Hollywood Round (4) - Top 40 Revealed - Recap

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The final day of Hollywood Week is upon us and the 47 girls who are still in the competition are going to have to push it to the limits. The judges are going to have to cut 27 of the girls. Judges Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson take their seats. The contestants can choose to sing from the list of songs or chose to sing an original.

Angela Miller (18) from Beverly, MA is up first for the night and she has chosen to sing an original song. She amazes all the judges and they give her a standing ovation. Keith says that is such a beautiful song and says that he would play that in his car. Mariah says that was amazing. Nicki says that wasn’t even on the top of her brain and says that is definitely a Top 40 song.

Next up is Candice Glover (23) from St. Helena Island, SC. She comes out and sings “Girl On Fire” and the judges are impressed with her talent. Keith says that she took it and did her own thing and says that it was incredible. Nicki says that she really like her.

Janelle Arthur (23) from Oliver Springs, TN comes out next and sings “I Told You So” and shows the judges that it is her time to make it through. Nicki says that she loves how she always keeps it subtle and is always a Country Singer.

Zoanette Johnson (20) from Tula, OK is up next and in rehearsals, she makes up her own song right on stage and tells the band how to play it. She comes out on stage and plays it for the judges with her on drums. She gets confused on stage and the judges are laughing about her craziness. Nicki says that she loved it and says that it was great. The judges deliberate and Candice (23), Jet, Janelle (23), Angela (18) and Zoanette (20) are through to the next round.

Next up is Shubha Vedula (17) from Mt. Pleasant, MI. She sings “Believe” and afterwards, Mariah says that was a nice moment for her. Juliana Chahayed (15) from Woodland Hills, CA comes up and sings “Landslides”. Nicki says that she loved it and didn’t want it to end. Kez Ban (27) from Durham NC comes out and sings an original. The judges are not really impressed. Nicki says that they appreciate her artistry. They decide to send her home right on the spot.

The last group of girls comes out and Ashllee Feliciano (20) from East Hartford, CT comes out. Randy says that was surprising and says that it was a serious song choice. Randy tries to tell the ladies that everything is serious. Melinda Ademi (19) from Yonkers, NY changes it up with “Price Tag”. Randy thanks her for the up tempo. Keith says that she has such a good light to her and says that she has a good shot.

Kree Harrison (22) from Woodville, TX is up next and after the no-so-good Group Round, the judges are expecting more. She comes out and sings “Stars” and Keith gets goosebumps. Keith says that her voice is one of her favorites and Mariah says that there is something genuine in her voice. Nicki says that she became a star in front of her. The judges deliberate and Lauren, Kree (22) and Melinda (19) are through to the next round of the competition.

The remaining 24 girls come out on stage and Lauren Mink, Holly Marie Miller and Ariel Sprags are going home. This means that one more cut to be made. Stephanie Schimel (21) from Milwaukee, WI is told to sing on the spot. The judges are impressed. Rachel Hale (21) from Prescott, AR is told to sing. The judges seem to be impressed as well. The final spot in the Girls Top 20 goes to Rachel.

The remaining 28 guys come out on stage and Adam Sanders (19) from San Antonio, TX is called to sing. The judges have mixed emotions. Josh Holiday (24) from Celeste, TX comes out and sings. The judges are impressed that he spit his pants. Peter Garrett, Marvin, Devin Jones, Kenny Harrison, Will White, Tony Foster, David Leathers, JR. and Adam Sanders are set home. David Leathers, JR. is questioning whether he wants to go through this again. The remaining contestants are congratulated. The Top 40 is formed! They are headed to Las Vegas and next week is Sudden Death!