney (19) from Gaithersburg, MD, Cristabel Clack (29) from San Antonio, TX and another member. After a night of struggling and Janel’s behavior and how she is disjointed from the group, they come out and sing. Nicki gives them a standing ovation and says that they felt the song despite forgetting the words. Keith says that it was opposite for him. Keith tells them that despite everything, they are all through to the next round. This is not the same for others and there are a lot of cuts.

The next group “Urban Hugh” consists of: Seretha Guinn (26) from Charlotte, NC, Tenna Torres (28) from Queens, NY, Kiara Lanier (21) from Chicago, IL and another member. Nicki says that was so painful and says that Seretha didn’t have a good day. They vote and only all get through besides Seretha.

“The WhoSnaps” are up next and they consist of: Erin Christine (26) from Madison, CT, Zoanette Johnson (20) from Tulsa, OK, Lauren Bettes (20) from Cooper, TX and Isabelle (22) from Duluth, GA. They come out and sing after a night of Zoanette being against the song. However, they are all good. The judges decide to keep everyone except for Lauren.

Up next is “Handsome Women” which consists of: Shira Gavrielov (23) from Israel/Brooklyn, NY, Alisha Dixon (23) from Los Angeles, CA, Liz Bills (27) from Boston, MA and Courtney Calle (16) from Newtown, PA. During rehearsals, Liz is the odd girl out and the other band members feel that she is too good for them. They come out and it is all over the place. Liz is the only one through to the next round. Shira comes back and asks for another chance and they tell her that she wasn’t good today.

“For You” comes out and they consist of: Stephanie Schimel (21) from Milwaukee, WI, Alex Delaney (19) from Bozeman, MT, Kalli Therinae (20) from Lehi, UT and Holly Miller (15) from Waverly, OH. They changed their song last moment and say that they can do great. They get out on stage and some forget their words. Randy says that obviously it was terrible. Stephanie (21) and Holly (15) are through and Alex and Kalli are sent home. The forgetting of the lyrics epidemic continues and more and more girls are writing lyrics on their hand.

The next group, “The Dolly Chicks” is up and they consist of: Britnee Kellogg (28) from Vancouver, WA, Kree Harrison (22) from Woodville, TX, Brandy Neely (17) from Louisville, KY and Haley Davis (27) from Charleston, SC. After a night of Haley not practicing with the group, they come out and Haley has the lyrics written on her arm. Afterward, Nicki says that Brittney that it is clear that Haley didn’t practice. They vote and Haley (27), Kree (22) and Britnee (28) are through to the next round. This means that Brandy is going home.

The final group of the night is up and it consists of: Kez Ban (27) from Durham, NC, Breanna Steer (18) Laplace, LA, Angela Milly (18) from Beverly, MA and Janelle Arthur (23) from Oliver Springs, TN. They don’t get together with everything and Kez Ban adds to the group’s irritation. Nicki says that the voices were perfection. She says that all of them are special. They all get through. That is it for Group Round! Tomorrow, the Solo Round begins!