Finalists Compete - Recap

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With Janelle Arthur eliminated from the competition, they are down to the Top 4: Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb. Ryan Seacrest comes out and welcomes the crowd. The first round is Contestant Choice and then the next round is the AT&T Theme Choice.

First up for the night is Amber Holcomb. She got to go to the children’s hospital and get to sing for them. She says that the kids are the strongest and were all smiling. She comes out and sings “Power Of Love” by Celine Dion. Afterwards, she gets a standing ovation. Keith says that is how she does it and says that was the perfect song choice. He says that he loves the confidence that has come to her. Nicki she is so beautiful and says that song was made for her. She says that she is so ready and they are at her show. Randy says that he is marveling at the fact that she was shy at first and says that was on point. Mariah says that she loved how she did the song because her range allows her to open the tone. She says that the song is classic and she gave it flavor. Jimmy says that Amber has been picking classics and says that there was a little strain, but it is going to be difficult to beat.

Next up is Candice Glover. She also got to go to the children’s hospital and she says that it felt like home. She played hide-and-go-seek with the kids and made the kids smile. She hopes that everyone can get the care they need. She comes out and sings “Find Your Love” by Drake. Afterwards, Nikki says that she can’t continue to comment on her voice because they are great. She says that she wishes that she would have stuck to the melody. She doesn’t want people to look at her as an old fashioned artist. Randy says that the vocals are crazy good, but the thing is that it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have to do a run all the time. She could make R&B records, but can’t always sound like church. Mariah says that her vocals were great and says that this was a more Adult Contemporary moment, but she needs to always take the chance. Keith says that he loved what he did with the song and says that he likes that she is finding herself. He says that he is hearing the authenticity. Jimmy says that this time was the second best performance of the night.

Up next is Kree Harrison. She got to go to the hospital and sing to a premature baby. One kid kept asking her questions and she hopes that all the kids are watching and rocking out. She comes out and sings “Hurt So Bad” by Little Anthony & The Imperials. Afterwards, Randy says that she could tell that she was in her element and says that vocally it was good, but not the best he has heard from her. Parts of it were disconnected. Mariah says that she did feel her in some parts where she lost herself in the song. Keith says that all the vocals of the girls are exceptional, but now they are looking for raw emotion. She needs to give more. Nikki says that performance is not going to give her what she wants. She says that was not a Top 4 performance. Jimmy says that he agrees with Nikki because Kree is going to hurt herself with her song choices.

Last up for the first round is Angie Miller. She got to spend time with the kids and play music for. She hopes that Morrison, the boy she met, will be watching. She comes out and sings “Who You Are” by Jessie J. Afterwards, she gets a standing ovation. Mariah says that she is standing up in spirit and says that the caliber was beyond. She says that it was stunning. Keith says that was a mini representation of why she is great. He says that she got cooler and loser. Nikki says that every time she sees her on the piano, there is no one who compares to her. She says that they can feel the song and says that she liked how the rock was mixed in. Randy says that she made her believe that was an Angie song and says that it is the best of the night. Jimmy says that he is thrilled to see Angie get control of her voice.

Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison come out together and sing “Rumor Has It” by Adele. Afterwards, Keith says that was really good and it was interesting to see them together. He is waiting for someone to cut loose. Nikki says Amber has been growing a lot, but Kree needs to get back into the place where she is in the song. She needs to add personality.

Angie Miller and Candice Glover come out together and sing “Stay” by Rihanna. Afterwards, they get a standing ovation. Randy says that was unbelievable and that is how to do a duet. He says that Angie she came out strong. Mariah says that how they did things according to the songs they are singing.

The next round kicks off and the music theme is One Hit Wonders. Amber Holcomb is up first and she sings “McCarther Park” by Richard Harris. Afterwards, she gets a standing ovation. Keith says it is crazy and like summer has come and she is dominating. Nikki says that she liked how she took chances. She says that the fact that she came such a long way, out of the 4 girls, she would like to get to know her. Randy says that she is in it to win it. He says that she is current and says that it is great. Mariah says that her low note was rich and says that she is confident with Star Quality. Jimmy says that was a horrible song and it was corny.

Up next is Candice Glover. She comes out and sings “Emotion” by the Bee Gees. Nikki says that is a classic and she was still grooving. She says that she is proud of her. Randy says that the song is a great song and says that she took her time with it. She is settling back in. Mariah says that to keep their voice up there and says that she is definitely not a one hit wonder and says that she is a great singer. Keith says that there has to be a one hit wonder in the recent charts. He says that she needs to pick a song that is going to be great. Ryan brings Jimmy out and Nikki goes on stage and pretends to choke him.

Next up is Kree Harrison and she comes out and sings “A Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum. Afterwards, Randy says that she can flat out sing and says for him, she redeemed herself. He loved it. Mariah says that she needs that on her phone and says that she has no words. Keith says that they are getting so close to the end and there are going to be things that is going to separate her from the others. It is the middle ground songs that are not doing good things for. She needs to bring them in. Nikki says that she loved the performance and says that her voice is going to allow her to cut an album.

Last up is Angie Miller. She comes out and sings “Cry Me A River by Julie London. Afterwards, Mariah says that was classic and elegant. She says that it was beautiful. Keith says that it was mystical and celestial powerful. Nikki says that was great. Randy says that she won the night and says that she is in it to win it. That is it for the performances!