Results Show - Recap

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The Results are in and the Top 6: Angie Miller, Janelle Arthur, Lazaro Arbos, Candice Glover Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison wait to find out if they did enough to make it to the Top 5. Ryan Seacrest comes out and welcomes the crowd. He says that they have Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery there tonight. The Top 6 come out and sing a medley of hits.

They look at the highlights of the night before. For Kree, Jimmy says that she did a great performance and says that she needs to show a little bit more personality. For Angie, Jimmy says that Angie did a confident job, but not enough to win the night. For Lazaro, Jimmy says that this was not a great song for him. He says that he was horrible. Angie stands up and moves to the far side of the stage. Lazaro moves to the middle of the stage. Kree moves to the near side of the stage.

Scotty McCreery comes out and sings his new single “See You Tonight”. He shows that he deserves the success that he has been given and continues to get. Afterwards, Ryan congratulates Scotty on his successes.

They take a look at the highlights of the night. For Janell, Jimmy says that she is taking songs that are not working for her. Janell meets with Angie. For Candice, Jimmy says that Candice is leading this. He says that she is ready to go. She joins Kree. For Amber, Jimmy says that he doesn’t know why America doesn’t get her. She joins Lazaro.

Kelly Clarkson comes out on stage and sings her new single “People Like Us”. She shows that she still has it as an artist in the music industry. Afterwards, Kelly is star struck with Mariah Carey.

The results are in and Kree & Candice are America’s Top 2. Angie and Janell are the America’s Middle 2. The Bottom Two are Lazaro & Amber. The person who is going to have to sing for their life in Idol is Lazaro. After his performance, they decide not to use the save. Lazaro Arbos goes home.