Results Show - Recap

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The results are in and the episode begins with Jimmy Iovine telling an assistant that he has fired over 100 people because they didn’t have the sound on. He says that he’s got it and Jimmy can hear the singer. Jimmy tells the producers to put that on their show. They kick off the night and Paul Jolley, Burnell Taylor, Devin Valez, Lazaro Arbos, Janelle Arthur, Candice Glover, Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison wait to see if they did enough to make it past America’s vote. Ryan Seacrest comes out and says that Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo and Casey Abrams

They look at the night before. Jimmy says that the judges were complimentary across the board. With Kree, Jimmy says that she is great. However, she tends to oversing at times. She deserves everything. For Burnell, Jimmy says that he did a great recovery with not knowing the song. However, it was great. For Lazaro, Jimmy says that it was the worst performance of the night. It was out of tune and rhythm. For Amber, Jimmy says that she did a wonderful job with it. She nailed the meaning of the song. For Candice, Jimmy says that she is a natural and did an incredible job. For Paul, Jimmy says that he is not ready for Primetime and says that he is in danger. For Angie, Jimmy says that she is too dramatic. She is not going anywhere, but says that they have to tweak something. For Devin, Jimmy says that he needs to consistently deliver. For Janelle, Jimmy says that she it was a great song choice for her and says that her restraint was great.

The results are in and Amber Holcomb stands up and they show a blooper from Rehearsals where she was engulfed by the fog. Ryan asks what was going through her head and she says that she was just trying to get to the stairs and remember the words. Ryan tells her that she is going to have to wait for the results.

After, the guys of the Top 9 come out and sing on stage, Paul Jolley is called to the middle of the stage and says that his town has declared March 16th as Paul Jolley Day. However, he is in the Bottom 3.

Casey Abrams comes out on the stage and sings “I Saw Her Standing There”. Afterwards, Keith says that he loved it. He talks about how he has an album out and is writing songs every day.

After the girls of the Top 9 perform, they get back to the results. Devin Velez stands up and asks what he has to do to connect. He says that he gave it his all and say that he is proud of it. Devin is in the Bottom 3 tonight. Lazaro stands up and asks what he has to do to get back the mojo. He says that he has to sing songs he loves. He is safe.

Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo perform “Tonight”. She shows that she has what it takes to be a recording artist in today’s music industry. Ne-Yo shows that he still has it as a recording artist.

They get back to the results. The next person through to next week is Kree Harrison. Safe for another week is Candice Glover. Next through is Angie Miller. Safe for another week is Janelle Arthur. The last spot for safety goes to Burnell Taylor. This means that Amber Holcomb is in the Bottom Three. Randy says that he is shocked that Amber is in the Bottom Three.

Devin Valez, Paul Jolley and Amber Holcomb take to the center of the stage and Nicky says that Amber needs to sell it all the time. The person who is going to sing for the save is Paul Jolley. He sings his “Swan Song” and afterwards, the judges decide not to save him and therefore, he goes home. The episode ends.